MUSI 1306 Understanding Music

Section 001 (Monday/Wednesday 8:30 am – 9:45 am) (Fall 2010) The University of Texas at Dallas Course Syllabus Professor MaryAnn Young Email: Phone: (972) 883-2230 COURSE DESCRIPTION:
This course will introduce students to an overview of elements and basic forms of music in global musiccultures. The focus of this class will be to listen to music with an understanding of musical elements within the cultural context. Methods of analytical and aesthetic appreciation will be applied to musical examples, with corollaries in literature, history, performance, and the visual arts.

Office: JO 5.308 Office Hours: TR 1:15-2:15pm or by appt.

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK & MATERIALS World Music. Custom Edition. ISBN-10:1-111-47034-0 Online Material through eLearning STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES/OUTCOMES 1. Students will be able to examine and respond critically to a variety of artistic forms in at least one and possible multiple forms of expression drawn from either the visual or performing arts or some combination thereof. 2. Students will be able to demonstrate an appreciation for artistic expression and ability to analyze specific works of art within a cultural or social context. 3. Students will be able to develop a critical approach to a given form or forms of arts and will be able to articulate a response in an intelligent and informed manner. GRADING POLICY/ASSIGNMENTS/DUE DATES/EVALUATION The final grade will be evaluated from the following:  Attendance Each Class 10pts  Participation Each Class 10pts  Music-Culture Blog Posts Each Class 20pts  Performance Report (2) 10/4, 11/1 20pts each (40 pts total)  Musical Ethnography 12/13 20pts 100pts Total
Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class in some way, shape, or form. Absences are excused only in the case of illness (doctor's note required) or death in the family. All information must be submitted in writing within one week (or within 24 hours if missing the last day of class). Arriving late and/or leaving early are documented as an unexcused absence unless excused with proper written documentation. Anticipated absences

require the student to turn in assignments or complete exams before the deadline. Arriving late or early leave is also considered an unexcused absence at the instructor’s discretion.

Course Syllabus

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Participation grades may include but are not limited to: verbal participation, group work, response to readings, and additional music-related blog posts. Late Assignments will incur at 1 point off of your grade per 15 minutes late penalty with the exception of excused absences as excused by the discretion of the instructor. Off-Campus Event Attendance: Your attendance to an off-campus event is required to complete some assignments for this class.

COURSE GRADE: A 94-100 A- 90-93

B+ 87-89 B 84-86 B- 80-83

C+ 77-79 C 74-76 C- 70-73

D 60-69 F 0-59

ACADEMIC CALENDAR: 8/19 Classes Begin 8/26 Last Day to Add a Course 9/3 Census Day for Full-Term Session, Last Day to drop a class without a “W” 10/25 Last Day to Drop with Signature with WP/WF 12/6 Last Day of Classes 12/7-8 Reading Days (No Classes) 12/9-15 Final Exams

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These descriptions and timelines are subject to change at the discretion of the professor.

Date 8/23 8/25

Reading/Class Agenda/Assignments Due Introduction to the Course (Review Assignments/Syllabus) Music Cultures: Chapter 1 (Titon) The Music-Culture as a World of Music Film: Language You Cry In Discuss Performance Reports


Music Culture Blog Post 1 Due (8am) Music Terminology 101


Ethnography: Chapter 9 (Titon) Discovering and Documenting a World of Music Discuss Musical Ethnography Project NO CLASS – Labor Day Holiday Music Culture Blog Post 2 Due (8am) Brazil: Chapter 15 (Alves) Latin America, eLearning

9/6 9/8


Music Culture Blog Post 3 Due (8am) Mexico (Mariachi): Chapter 15 (Alves) Latin America, eLearning

9/15 9/20

Latin America in Texas (Tejano): Chapter 15 (Alves) Latin America, eLearning Music Culture Blog Post 4 Due (8am) European Classical Music from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century: eLearning


European Classical Music Tradition in the US (Behind the Scenes of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra): eLearning Sounds of Class: September 25


Music Culture Blog Post 5 Due (8am) Classical Guitar: eLearning

9/29 10/4

Opera: eLearning Performance Report Due Drumming of the Ewe in Ghana: Chapter 6 (Alves) Sub-Saharan African Senegalese Popular Music (Didier Awadi and Youssou N’Dour): eLearning Music Culture Blog Post 6 Due (8am) Persian Classical Music: Chapter 7 (Alves) The Middle East and North Africa, eLearning

10/6 10/11


Iranian Popular Music (Googoosh): Chapter 7 (Alves) cont., eLearning

Course Syllabus

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Music Culture Blog Post 7 Due (8am) Arabic Classical Music: Chapter 7 (Alves) cont., eLearning

10/20 10/25

Arabic Popular Music (Umm Kulthum): Chapter 7 (Alves) cont., eLearning Music Culture Blog Post 8 Due (8am) Hindustani Classical Music: Chapter 9 (Alves) India

10/27 11/1

Hindi Film Music: Chapter 9 (Alves) cont., eLearning Performance Report Due Hindi Film (cont.)

11/3 11/8

Japanese Noh: Chapter 5 (Fujie) Japan, eLearning Music Culture Blog Post 9 Due (8am) TBA

11/10 11/15

NO CLASS Music Culture Blog Post 10 Due (8am) Japanese Enka: Chapter 5 (Fujie) cont., eLearning

11/17 11/22

American Festivals: eLearning Music Culture Blog Post 11 Due (8am) Nashville Sound: eLearning NO CLASS – Happy Thanksgiving Music Culture Blog Post 12 Due (8am) Blues (Urban vs. Electric Blues): Chapter 4 (Titon) Black America, eLearning

11/24 11/29

12/1 12/6

Rock: eLearning Music Culture Blog Post 13 Due (8am) Musical Ethnography (Chamber Music in the Barn): eLearning

12/13 Musical Ethnography, Presentations 8:00am

Course Syllabus

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