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post | Present | Future SIMPLE ‘An action that ended in | An action that is ‘A plan for an action in the past. habitual orrepeated. _| the future. Formula Painted Paints/Paint Will paint. Word clue He painted yasterday | She paints every weekend. CONTINUOUS ‘an action that was ‘An action is in the ‘An action that will {be}+ (verb) + ing. happening (past process of happening —_| happen in the future for continuous) when now. 4 length of time. another action finished Formula Was/were painting Am/are/is painting Will be painting Word clue Twas painting when! | Sheispaintingnow. _| They will be painting saw the accident. when you arrive tomorrow. PERFECT ‘An action that finished | An action that ‘An action that will finish (have)+ (verb) before another action | happened atan unsaid | before another action or time in the past. time in the past. or time in the future. Formula Had painted. Hove/has painted Will have painted Word clue We had painted the She has painted many | He will have painted the house before the rain | portraits. bedroom before his started. daughter comes home. PERFECT CONTINUOUS | Ait action that ‘An action that happens | Afvaction that happens (have)+been + (verb)+ | happened overtime in | over time, startingin _| over time in the future ing the past before another | the past and continuing | before another action. action. into the present. Formula Had been painting Have/has been painting | Will have been painting Word clue Shehad been painting | Ihave been painting —_| We will have been fora while when she | landscapes since! painting for several started classes. started school. hours before we can see how it looks.