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Week 7 schedule

Date Class Activity Homework Preparation

Monday L3-L4 Review Read and record L4 Review L3 and L4 for
Oct. 9 dialogue 1 & 2 on chapter test II (L3-L4)

Tuesday Chapter test II 1, Study todays new 1. Study L5 D-1

(L3-L4) characters
Oct. 10 by yourself. 2. Listen to the MP3
Test 2, Study L5 D-1 and do
WB p.75 I A online at 3. Read grammar notes on TB p.126-129

Wednesday 1. Quiz 5-1 1. Do WB p.75 I B C D 1. Quiz 5-2

online at
Oct. 11 2. Study L5 D-1 2. Listen to the MP3
uiz/4396564.html recordings
L5 D1-1 3. Dialogue/grammar drill
2. Do WB p.78-80 IV A 4. Read Grammar notes
4. Intro todays characters B C (write in Character on p.126-129
on blue book)

3. Study new characters

Thursday 1. Submit homework 1. Do WB p.77 III A B 1. Quiz 5-3
online at
Oct. 12 2. Quiz 5-2 2. Study L5 D-
/4396565.html 2/Narrative
3. Do WB P.80 D
L5 D1-2 3. Listen to the MP3
4. Grammar drill/video 2. Do WB p.80-81 E recordings
activity translation (Write in
character on blue book) 4. Read Grammar notes
5. Language Practice TB on TB p.137-139
P.129-133 3. Study L5 D-2 and
Do WB p.83 I A online at
6. Intro todays characters

4. Study new characters

Friday 1. Submit homework 1. Do WB p.83, I B C 1. Quiz 5-4

online at
Oct. 13 2. Quiz 5-3 2. Study L5 D-2
L5 D2-1 3. Dialogue/grammar drill 3. Listen to the MP3
2. Do WB p.86 IV A B recordings
4. Intro todays characters (on blue book)
4. Read grammar notes
3. Study new characters on TB p.137-139

4. Fridays Listen &


Monday 1. Submit homework 1. Do WB p.88 D 1. Prepare for L5 Oral

translation (on blue book) Presentation (memorize
Oct. 16 2. Quiz 5-4 L5 D-2/ Narrative)
2, Do WB P.85 III B C
L5 D2-2 3. Grammar drill/video online at 2. Listen to the MP3
activity recordings
4. Language Practice TB
P.140-141 3. Study new characters

5. Intro todays characters:

Tuesday 1. Submit homework 1. Study new characters 1, Study L1 L5
dialogues ; Prepare for
Oct. 17 2. L5 Oral Presentation Oral Test -1
(Part II Narrative)
2, Read and record L5
Presentation 2, Practice: Listen and
dialogue 1 & 2 on
(L5 D-2 3. Grammar and Characters answer:
Narrative) Review
3, Every one must go to
4. Intro todays characters:
OWL to try the sample
test. (You will receive the
link via email to access to
the sample test.)
Monday Oral Test-1 1. Study L6 D-1 and do 1. Quiz 6-1
Oct. 23 (L1-L5) WB P.93 I A online at 2. Study L6 D-1
at HLH17 111 /4396570.html
( 17 Hillhouse Avenue 3. Listen to the MP3
room 111) recordings

4. Read grammar notes

on TB p.149-159