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My name is Akhmad Renno Sevian that usually called by Renno or Enong. I currently
study in agribusiness major, Agriculture faculty of Sriwijaya University. I was newie in
AIESEC in UNSRI. I know if I only have little knowledge and experience in AIESEC. But I
believe if every one has the same opportunities to development their self. I remember when the
First time I follow interview in process external recruitment. After I follow interview process
I not to confident can be passed that test. Because my English ability is not too good. When
interview any some question that I not too understand and I only answer it with nothing special
thing that can show me that me suitable and has the capacity and capability in AIESEC
organization. But when I get announcement if I was passed the test and already become a part
of AIESEC, I feel very happy. I think AIESEC already trust with me if I have a potential to
become a part of this organization.
After I already become a part of AIESEC organization, I continued my journey with
join in SYC. In that conference I realize if this organization is better than the other organization.
Because when in SYC I can get many knowledge about leadership and also get many
experience from the other newies and members that have different character but can mingle
and have fun together. After that conference I can feel get many spirit and motivation to always
be brave to challenge my self for take the opportunities that come over me to make me can be
develop and always take high a role.
And than when Internal recruitment is opened, I really excited. Because I want a give
my contribution for this organization. I believe, when I can give my contribution as staff in this
organization it will be give more knowledge and experience for me. And I believe that not only
my knowledge and experience that will I get, but also I can increase my soft skills. Soft skills
are very important in our life, because it can not we get in campus as a students but only can
we get if we can be working as teamwork in the organization. And because of my english is
still not too good, Im believe and trust if I can increase my English ability in this organization.
Because as we know if the English is very important that must we have to make us have a plus
value than the other and it will really help us in work of world latter.
So, thats why I want always give the motivation and spirit to my self to always break
my limit. Because I want a be better person until I can get what I want and reached one word
that everyone want which is that word is success. That word always give motivation to me
to always take the opportunities that overcome to me to be Better, Bigger and Stronger.
When I accepted tobe staff in TM departement, Im verry happy and I want more to
develop my self again and for to doit now I take the opportunities to challenge my self in give
more contribution in AIESEC which is I applied to be candidate OCP Member Recruitment
and Local Conference. I apply it because of I want develop my leadership, communication
ability, how lead the other etc. Hope I can to be OCP and also give my best for this entity.


Akhmad Renno Sevian