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Elections Special | October 2017 | 1


8 august 2017 11 August 2017
Kenya holds General Election, with IEBC announces results of the
Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and 6 elections and declares Uhuru
other presidential candidates. Kenyatta as winner of the election.
Protests break out in a few areas.

19 August 2017 16 August 2017

NASA files petition with NASA announces decision to
the Supreme Court. challenge election results at the
Supreme Court.

01 september 2017 04 september 2017

The Supreme Court makes landmark IEBC announces that the new polls will
ruling to nullify election results, citing be held on 17 October 2017.
irregularities and illegalities, orders
fresh elections in 60 days.

21 september 2017 20 september 2017

IEBC changes date for repeat election Supreme court issues full judgment.
to 26 October 2017 to accomodate the

Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot allowed
by High Court to participate in repeat poll.

10 october 2017 october IEBC decides to include all 8 presidential candidates on

ballot, says Raila Odingas withdrawal not recognized by
Raila Odinga announces

the new vote.

withdrawal of his candidacy from NASA announces the start of daily nationwide
demonstrations, calling for reforms in the electoral body.

Parliament passes bill to amend election laws

October 2017
2 Elections Special | October 2017 |

News Roundup

IEBC names date of Kenya bans protests, Decision to include

printing presidential setting up showdown Aukot in presidential
ballot papers with opposition election stirs NASAs
Ref: 13 October 2017 supporters decision to boycott polls
The Independent Electoral Ref: 12 October 2017 Ref: 12 October 2017
and Boundaries Commission Tensions rose in Kenya as the High Courts decision to in-
(IEBC) says the printing of bal- government banned demon- clude Thirdway Alliance candi-
lots to be cast in the October strations and indicated that date Ekuru Aukot in the repeat
26 repeat presidential election it would go ahead with an presidential election has put
begins this week. election rerun that the oppo- NASA leader Raila Odinga in a
Read more sition is convinced cannot be tight corner after withdrawing
free and fair under the current from the race.
Why Wafula Chebukati system. Read more
must rise to the occasion Read more
Parliament passes bill to
Ref: 13 October 2017
AU calls on Uhuru, Raila amend election laws
Now, more than ever before,
the destiny of Kenya rests in to steer Kenya out of Ref: 11 October 2017
the hands of one man Mr political impasse The National Assembly has
Wafula Wanyonyi Chebukati passed a controversial bill to
the self-effacing chairman Ref: 12 October 2017 amend election laws. MPs
of the Independent Electoral African Union Commission passed amendments to the bill
and Boundaries Commission. Chairman Mr Moussa Faki Ma- backed by Jubilee Party. Seven
Kenyans are watching with hamat, has called on all stake- amendments were introduced
hope and anxiety how the holders in Kenyas electoral to the bill by the committee
Trans Nzoia-born lawyer will process to exercise leadership chaired by Baringo North MP Wil-
steer the nation through the during this crucial period of liam Cheptumo after last weeks
repeat elections slated for Kenyas democracy. public bearings
October 26. Read more Read more
Read more

Political crisis with no Raila Odinga pulls out

NSE investors lose Sh15bn clear end grinds down of repeat presidential
as IEBC demos intensify Kenya economy election
Ref: 12 October 2017
Ref: 10 October 2017
Ref: 12 October 2017
Nairobi Securities Exchange
National Super Alliance
(NSE) investors lost Sh15.74 Joyce Njeri stands outside her
flag-bearer Raila Odinga has
billion in paper wealth on a clothes boutique in Nairobi,
withdrawn from the October
day of demonstrations that fol- Kenyas capital, trying to en-
26 repeat presidential elec-
lowed opposition leader Raila tice a handful of passers-by to
tion. Mr Odinga announced
Odingas Tuesday announce- look at the clothes she has for
that his running mate Kalonzo
ment that he had pulled out sale. There arent many takers.
Musyoka will also not take part
of the repeat presidential Read more in the repeat election.
election set for October 26.
Read more Read more

October 2017