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Lesson Plan Template Integrated Health

Teacher Name Date 11/15/16 Subject/Grade/Time needed

Ms. Hannah Broder English/Reading
1st grade
1 hour

Content standard(s) addressed: Materials needed:

- The Gulps, by Rosemary Wells (a story
Reading Standards for Informational Text about a family whos car breaks down near
Key Ideas and Details a farm and they learn about healthy food
R.CCR Anchor Standard 1: Read closely to - Plastic foods including:
determine what the text says explicitly and - vegetables
to make logical inferences from it; cite - candies
specific textual evidence when writing or - sweets
speaking to support conclusions drawn - juices
from the text. - meats
(an array of healthy and unhealthy
Health standard(s) addressed: foods simple enough to distinguish
Standard 1: Essential Concepts - 4 buckets labeled: Vegetables, Fruits,
1.1.G Describe how living things grow and Meats and Sweets
mature. - Paper
- Colored pencils, crayons, markers
Standard 2: Analyzing Influences
2.1.P Explain how family and friends
influence positive health practices.

Standard 3: Accessing Valid Information

3.1.G Recognize parents, guardians, and
other trusted adults as resources for
information about growth and

Learning Objective (what will students Assessment of learning (how will you
know/be able to do as a result of this evaluate?):
lesson?) Criteria:

- Students will be able to follow along with - Ask enticing questions during and after
the reading of a story, ask questions and the story is read
understand the plot - Ask children to place food items they find
- Children will understand the importance into the proper bin to check understanding
of making good eating decisions by the - Check for understanding when children
whole family draw their own food choices
- Students will be able to generally spot
different food items and sort them
- Child should be able to identify various
types of food and sort into their general

Agenda (whats posted on board/what are Instructional Notes (what is teacher

students doing? this is your activity doing?):
- Teacher reads story aloud enthusiastically
- Before the activity begins, the teacher will - Teacher will ask questions to provoke
have hidden the various food items thought and understanding of the story
throughout the classroom - Teacher will observe students gathering
- Students will gather around on the floor their foods, ensuring every child is
to hear the story participating
- Teacher will read the story aloud to the - As students place their foods into bins, the
students teacher will check for understanding by
- Afterward, the teacher will ask a few giving further examples, asking questions
follow up questions to check for and correcting wrong decisions if
understanding applicable
- The students will then be asked to walk - While students are drawing, the teacher
around the room to find as many food will continue to go around commenting on
items as they can carry choices and asking questions
- Once all of the food items are found, they - Teacher will have his/her own drawing to
will gather on the floor once again present to the students as well
- There will be four labeled buckets and - Children will share their drawings to the
each child will take turns putting their food class as well as the teacher
items into the bucket they believe the item
belongs in.
- After each decision, there will be time for
follow up questions or comments
- At the closing of the activity, children will
return to their seats and draw their favorite
healthy foods
- Students may present to the classroom if
they desire

Language Support: Context where might this particular

lesson fit in with a larger unit of study?
- Additional language support will be
provided if necessary The lesson plan fits in with health studies
- Book and bucket labeling is supported by and art as well as reading and computation.
colorful illustrations