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Controversy Over Wind Farm in Nantucket Sound - For

Better or Worse: Controversy Over Wind Farm in Nantucket

Sound For 100 years, Cape Cod has been defined as the
ultimate summer getaway, a place to unwind and relax. A
place where visitors can tan on the beach, play in the waves
and sail in the sound. The result is a region that is absolutely
words Powerful
dependent on tourism and tourism that is dependent on the [preview]
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Capes aesthetic scenery. What will happen if part of that
scenery changes from a serene and untouched ocean view to
an industrial wind park. The proposed wind farm will be built
in an area known as Horseshoe Shoal, located five miles off
the south shore of Cape Cod, in Nantucket Sound.... [tags:
Place Cape Cod Papers]

Moving Away From Nuclear Energy -

Although it is the irresistible trend to put an end to nuclear
power, we could not achieve the nuke-free dream through an 892
immediate action. There are a few essential reasons. Firstly, words Better
given that energy is the fuel of the sustainable development [preview]
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of economy , we have to consider how to supply the pages)
deficiency caused by the elimination of nuclear power plants.
Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to completely replace
nuclear power right away with other sources. According to
the last three quarter reports published by Taipower, the
largest amounts of energy sources is offered by coal (40.46%
on average) followed by gas (30.26% on average) , nuclear
power (18.27 on average) and water power (4.19... [tags:
politics, nuclear power]
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Electrochemical Energy Storage for Electrical

Grid - The current worldwide electric generation is estimated
to be about 20terra-watt hours [1]. Almost 68% of the
electrical supply is generated by using fossil fuels as the raw
material, nuclear accounts for 14%, hydro 15% and the
remaining 3% is from renewable resources. The worldwide
electrical demand is going to double by the mid-century and
triple by the end of century. As the demand will increase so
will the generation, which means more fossil fuels will be
used which in turn will create more environmental
problems.... [tags: electric generations, fossil fuels, grid
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