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News September 8, 2017
Religion: We are practicing our prayer manners
each day. We are learning about the stories in the Reminders
Bible. We read 2 stories about Jesus. *Library books must be returned on
Monday of each week.
Superkids: We are almost finished with the first
book titled Welcome Back, Superkids. We read two *Star Student activity will begin the
stories about the Superkids this week. We have week of September 18. I will send home
reviewed the consonant sounds and the short the class list next week.
vowel sounds. We are practicing writing sentences
correctly. *Save the Box Tops for Education.
Send them to school whenever you
Math: We are practicing using math vocabulary have some of them.
words to name the parts of an addition sentence.
We are using counters, connecting cubes, and are *Virtus training at St. Viator is next
drawing pictures to help us answer math problems. week. If you would like to chaperone
We are using a bar picture to help us plug in the field trips, you must be Virtus
information given in a word problem. trained.
Science: We read in our big book science textbook
about using our senses. We read about living and
nonliving things. We will complete this first chapter
next week.

Social Studies: We are reading about going to

school. We are comparing our school day to the
one described in our textbook.

Senses Booklets
We shared our completed
booklets with the class. Each one
was very well done! Everyone
took great pride in sharing each
Executive Function Program
Our first week using the Home folder and Hurricane Relief Fund
assignment book has been a success. Thank you so very much for
Please remember to return the blue your generous donations.
folder and assignment book to school We collected $46
each day. to help those in