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EDITIA I MAI 2015 / clasa a V a L1

I.Complete the sentences with the correct preposition: in, on, or at.( 10 points)
1. Daniels camera is in his bag.
2. Brighton is England.
3. Charlie isnt school today.
4. The pencil is the desk.
5. Shes student City College.
II.Complete the sentences with Who?, Where?, or What?( 10 points)
1. s the girl in the caf with Daniel?
2. s your teachers name?
3. s the car?
4. s the boy over there with Emily?
5. s the name of the girl over there?
III. Write the correct form of the verb to be in these sentences.( 10 points)
1. . your teacher English?
2. What nationality you and your brother?
3 . I from Recife in Brazil
4. Where you from?
5. Luke and Amily both members of this club?
IV.Reorder the words to make correct sentences.( 10 points)
1. from/Where/they/are/?
2. number /is /your/telephone/What/?
3. your /spell/Can/name/you/?
4. English/sister/and/your/Are/you/?
5. England/of/coast/I/on/live/south/the/.
V. Complete the sentences with these words: a, an, some, any.( 10 points)
1. I ve got sister but I havent got brothers.
2.They havent grandchildren.
3. Have you got Gloria Estefan CDs?
4. Heres English dictionary for you.
5. Hes got nice photos of her in album.
VI. Complete the sentences with the correct possessive adjective.( 10 points)
1. This is Luke. Emily is sister.
2. This is Mr and Mrs Freeman. Emily is daughter.
3. A: Hello, whats name? B: My names Charlie.
4. My names Tom Freeman, and this is wife, sally. These are three children.
5. Hello, Mr and Mrs Freeman. Is that house over there?
VII. Complete the sentences with the correct form of there is /isnt and there are / arent( 10 points)
1. a sport centre in my town.
2. a car park near here?
3. any good discos in Hove.
4. some good shops in the centre of Brighton.
5. a theatre in Hove but theres one in Brighton.
VIII. Complete the sentences with the verb in brackets in the present continuous tense.( 10 points)
1. She the car (wash).
2. He in the library today. (not/work)
3. They a great time. (have)
4. He his cousin. (phone)
5. you to me ? (listen)
IX. Complete the sentences. All of them are negative. Use dont/ doesnt + one of these verbs:
, go , know, read, use, wear . ( 10 points)
1. I buy a newspaper every day but sometimes I .. .. it.
2. Paul has a car but he . .. it very often.
3. They like film but they . to the cinema very often.
4. Amanda is married but she . .. a ring.
5. I . .. much about politics. Im not interested.

10 p.of.