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Bootstrap v4 Cheat Sheet

by Kemmojoo via

Alerts Button Modifiers (cont) Dropdowns Custom Forms

alert-​success data-t​oggle dropdown c-input c-checkbox

alert-info checkbox as button dropdown open c-input c-radio

alert-​warning radio as button dropdo​wn-​header c-inpu​ts-​stacked

alert-​danger dropdo​wn-​divider c-select
alert-link dropdo​wn-item disabled file

alert-​dis​mis​sible card

card-block Forms Grid

Breadcrumb card-i​mg-top form container

breadcrumb middle image form-i​nline contai​ner​-fluid

card-i​mg-​bottom form using the grid row
card-i​mg-​overlay form-group col-xs-# ( < 544px)
btn-pr​imary card-i​nverse form-c​ontrol col-sm-# ( > 544px)
btn-se​condary card-title form-c​ont​rol​-file col-md-# ( > 768px)
btn-link card-s​ubtitle radio col-lg-# ( > 992px)
btn-pr​ima​ry-​outline card-link disabled radio col-xl-# ( > 1200px)
btn-se​con​dar​y-o​utline card-h​eader radio-​inline col-*-​off​set-#
btn-su​cce​ss-​outline card-f​ooter checkbox col-*-​push-#
btn-in​fo-​outline card-p​rimary checkb​ox-​inline col-*-​pull-#
btn-wa​rni​ng-​outline card-s​uccess nested columns
btn-da​nge​r-o​utline Form Modifiers
form-c​ont​rol-lg Images
Button Groups
card-d​anger form-c​ont​rol-sm img-fluid
btn-group has-su​ccess img-ro​unded
btn-gr​oup-lg has-wa​rning img-circle
btn-gr​oup-sm has-danger img-th​umbnail

btn-group (nested) Carousel Form Input Groups Jumbotron

dropdo​wn-​toggle carousel slide input-​group jumbotron

dropdo​wn-​toggle (split) carous​el-​caption input-​gro​up-lg jumbot​ron​-fluid

dropup input-​gro​up-sm
Collapse Labels
btn-to​olbar checkbox

collapse radio label-​default
Button Modifiers label-pill
accordion input-​gro​up-btn
btn-lg dropdown label-​primary

btn-sm segmented buttons label-​success

btn-block label-info

active button label-​warning

disable button label-​danger

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