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1. 1. Determine RB1 and VBB for a silicon PUT in figure 7 if it is

determined that n=0.8, Vp=10.3 and RB2=5kohms.
A. 20k, 12V *
B. 20k, 9.6V
C. 9.6k, 20V
D. 12k, 20V

2. The polarity of induced voltage while a field is collapsing is

A. independent of the force creating the field
B. opposite to the force creating the field **
C. identical to the force creating the field
D. present only if the force is stationary

3. The purpose of a bleeder resistor is to:

A. Provide bias for a transistor.
B. Protect people against the danger of electric shock.*
C. Reduce the current in a power supply.
D. Smooth out the ac ripple in a power supply.

4. Four 8ohms speakers are connected in parallel to the output of an

audio amplifier. If the maximum voltage to the speaker is 12V, the
amplifier must be able to the speakers
A. 72 watts
B. 18 watts**
C. 48 watts
D. 1.5 watts

5. An ohmmeter is designed around a 1-mA meter movement and a 1.5

cell. If the cell voltage decays 1.3V because of aging, calculate the
resulting error at midrange on the ohmmeter scale.
A. 12.2%
B. 15.5%
C. 11.1%
D. 13.3% **
6. In the BJT amplifier shown in the figure is the transistor is
biased in the forward active region. Putting a capacitor across RE

A. decrease the voltage gain and decrease the input impedance

B. increase the voltage gain and decrease the input Impedance *
C. decrease the voltage gain and Increase the input impedance
D. none of the above

7. The circuit of the given figure (LRT) realizes the function;

Figure (LRT)

A. Y= (A+B) C+ (DE) **
B. Y=A+B+C+D+E
D. Y=AB+C (D+E)

8. In an n-channel JFET, what will happen at a pinch-off voltage?

A. the value of VDS at which further increases in VDS will cause no
further increase in ID**
B. the value of VDS at which further decrease in VDS will cause no
further increase in ID
C. the value of VDG at which further increases in VDG will cause no
further increase in ID
D. the value of VDG at which further decrease in VDS will cause no
further increase in ID
9. The voltage in a battery is:
A. Less than the voltage in a cell of the same kind.
B. The same as the voltage in a cell of the same kind.
C. More than the voltage in a cell of the same kind.*
D. Always a multiple of 1.018 V.

10. Which of the following summarizes the important features of

emitter-coupled logic (ECL)?
A. negative voltage operation, high speed, and high power consumption
B. good noise immunity, negative logic, high frequency capability, low
power dissipation, and short propagation time
C. slow propagation time, high frequency response, low power
consumption, and high output voltage swings
D. poor noise immunity, positive supply voltage operation, good low-
frequency operation, and low power

11. Calculate the value of the shunt resistance required to convert a

1mA meter movement, with a 100 ohms internal resistance, into a 0-to-
10mA ammeter.
A. 22.22 ohms
B. 11.11 ohms**
C. 33.33 ohms
D. 44.44 ohms

12. Which of the following conditions must be done in order to

properly bias an NPN transistor amplifier?
A. reverse bias emitter/base junction and forward bias the
collector/base junction
B. Apply a positive voltage on the N-type and negative voltage on the
C. Apply a large voltage on the base
D. forward bias base/emitter junction and reverse bias the
base/collector junction **

13. A cell of 1.5 V supplies 100 mA for seven hours and twenty
minutes, and then it is replaced. It has supplied:
A. 7.33 Ah.
B. 733 mAh.*
C. 7.33 Wh.
D. 733 mWh.
14. Determine the frequency that can give maximum power transfer from
the amplifier to speaker in figure (LKJ)

Figure (LKJ)

A.1,027 Hz** B. 10,270 Hz C. 6,330 Hz D. 63,330 Hz

15. What is firing angle?

A. The angle between the zero crossing of the input voltage and the
instant the SCR is fired. *
B. The angle between the 90 deg of the input voltage and the instant
the SCR is fired.
C. The angle delay after the SCR is fired.
D. none of the above

16. How can a class-C amplifier be made linear?

A. By reducing the bias
B. By increasing the drive
C. By using two transistors in push-pull
D. A class-C amplifier cannot be made linear *

17. Ionization within a PN-junction causes a layer on each side of the

barrier called the;
A. junction
B. forward voltage
C. barrier voltage
D. depletion region **

18. Binary number 101.101 is equivalent to decimal number?

A. 13.5
B. 13.75
C. 13.625**
D. 13.875
19. Compute the value of the multiplier resistor for a 10-V rms ac
range on an ac voltmeter which uses half-wave rectification and has a
full scale current of 1mA and internal resistance of 300 ohms.
A. 1.7k ohms
B. 4.2k ohms **
C. 5.6k ohms
D. 1.7k ohms

20. In order to achieve a maximum power transfer in a capacitive

source, the load must
A. have a capacitive reactance equal to the circuit resistance
B. have an impedance that is complex conjugate of the source
C. be as capacitive as it is inductive
D. its impossible

21. . A 2200uF capacitor is connected to a 220-volt source. If the

current is maintained at a constant value of 50mA during the charging
period, how long will it take to charge the capacitor?
A. 9.68 sec **
B. 6.98 sec
C. 9.86 sec
D. 6.89 sec

22. The total resistance of a parallel circuit is 50 ohms, if the

total current is 120mA; the current through the 270 ohms that makes up
part of the parallel circuit is approximately
A. 22mA **
B. 120mA
C. 220mA
D. 50mA

23. What circuit is the op-amp counterpart of a common-collector

A. The inverting amplifier.
B. The noninverting amplifier.
C. The voltage follower.*
D. All of the above.

24. An advantage of a crystal-controlled oscillator over a VFO is:

A. Single-frequency operation.
B. Ease of frequency adjustment.
C. High output power.
D. Low drift.*
25. Determine the (Vth and Rth) between terminals A and B on figure

Figure (XYZ)

A. 4.16 V, 120
B. 41.6 V, 120
C. 4.16 V, 70
D. 41.67 V, 70 **

26. A full-wave fully controlled bridge has a highly inductive load

with a resistance of 55 Ohm, and a supply of 110V at 50Hz. The value
of the average voltage for a firing angle =75 is.
A. 26.5 V
B. 25.6 V *
C. 65.2 V
D. 52.6 V

27. A relay has a resistance of 150 ohms and an inductance of 0.8

Henry. When 50 volts is suddenly impressed across the device,
determine the current at 0.00123 sec from the closing of the switch.
A. 0.0981 A
B. 0.0687 A **
C. 0.0771 A
D. 0.0786 A

28. A 2kOhms resistor and a 50uF capacitor are in series across an AC

source. Current in the circuit is 7.5mA. The true power is.
A. 325.5mA
B. 523.6mA
C. 112.5mA**
D. 234.6mA
29. Which of the following is the most commonly used pentavalent
A. arsenic **
B. boron
C. gallium
D. neon

30. A thyristor half wave controlled converter has a supply voltage of

240V at 50Hz and a load resistance of 100 Ohm. When the firing delay
angle is 30 the average value of load current is
A. 126A
B. 2.4A
C. 1.008A *
D. 24 A

31. In a class B push-pull amplifier, the transistor are biased

slightly above cut-off to avoid
A. low input impedance
B. crossover distortion **
C. unusual high efficiency
D. negative feedback

32. Decimal 43 in hexadecimal and BCD number system is respectively.

A. B2, 01000011
B. 2B, 01000011 **
C. 2B, 00110100
D. B2, 01000100

33. Which is true about the holding current in SCR?

A. It is the minimum current required to hold the SCR in forward
conduction state. *
B. When the forward current becomes greater than holding current, SCR
turns from forward conduction state to forward blocking state.
C. It is the minimum current required to latch the SCR from forward
blocking state to forward conduction state.
D. all of the above

34. The frequency at which a crystal oscillator functions is

determined mainly by:
A. The values of the inductor and capacitor.
B. The thickness of the crystal.*
C. The amount of capacitance across the crystal.
D. The power-supply voltage.
35. A Colpitts oscillator can be recognized by:
A. A split capacitance in the tuned circuit *
B. A tapped coil in the tuned circuit
C. A transformer for the feedback
D. A common-base or common-gate arrangement

36. In a D-latch;
A. the Q output follows the D input when EN is low
B. the Q output is opposite the D input when EN is low
C. the Q output follows the D input when EN is high **
D. the Q output is regardless of ENs input state

37. When a voltmeter is used to measure the voltage across a circuit

component the voltmeter circuit itself is in parallel with the circuit
component. Therefore, the voltage across the component is _____
whenever the voltmeter is connected.
A. varying
B. more
C. less
D. unchanged **

38. In some batteries, chemical energy can be replenished by:

A. Connecting it to a light bulb.
B. Charging it.*
C. Discharging it.
D. No means known; when a battery is dead, you have to throw it away.

39. The frequency of voltage generated by an alternator having 4 poles

and rotating at 1800 rpm is
A. 60 Hz *
B. 7200 Hz
C. 120 Hz
D. 450 Hz

40. Oscillation requires:

A. A common-drain or common-collector circuit.
B. A stage with gain.*
C. A tapped coil.
D. Negative feedback.

41. Parallax error and estimation errors are examples of ________.

A. instrument error
B. observation error **
C. environmental error
D. random error

42. In a series RLC circuit which is operating at a frequency above

the resonant frequency, the current.
A. lags the applied voltage **
B. leads the applied voltage
C. in phase with the applied voltage
D. 0
43. A 1200-turn flat coil, having an average diameter of 3.0 in,
carries a current of 40mA. Calculate the flux density at the centre of
the coil.
A. 7.9 gauss**
B. 9.5 gauss
C. 2.1 gauss
D. 5.3 gauss

44. Applying a reverse bias to the gate of an FET has what effect
A. Source-to-drain resistance decreases
B. Source-to-drain resistance increases*
C. Source-to-drain resistance is not affected
D. widens the channel

45. When the frequency of the source voltage decreases, the impedance
of the parallel RC circuit
A. increases**
B. decreases
C. does not change
D. decrease to zero

46. For BJT, under saturation condition

A. IC = IB
B. IC > IB *
C. IC is independent of all other parameters
D. IC < IB

47. The induced voltage across a stationary conductor in a stationary

magnetic field _____.
A. equal 0 volts**
B. a huge amount
C. changing with time
D. depends on the strength of the magnetic field

48. Current carried by each of two long parallel conductors is

tripled, if their separation is increased also three times, the force
between them would
A. increase three-fold **
B. increase six-fold
C. stays the same
D. become 1/3 as much as the previous

49. Which of the following statements is true?

A. A noninverting amplifier has higher voltage gain than an inverting
amplifier with equal value components.*
B. For high-frequency operation, an extremely low slew rate is
C. The input impedance of an inverting amplifier is typically higher
than that of its op-amp.
D. The ideal input impedance of an op amp is low.
50. A good material conductor should have _____ valence electrons.
A. 13
B. 3
B. 4
D. 1 **