Queen of Clubs
In the 18 months since it first pulled back the velvet rope, Jalouse has established itself as one of London’s top ten in clubland’s Premier League, says GeorGina Wilson-PoWell
Mickey RouRke has tussled with blonde beauties here. Leonardo DiCaprio is a regular when he’s in town and has got cosy with Sienna Miller here. Jenson Button celebrated his Formula 1 win here. London’s bold and the beautiful have flocked to private members’ club Jalouse, in Mayfair, since it opened in October 2008. Jalouse’s founders, one of whom is Moruf Yoozooph, set up shop behind a neon-lit doorway in Hanover Square. With an enviable contacts book, Yoozooph realised at university that social networking, the oldfashioned way, is what he was born to do. The belle monde clearly know a good thing when they see it. Jalouse could rival the bright young things that trip through its doors with its stunningly inventive and sleek design, which was created with one thing in mind – it’s all about being seen. A variety of multi-level areas guarantees even non-VIP members visibility when they splash the cash. Jalouse is an attention-seeking showoff of a club – and it works wonderfully. “I wanted to build a club that emulated the customer base of the 21st century and trends in design and human behaviour. The flow of the rooms is very important – today’s customer likes to spend money and wants to be seen to do so, so I wanted somewhere that allowed that to happen naturally,” he says. “Ten years ago you wouldn’t have had table service in a club but people’s tastes have evolved and they want to sit in comfort in beautiful surroundings. The decor has to reflect your clientele. We want people to recognise they are in luxurious surroundings and act accordingly.” These luxurious surroundings include a space-age DJ booth custom-made out of a carbon composite and a heart-stopping, showpiece ceiling. It was designed and executed by award-winning interior designer Mark Humphrey, who has created spaces for people as varied as Ringo Starr and Lakshmi Mittal. Just as important to Yoozooph as the fittings and fixtures are the founder members of which there are about 500 at Jalouse, (it currently has approximately 1,500 members in total). “A successful club has the right demographic of people. If it is mixed correctly you’ll have a great atmosphere and that’s what people remember and that’s what keeps them coming back,” he says. The club’s founding members have their roots in London’s creative industries – from rock stars to fashion designers, socialites and singers – guaranteeing Jalouse a star power in pulling the A-list and the paparazzi to its doors.

“ A successful club has

the right demographics. If done correctly you’ll have a great atmosphere and that’s what people remember and that’s what keeps them coming back ”

“It is exclusive but then like anything in life if something is difficult to obtain then it has value,” explains Yoozooph. “London is finite for this type of thing. There’s a pool of about 3,000 people who all the high-end private members’ clubs want to access. If you know the key opinion-formers in town then you will know one of the founding members and, by extension, us. If you don’t know one of the founders, then you aren’t moving in the right circles.” The club was named ‘Best New Club’ at the London Bar and Club Awards last year and even though it is only open four nights a week (it’s available to hire the rest of the week), it hasn’t been shy of attracting the column inches in the press. “It’s been great to see that Jalouse is a firm favourite with the really high-profile celebrities. People like Leonardo DiCaprio don’t just come once, but often, when they’re in town, which means we must be doing something right,” says Yoozooph. Although there is a raft of luxury private members’ clubs in London, from Movida to Maddox, Boujis to Bungalow 8, Yoozooph explains, for Jalouse, it is a balance between not wanting to deviate too much from the script in terms of music and atmosphere and wanting to stand out from the crowd. “London has had six high-end clubs open in the last 12 months, which is highly unusual, especially with such an adverse economic climate,” explains Yoozooph. “Having that many players in a small market has meant that everyone has had to work a lot harder to stand out and attract the right crowd, which I think we have done. For our birthday last year we hired international DJ Bob Sinclar, who has a fantastic reputation and who managed

to muddy the waters somewhat, which is always effective.” Looking ahead to the rest of 2010, Yoozooph is planning his second annual international tour, taking Jalouse to the Cannes Film Festival, Greece, St Tropez and Ibiza to cement his brand with the international jet-set. He’s also looking at opening the first Jalouse outside the UK, “Wealthy people, wherever they are, have certain things that they like doing, which are universal,” he explains. “The last year has been challenging, fun would be

another way to put it, but the good thing is that businesses that emerge out the other end still standing are much stronger.” Jalouse then, is a showgirl-style club with that rarest of combinations – beauty and brains. H

Aura, one of London’s top members’ clubs, reopened under new ownership in September last year. Situated on the prestigious St James’s Street, Aura’s established location is complemented by its sleek, sophisticated interior and innovative cocktail menu. Aura successfully launched its Hedge Fund Membership card this February with 275 founding members from the hedge fund community. As well as exclusive membership parties, the card is linked with Hedge Fund Net allowing the cardholders discounts in the corporate, leisure and lifestyle sectors. It’s already met with some welcoming hands, with one member spending £44,000 in one night last month. If you’re interested in finding out how you can become a member, email ‘Aura’ in the subject line to ■ 48-49 St James’s Street, SW1 ■ 020 7499 9999 ■

Last month saw the opening of London’s newest boutique club – Luxx. Located at 3 New Burlington Street, Luxx showcases a spectacular glass runway of coloured lights, which stretches through the front to the back of the club. 1980s-inspired black lacquer walls are embedded with coloured strips of red, yellow and green LED lights, while outside there is a private, walled garden. General manager, Andreas Jansson, previously bar manager at Cuckoo Club, oversees the eclectic cocktail list, which is seasonal with Italian influences. Salute! ■ 3 New Burlington Street, W1 ■


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