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Teresa "Pelosi"
Today Teresa Jacobs announced she is running for Orange County Mayor. I have
examined her voting record and quotes and I have dubbed her "Teresa Pelosi"
because her views on government spending, rail, and regulations are nearly identical to
Ms. Pelosi. Teresa will run her campaign on "government ethics" while getting financial
support from special interests including the beneficiaries of commuter rail that she
pushed through as a lobbyist for the Department of Transportation.
I think it is unethical to give away $600 million in ta:\.-payer money to a
billionaire without your permission. I think it is unethical to spend $1.5 billion on
a rail systenl that we the ta:\.-payer voted down three times. I think our entire
political process has been corrupted by powerful special interest groups and
all of my opponents, including Teresa, work on behalf of those special interest groups.
Here is a brief history of Teresa's"achievements."
1. After eight years as an elected official Jacobs went to work with her friend Linda
Chapin at UCF. I do not believe elected officials should be career government
bureaucrats. They should serve the taxpayer.
2. Jacobs left UCF to take a job as a lobbyist with the Florida Department of
Transportation where her job description is to "influence public policy."
3. The Orange County budget was $2.2 billion when Jacobs came to power and $3.5
billion when she left.
4. Teresa Jacobs suggested the Expressway Authority "spread the wealth" with toll
money to pay for her rail projects.
5. Jacobs was president of the Florida Association of Counties, a group who fought
against taxpayer referendums to limit tax increases. "It is an honor to lead a group
dedicated to protecting government" Jacobs said in a prepared statement.
6. Her selection was praised by C5X lobbyist Bob O'Malley. C5X received $660 million
taxpayer dollars for Sun Rail. "She has always been a regional leader and now she can use
those skills on a statewide basis. Good for FAC." Posted by: Bob O'Malley
7. On August 9
, 2005, Commissioner Jacobs motioned for and voted to "support
FDOT's efforts to secure funding for commuter rail." In attendance at the meeting
was her friend Linda Chapin speaking on behalf of commuter rail. These efforts
contradicted the voter's rejection of the tax increases in :Mobility 20/20
for transportation projects.
8. Teresa Jacobs was chairperson of "Central Florida Smart Growth." She once again
teamed up with Linda Chapin to conclude that taxpayers should live in dense urban
areas and use trains for transportation. '\That Jacobs and Chapin fail to
understand is that AInerican consulners do not want to live in condos
next to the railroad tracks.
9. Teresa Jacobs teamed up with Linda Stewart to propose a "big box" ordinance to
prevent large retailers like Target from increasing our commercial tax base and
employing our residents.
For the last eight years Orange County taxpayers have been told that higher taxes and
government spending are good for them. I am here to tell you that high taxes reduce
your disposable income and are bad for our local economy. It is time for new
leadership in Orange County. It is time for me to put "Ta:\.-payers First."
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