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Talking about the Past

Complete the sentences below using one of these verbs:

1. I missed the bus so I ___________________home. went

2. I___________________some cereal and toast for my breakfast. ate
3. Last week I___________________to London for the weekend. watched
4. I___________________you talking about my friend yesterday. was
5. Last night I___________________a film about space travel. came
6. I didnt go alone. My friend___________________with me. did
7. ___________________you enjoy the concert? had
8. It ___________________raining this morning so I didnt go out. drank
9. I ___________________two glasses of water before going to bed. heard
10. I went to the shop to see if they_______________any postcards. walked

1. I _________________a really nice meal for my mums birthday. went

2. My brother _________________to come too, but he wasnt allowed. laughed
3. We all _________________when Tina fell off her chair! made
4. I think that we were _________________for each other. was
5. Kim and Charlotte_________________the party at 1.40am. left
6. He _________________to call you but couldnt get through. did
7. I _________________thinking of going to the coast next weekend. had
8. ________________you know that Tessa is getting married? tried
9. I went home after the concert _________________finished. wanted
10. My friends all _________________to see the new exhibition in town. cooked
Talking about the Past

Complete the sentences below using one of these verbs:

Past Events - The Life of Captain James Cook

saw joined stayed left became murdered

landed married born buried returned departed
arrived crossed met worked promoted hit

1. James Cook was ______________on 27th October 1728.

2. He first ______________as an apprentice to a shopkeeper in Staithes, N. Yorkshire.
3. He ______________the Royal Navy in 1755, aged 26 years old.
4. He ______________Elizabeth Batts on 21st December 1762.
5. He ____________from his first voyage to Newfoundland as a surveyor in November 1763.
6. He was ______________to the rank of lieutenant in the Royal Navy in 1768.
7. He ______________from Plymouth in the Endeavour on 26th August 1768.
8. The Endeavour ______________at Tahiti on 11th April 1769.
9. Cook and his men ______________at Botany Bay (in Australia) on 28th April 1770.
10. The Endeavour ______________a coral reef, causing great problems, in June 1770.
11. Cook and his wife______________with his father in Yorkshire in December 1771.
12. Cook______________Plymouth in the Resolution for his second round-the-world voyage
on 13th July 1772.
13. The Resolution ______________the Antarctic Circle for the first time in January 1773.
14. Cook______________ill as the expedition neared Easter Island in February 1774.
15. When he arrived back in England in the summer of 1775 he __________King George III.
16. Cook ______________the west coast of North America on 6th March 1778.
17. He was______________in Hawaii on Valentines Day 1779.
18. The remains of Cooks body were___________in Kealakekua Bay on 22nd February 1779.

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