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Project Alpha Numeric

.Indent No. SAC/EPUR/20170043 Date 07-09-2017
Name of Indenter
Ankur Achnani Dilip
1. , , . RCDC + RCDC FE combo (Latest Version) of
M/s S-CUBE Futuretech
Description of Item, Type, Model No. including
General Specifications
2. ? Specific brand
Is the Item Proprietary or Specific Brand?
3. (/a) Source of Supply
(/b) , , Dealer or Channel partner approved by M/s S-
? CUBE Futuretech
Is the source of supply a manufacturer,
dealer, agent, stockiest or trader?
4. (/a) For structural analysis and design of
Briefly state end use of the Item RCC structures and building foundations
(/b) The software of this brand is being used widely
State reasons for selecting the among the structural engineers and it gives the
particular brand make to meet the above end direct detailing of RC structures which saves
use effort and time. Using the RCDC FE combo, in
addition to the design of super structure
elements, foundations, combined footings, pile
foundations, raft footing etc. can be obtained
with structural drawings.
5. (/a) n/a (Specific brand)
Is there any other known source for similar
(/b) , N/a
If answer for (a) is YES, why same source
not considered?
It is a software which is used widespread for all

the structural design works.
Indenter must bring out comparative
mandatory advantages of the item selected
from - the type effected by the other
6. Yes, the item is being tendered
Why the requirement cannot be tendered in
order to locate more competitive sources?
7. (/a) ? No
Is similar Item purchased earlier?
(/b) ,

If so, furnish details of source including
purchase reference
8. (/a) Not known
What would be the approximate requirement
of similar item in future?
(/b) -
What attempts made to locate alternate
source for future requirement

Head of the Unit
certify that the Public/Limited Tendering required in this case as per the procedure, be dispensed with,
as the source of supply is fairly known for this item and hence, no useful purpose will be served by
this effort.

/ / / Group/Project Director/Area Chairman/Controller

/ / Dy. Group Director/General Manager/Project Manger