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CATEGORY 4 Above Standards 3 Meets Standards Standards 1 Below Standards 1
Grammar & Writer makes no Writer makes 1-2 Writer makes 3-4 Writer makes more
spelling errors in grammar or errors in grammar errors in grammar than 4 errors in
spelling. and/or spelling. and/or spelling grammar and/or
Capitalization Writer makes no Writer makes 1-2 Writer makes 3-4 Writer makes more
and errors in capitalization errors in errors in than 4 errors in
Punctuation and punctuation. capitalization and capitalization and capitalization and
punctuation. punctuation. punctuation.

Sentences & Sentences and All sentences are Most sentences are Many sentence
Paragraphs paragraphs are complete and well- complete and well- fragments or run-on
complete, well- constructed (no constructed. sentences OR
constructed and of fragments, no run- Paragraphing needs paragraphing needs
varied structure. ons). Paragraphing is some work. lots of work.
generally done well.

Writing Student devotes a lot Student devotes Student devotes Student devotes
Process of time and effort to sufficient time and some time and little time and effort
the writing process effort to the writing effort to the writing to the writing
(prewriting, drafting, process (prewriting, process but was not process. Doesn't
reviewing, and drafting, reviewing, very thorough. seem to care.
editing). Works hard and editing). Works Does enough to get
to make the story and gets the job by.
wonderful. done.
Neatness The final draft of the The final draft of the The final draft of The final draft is not
story is readable, story is readable, the story is neat or attractive. It
clean, neat and neat and attractive. readable and some looks like the
attractive. It is free of It may have one or of the pages are student just wanted
erasures and crossed- two erasures, but attractive. It looks to get it done and
out words. It looks like they are not like parts of it didn't care what it
the author took great distracting. It looks might have been looked like.
pride in it. like the author took done in a hurry.
some pride in it.
Title Title is creative, Title is related to the Title is present, but No title.
sparks interest and is story and topic. does not appear to
related to the story be related to the
and topic. story and topic.

Amount of All topics are All topics are All topics are One or more topics
Information addressed and all addressed and most addressed, and were not
questions answered questions answered most questions addressed.
with at least 2 with at least 2 answered with 1
sentences about sentences about sentence about
each. each. each.
Quality of Information clearly Information clearly Information clearly Information has
Information relates to the main relates to the main relates to the main little or nothing to
topic. It includes topic. It provides 1-2 topic. No details do with the main
several supporting supporting details and/or examples topic.
details and/or and/or examples. are given.
Attractivenes Makes excellent use Makes good use of Makes use of font, Use of font, color,
s of font, color, font, color, graphics, color, graphics, graphics, effects
graphics, effects, etc. effects, etc. to effects, etc. but etc. but these often
to enhance the enhance to occasionally these distract from the
presentation. presentation. detract from the presentation
presentation content.
Originality Product shows a large Product shows some Uses other people's Uses other people's
amount of original original thought. ideas (giving them ideas, but does not
thought. Ideas are Work shows new credit), but there is give them credit.
creative and ideas and insights. little evidence of
inventive. original thinking.

Requirement All requirements are All requirements are One requirement More than one
s met and exceeded. met. was not completely requirement was
met. not completely met.

Drafts All drafts were Only a few drafts Only one draft was No drafts were
presented. were presented. presented. presented.

Blogs The blog is very well The blog is well The blog is not well There is no blog.
presented and up to presented and presented and it is
date. updated. not up to date.