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Tata family

The Tata family is a prominent Indian business family, based in the Indian city of Mumbai.
Members of the family are related to the Tata Sons, which is the main holding company of the
Tata Group and holds the bulk of shareholding in these companies. The Tatas are a Parsi family
who originally came to Mumbai from Navsari in the state of Gujarat by way of Persia. The
founder of the familys fortunes was Jamsetji Tata. The Tatas are the original founders of the Tata
Sons associated with the Tata Group.

The Tata family is related to many Parsi families of Bombay, such as [[Wadia family}Wadia]],
Mistry and Petit family by marriage.

Prominent members[edit]

Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata (3 March 1839 19 May 1904), known as one of the fathers of
Indian industry[1]

Dorabji Tata (27 August 1859 3 June 1932), elder son of Jamshetji, Indian industrialist and
philanthropist. His wife, Meherbai Tata, was the paternal aunt of Homi J. Bhabha, the nuclear

Ratanji Tata (20 January 1871 5 September 1918), younger son of Jamshetji, philanthropist and
pioneer of poverty studies. After Ratanji died, his wife Navajbai Tata adopted an orphan boy
(grand-nephew of her mother-in-law) and raised him as her own son.

Naval Tata, (30 August 1904 5 May 1989) adopted son of Navajbai Tata. His biological
grandmother (mother's mother) had been the sister of Hirabai Tata, wife of group founder
Jamshedji Tata. Also, his biological father, Hormusji Tata, had belonged to the broader Tata
family, and Naval therefore carried the surname "Tata" by birthright. Director in several Tata
companies, ILO member, recipient of Padma Bhushan. He married twice and had three sons.

Simone Naval Tata, second wife of Naval Tata, a French woman and a Catholic. She ran Lakme
and served as chairperson of Trent[2]

Ratan Tata,Former chairman of the Tata Group, son of Naval Tata by his first wife Sooni

Jimmy Tata, son of Naval Tata by his first wife Sooni Commissariat.

Noel Tata, chairperson of Trent, son of Naval Tata by his second wife Simone

Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata (18561926), one of the early stalwarts to serve the Tata Group. His
father Dadabhoi and group founder Jamshedji Tata's mother Jeevanbai were brother and sister.
He was also a very distant agnatic cousin of Jamshedji, belonged to the broader Tata family, and
carried the surname "Tata" by birthright. He married Suzanne Brire, a French woman and a
Catholic, and had five children, including:

J. R. D. Tata (29 July 1904 29 November 1993), son of Ratanji Tata by his wife Suzanne.
Longtime chairman of Tata group, also a pioneering Indian aviator and founder of Tata Airlines
(later known as Air India)

Sylla Tata, daughter of Ratanji Dadabhoy and elder sister of JRD. She was married to Dinshaw
Maneckji Petit, 2nd baronet Petit. She was the mother of Rattanbai Jinnah, wife of Jinnah.

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