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Listening exercise

Listen to the audio and complete the spaces with the missing words.
First Example Hi, ___ _____Cindy. I am into designing. I ________________ ads for an advertising
_____________________ in New York.

Second Example Hi _______________! I am John Smith. I am _________. I _____________ as a plumber. Do

you _______________ any taps to fix?

Third Example Hello John! I am Nicola. I work as a ___________________ in a construction company. I

like my_____________ very much. I _________________ in New Jersey, and I am
_______ years old. My hobby is __________________. I love to read novels.

Fourth Example Hi my name is Joe ____________. I am into software. I am a _____________________. I

am from ____________________. I like _____________________ and going on treks.

Fifth Example I __________ Mary. I am a _______________________ teacher and I ______________ in

Kindergarten. I _____________ this job because I love ________________________ and I
love teaching. In my ____________________ time I like to __________________ television
and movies. I am ______________.

Sixth Example Hi Mary! _________name is Richard. I am ________________. I am a sales

______________________. I work for a company that imports ___________________
motors from____________________. I travel a lot for _____________________, but I
_____________________to travel so its fun.

Seventh Example My name is Linda, and I am ______________ Ohio. I am a _______________________. I

am _____________________ years old. I have no _____________________because I have
to __________________ all day.