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Our mission is to provide a Christ-centered quality

Oct. 11, 2017

education to prepare students to be life-long
Issue 577
servant leaders.

Hello Parents,
As Days
I wanted to share another perspective from the Barna study with you comparing what perspective parents consider the most important when consid-
ering a Christian education. Prospective parents are young couples looking into Christian education while current parents already have children en-

Prospective Parents Current ACSI Parents

Safe environment 94% Safe environment 98%
Teachers who really care about their students 91% Teachers who really care about their students 98%
Academic excellence 88% Academic excellence 95%
Prepares my child for college 83% Accessible teachers 94%
Accessible teachers 81% Intentional about developing childrens character 94%
Affordable 79% Prepares my child for college 93%
Intentional about developing childrens character 73% School community that aligns with my personal beliefs & values 84%
Accessible location 68% Other students are a good influence on my child 83%
Other students are a good influence on my child 62% Intentional about childrens spiritual formation 82%
Modern technology 61% Affordable 71%
Up-to-date facilities 57% Smaller class sizes 63%
Extra curricular activities 49% Extra curricular activities 55%
School community that aligns with my personal beliefs & values 49% Modern technology 55%
Smaller class sizes 49% Community involvement 47%
Community involvement 40% Athletic programs 46%
Athletic programs 38% Accessible location 44%
Schedule that is convenient for parents 34% Up-to-date facilities 43%

None of these are bad but I believe there is a real difference in the perspective of new parents versus current parents in what they value after the first
top three areas. Both value safety, caring staff and academic excellence but after that it's interesting to compare the differences. Does that mean
MVCA will now value preparing for college over being intentional about developing character? I believe the mission of MVCA covers our top three
priorities rather well.
#1. Focusing on Christ in everything we do, say and represent is our first and highest calling. (Loving God!)
#2. Providing excellence in our Christ following walk, our academics and our service to one another is equally as valuable. (Loving our neighbor)
#3. Developing lifelong servant leaders accompanies #2 in loving and serving those around us.

I believe the board is committed to these ideals and will stay the course even though the future fami- Dates to remember
lies of MVCA may have different perspectives from those that are enrolled now. Please reach out
and connect with the board members: Mike Windauer, Willi Stene, Marlo Maddy, Tony Bontadelli, Oct. 11 PTA meeting 12:10
Jerry Roylance and David Casselli. They meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:15 in
the MVCA library. Be sure and thank them for their service to our school community. Oct 13 Pumpkin Patch field
Thank you for investing in Christian education in the Mission Valley and helping make it available to trip K-6th grade
families in our communities.
Oct 13 Thrivent Art Night
Blessings, 7:00 pm
Mr. B
Friday Hot lunch Oct 18 Hearing test

Biscuits and Gravy Oct 19 & 20- No School PIR

A big thank you to the
Nov. 3- Early Release 11:45
Smith and Funke families
end of 1st quarter
October 2017
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Oct 1 2 4 5 6 Soccer 1:00 pm
Moms in Prayer Soccer 2:30 /4:30
8:15 am MT Acad. @ MVCA
Stillwater @ MVCA

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8:15 am Field Trip PSAT Test
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Soccer Summit PTA 12:10 Art Night 7:00 Soccer 6:00 pm
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Hearing Test given by St. Luke Community

October 18 @ 1:00 pm
If your child has experienced signifi-
cant ear infections, hearing loss or speech concerns please Sweet Pickins Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
let your childs teacher or Julie know so that the testing can this Friday ~ Kalispell, MT leaving @9:00
be adjusted for the childs needs. This testing is made pos- K 6th Grade
sible by an awarded grant to MVCA. Please bring a warm coat, hat, boots &
The 1st and 2nd
grade students are
working hard writing
descriptive para-

"The 5th and 6th grade

Language Arts class puts
their heads together writing
and editing a progressive
essay in five genres"

Mrs. Shipleys Science class

Guest Speaker ~ Mr. Luikart

They studied bryozoans = small animals that live

together. They are 99% water. The bryozoan
parasite infects
trout, salmon &
Spanish students appreciating a relatives of them.
cultural lesson - CHURROS!! Causing prolifer-
ative kidney dis-
ease. It kills up to
90% of the in-
fected fish.
Facts by Braydon

Cross Country Meet-Thursday Oct 5th Polson and MVCA

Great running was enjoyed by many!