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Space Applications Centre

Construction & Maintenance Group

No: CMG/SAC/ 09.10.2017

Sub: Procurement and installation of Structural Softwares needed for analyzing

and designing buildings and other structural elements in the field of Civil
works in Construction and Maintenance Group, SAC.

Ref: (i) Indent No: SAC/EPUR/2017004382 dated: 07.09.2017

Please ref. Indent no. cited above under ref (i), for procuring and installing structural
softwares developed by M/s Bentley systems needed for analyzing and designing in the field of Civil
works in construction and maintenance group.

The said softwares are used for analyzing and designing buildings, structural elements,
foundations etc. These softwares are invariably used by all structural engineers and also in ISRO
centers. The cost includes all taxes, training charges, annual maintenance and upgradation upto
three years.

The indent is submitted which works out to 14.4 lakhs to procure the same. Considering
the work load of CMG which has increased manifold i.e. New projects coming up in New Bopal
Campus, Mount Abu PRL work, Major Capital Civil works, Minor work & Maintenance work in SAC
and all campuses, the services are of urgent nature and without these softwares, designing and
execution of all these projects will be afflicted.

Hence, it is recommended to kindly accord approval for procuring the softwares.

Submitted for kind approval.

Group Director, CMG

Member Secretary,
Need Aspect Committee.

Copy to:
i) Head C&ED/CMG
ii) Head AC & M/CMG
iii) Dy. Head (C&PD), EIC(T)(C)