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Stage 1 of Vehicle Project

Designers: - Mohamad Haziq

- Brandon
- Phong
- Abdul
- Abdulah

Table Content

Design 3-10
Introduction 10
Dimension 10-11
Cost of Materials 11
Construction process 11-12
Tender Evaluation Criteria 13-14
Risk Management Plan 15-16
Gantt Chart 16

Scale (2:1)
Car Design

2) Top

3) Bottom

1) Distance of two axles

2) Length of straw

1) Egg(behind) and Bottle(infront)

Brakes and Cushion


2) The bottle cap

3) The small brake

4) Cushion in the load for the egg

5) Top

6) Cushion for the front impact

1) Balloon mouthpiece

2) Wheel assembling

3) Chopstick and wheel connection

The following are the specifications for the Mars Rover that we intend to have constructed. According
to these specifications, a space exploration company is seen as the best suitor for the job. This has to
be done according to the clients specifications.


The table below shall provide a reference for the dimensions of the Car Project

Table 1.0: Measurement Specifications

Items Amount Specification Measurement

Huge plastic bottle 1 Body 30cm
Cut huge plastic 1 Load 10cm
Plasticine 1 Impact Surround the bottle
Sponge 6 Cushion In length: 4.5cm,

5cm, 4cm, 4cm
Hot glue gun 1 Connecting the load
and body
Pen knife 1 Cutting the doors
Straw 2 Axle 12cm
Cardboard 5 Wheels 7.5 in diameter
chopstick 2 Wheels connection 16cm
scissor 1 cutting

3.0 Costs of materials

Items Amount Price(RM)

Huge empty plastic 2 4.00
Straw 2 0
Cardboard 1 4.00
Sponge Buy 3 free 1 2.50
Plasticine 1 3.00
Chopstick 2 0
Hot glue gun 1 0 ( ask from gp1
Pen knife 1 3.50
Scissor 1 2.00
Kitchen wrap 1 5.00

4.0 Construction Process

The diameter for the wheel will be 7.5 cm.
The wheel are cut into five parts for each sides
Make a small hole at the centre of the wheels.
Glue the wheels into one of each side with a hot glue gun.
The mouthpiece of the balloon is cut by using a scissor and the
mouthpiece is used to cover the wheels around at the edge of the
wheel which act as tyre.
(OR) Use a kitchen wrap if the balloon mouthpiece is not suitable.
A chopstick is then put into the hole and glue with a hot glue gun.
Repeat this step for the other three wheels.


Prepare two big plastic bottle
Take one and cut into 10cm length and take bottom part.
Use cutter to make a door way for the egg based on the diagram
shown above.
Based on the diagram shown, take 30cm length bottle and cut the
doorway for the bottle passenger by using a cutter.
Take the second bottle and glue the straw under with hot glue gun
when the bottle is at horizontal to the ground.
After finishing with the Cushion Impact Preparation, then proceed to
this step.
Glue the 10cm bottle at the back of the second bottle of 30cm length
which act as a loading area with a hot glue gun.

Cushion impact:
Cut the sponge base on measurements shown in the diagram for the
bottle cap and cushion in the loading are for the egg.
Take the plasticine at the size of your palm, stick it around the
bottle cap
After that, glue the sponge around the plastic which is for impact
when landing.
Take the load and stick the sponge with hot glue gun around the
inner part like shown in the diagram.

A sponge is needed for this part.
Glue a small size of sponge at the edge and under the load area to
enhance braking when going down the slope with the length of 5cm
and 0.7cm from the ground

Tender Evaluation Criteria
1) Professionalism:
We MAGNATEX INC value and display professional behavior at all working times.
We demand our contractor company to have a clear demonstration and professional
- Is not professional at all. 1 point
- Demonstrates professionalism sometimes. 2 points
- Demonstrates professionalism half of the time. 3 points
- Demonstrates professionalism at all time. 4 points

2) Time management:
Completing work before deadline is very significant to our company in order to do
that,we concern your time management in working throughout project. Here are
scores based on our requirements.
- Late at anytime 0
- Completing work the day before deadline 1 point
- Completing work 3 days before deadline 2 points
- Completing work 5 days before deadline 3 points

3) Experience:
Because this work is a technological work, so experienced partner will be our first
priority. Any company that can meet our need will give extra mark.
- List no skills or talent before handling the project 0 points
- List a skill before handling the project 1 points

- List 2 talent before handling the project 2 points
- List 2 talents and able to commit before handling the project 3 points

4) Communication:
Its very crucial for contractor to keep in touch with designers during the project.
We want our contractors to reply as fast as they can to know the progress.
- For Email:
- Takes longer than 1.5 hour to reply 1 point
- Replies emails within a hour 2 points
- Replies emails within 45 min 3 points
- For Messages:
- Takes longer than 25 mins to reply 1 point
- Replies to text messages within 15 mins 2 points
- Replies to text messages within 5 mins 3 points

5) Understanding of the design:

It is important that the chosen contracting company be able to understand our
design to make sure the project can be constructed correctly. With close working
partnership between designers and contractors can create better result for the
project. Here are
- Does not show any understand and offers no scope to improve 1 point
- Understands the design, but fails to offer improvement 2 points.
- Understands and comes out ideas or suggestions to improve 3 points.

Risk Management Plan
Stage Risk Hazar Likelih Sever Outcome Mitigat Residual
s ds ood ity (Likelihood* ion Risk
Severity) + (to (harmful/da
Description minimi ngerous
of ze these events still
consequences risks) exist after
Design Risk The Unlikely 5/5 3*5= 15 which We File may be
of unpaid is quite high must encrupted
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uter of virus paid of
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well antivirus
Constr Risk Delay in Possible 2/5 10 which is Arrange Machinery
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scale and
Engine Risk It 2 3 3*2=6 still Technic Inadequate
of usually avera adjustable al scale of
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g tests

Design Risk It may Unlikely 5/2 10 which is We All the data

of crash average must will be lost
wind during have the
ows work window
s key

Constr Durin Pvc Possible 2/2 4 which is Wearing When we take

uction g the spark below medium a safety the breath in
cutti google it may harm
ng of us


Engine Breakage Car likely 5/4 20 which Bumper It may

ering material is very to reduce disturb
is not high the the
good impact weight

Gantt Chart