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Which of following is an example of internal business perspective in balanced

A. employee turnover rates
B. operating capabilities and number of patents
C. operating income and revenue growth
D. customer satisfaction and market share

2. Balanced scorecard perspective, which measures strategy profitability and amount of
operating income results from cost reduction is classified as
a. learning perspective
b. financial perspective
c. internal business process perspective
d. customer perspective
3. An approach is used to manage unused capacity is
a. reengineering
b. downsizing
c. upgrading
d. none of above
4. An example of learning and growth perspective in balanced scorecard is
a. employee turnover rates
b. operating capabilities and number of patents
c. operating income and revenue growth
d. customer satisfaction and market share
5. In an innovation process, operation process and post sales services are all sub
processes of a perspective named
a. internal business process perspective
b. external business process perspective
c. leadership perspective
d. reengineering perspective
6. Which one of the following is not one of the Balanced Scorecard’s four generic
a. Financial
b. Innovation and learning
c. Marketing and advertising
d. Internal business processes
7. In the Balanced Scorecard, Kaplan and Norton describe four perspectives that
need to be balanced for companies to become and remain competitive. Which
perspective places more emphasis on investing in employees?

b. A →D →F →E →B →C e. Customer. F. What is environmental cost? and how it affects the business organization? 12. Improve customer loyalty. E. F →E →D →C →A →B c. Why we need to measure environmental cost? . d. b. According to Kaplan & Norton. c. Improve employee skills. Improve return on capital employed. Arrange the five measurements below in the order of cause and effect. Customer. Improve cycle time. Learning & growth. C →A →E →B →D →F 11. D. 9. c. b. c. B. Internal business processes. Customer. Learning & growth. Financial. which of the balanced scorecard perspectives is first in the chain of cause and effect relationships? a. a. A. Financial. d. According to Kaplan & Norton. Improve repeat and expanded sales. Learning & growth. Internal business processes. d. Improve on time delivery to customer. 8. C. a. 10. Internal business processes. F →D →E →A →C →B d. which of the balanced scorecard perspectives serves as the focus of the other perspectives? a. Financial. B →C →A →E →D →F b.

13. Explain the different classification of cost quality? .