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Name Friday Report 2017-10-06

Release Date October 7, 2017

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Board Meetings & Minutes Drafts
Draft minutes for the October 3 special meeting are attached. Please provide necessary changes to Debbie Vanderwilt by noon
on Monday, October 9.

Attachment: Board Meeting Minutes 20171003 Special.pdf (12 KB)

Board Agenda Items
Policy 3413, Student Immunization and Life Threatening Health Conditions: Proposed revisions to Policy 3413, Student
Immunization and Life Threatening Health Conditions, have been reviewed by legal counsel and the superintendent’s cabinet.
Over the summer, district intern Scott Pease was asked to review district policies in the 3000 series with an equity lens. As a
result of his review, proposed revisions include additional language to comply with RCW 28A.210.110. Proposed revisions to
Policy 3413, Student Immunization and Life Threatening Health Conditions, are tentatively planned for first reading at the
October 24, 2017 board meeting.

Attachment: 3413 FR 20171024.pdf (91 KB)

Board-Superintendent Communication
Four items of correspondence are provided for director background with this edition of the Friday Report. The first is a letter
(delivered via email) from PTSA Council leaders detailing the recovery work accomplished in order to get the Hawthorne PTSA
back on track and in a positive balance position following the theft of thousands of dollars by a former PTSA officer at
Hawthorne. This verification is one element of a two part process established by a local, anonymous donor in order for the
Hawthorne PTSA to receive a $15,000 gift to help the unit recover from the theft. The second element is a verification that the
district has identified key learnings from the theft and used that knowledge to strengthen all PTSA units through systems
improvements and membership training. The second is an inquiry from Director Mason regarding the status of updates to the
capital projects language on the district website. The district's communications director responded to the inquiry. The third is
an invitation from and response to a group holding a multi-cultural tour involving several places of worship in surrounding
communities. The fourth is an email transmitting a letter from the Council on Amarican-Islamic Relations notifying the district
of a complaint by a parent. This letter is one of many, many communications between the district and one party of a divorced
set of parents involved in custody disagreements into which the district is attempting not to be drawn. Directors will be
receiving another update from counsel on this matter at an upcoming board meeting.

Attachment: Levesque-Steck Letter (Hawthorne PTSA status) 20171005.pdf (52 KB)

Attachment: Mason-Albrecht Emails (Capital project updates) 20171004.pdf (147 KB)

Attachment: McLauren-Superintendent Emails (Multi-cultural tour) 20171005.pdf (184 KB)

Attachment: Samy-Cohn Emails (CAIR complaint) 20171006.pdf (185 KB) |

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Everett SD LTR_Mohamed 10.5.17.pdf (437 KB)

Legislative Update
Local Legislator Briefing: On October 6, Senators Palumbo and McCoy, Representatives Robinson and Sells, district
counsel were provided with the attached McCleary Update. The presentation provided an overview of EHB 2242
impacts and recommended specific legislative fixes. This legislative briefing was at the request of members of the
district's legislative delegation. It will be shared with other local legislators unable to attend, with the district's
presidents' council, with local superintendents, and with legislative leaders later this month.
Attachment: Implications of EHB 2242 20171006.pdf (1,166 KB)

Next Generation Science Standards Implementation Plan (Key Performance Outcome: 1.2.b)
Over the summer, the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) team refined the Everett Public Schools
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) implementation plan, which was presented to principals during their September
levels meetings. The implementation plan highlights the timeline to fully transition science and engineering teaching and
learning to the NGSS. Designed to align to stages of systemic change – awareness, transition, and implementation – the plan
reviews the work that has taken place to date, current work, upcoming work, and a profile of each grade band once fully
transitioned to NGSS. Current work includes alignment of elementary science kits to the Reach for Reading curriculum,
implementation of performance tasks from the online Defined STEM platform with middle school curriculum, and the design of
a new grade 9 course. Concurrently, the STEM team is working with teachers to develop K-12 course maps and continuing to
review new releases of NGSS-aligned curriculum.

Attachment: NGSS Implementation Plan Overview 20171003.pdf (555 KB)

Grade 6-12 English Language Arts Support (Key Performance Outcome: 1.5.a)
Last week, a humanities-literacy facilitator joined with educators from other Northwest Educational Service District (NWESD)
school districts for the first of four meetings of the NWESD Literacy Learning Network (LLN). Over the course of the year,
NWESD LLN educators will focus on ways to create opportunities for all students to achieve success in their English Language
Arts (ELA) classrooms. These educators will learn, plan for, apply, and reflect on specific strategies to support students'
development of academic language, create scaffolding in lessons, link learning to students' lives, utilize best practices to teach
all strands of the ELA Common Core State Standards, and challenge biases that block students from accessing opportunities to
learning. The humanities-literacy facilitator will share her LLN work with the district humanities-literacy team, as they
collaborate this year to develop tier two supports and to support implementation of tier three LANGUAGE! Live instructional
materials in secondary ELA courses.

McKinney-Vento Student Housing Form Dissemination Required (Key Performance Outcome: 1.5.a)
New guidance from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) requires that districts disseminate the Student
Housing Form to all families annually. Previously, families only completed the Student Housing Form as part of the enrollment
packet for newly enrolling students, or if the family's housing situation changed and a staff member believed they might be
eligible for McKinney-Vento support. The new guidance is intended to more systematically provide the opportunity for families
to complete the housing form, increasing the opportunity for students eligible for McKinney-Vento to be identified. In future
years, this will become part of the beginning of the year paperwork. For this year, the categorical programs department will be
sending the form home separately. Forms will also be available on the district website, and parents will receive a Blackboard
Connect email with the form attached. Parents are not required to complete and return the form. As with the free and reduced-
price meals application, returning the form is voluntary. District student housing forms are available in Spanish, Russian,
Arabic, and Vietnamese. OSPI housing forms are available in Amharic, Cambodian, Korean, Marshallese, Punjabi, Tagalog, and

Attachment: Student Housing Form 201709.pdf (177 KB)

Attachment: Parent letter Student Housing Form 201709.pdf (230 KB)

Librarian & Facilitator Evaluation Pilot (Key Performance Outcome: 3.3.b)
Librarians and Community Resource Center (CRC) facilitators participating in the Librarian & Facilitators Evaluation Pilot will be
evaluated using the ESA (Educational Staff Associate) Evaluation form for Librarians and CRC Facilitators (long form).
Librarians and CRC facilitators not participating in the pilot will use the ESA Evaluation form – long form, short form A or B or
Professional Growth Program form. In the 2018-19 school year, those who participated in the evaluation pilot will continue with
the evaluation progression of short or long form evaluations, whichever progression they were on prior to participating in the
pilot. Staff need to be evaluated using the long form at least once every four years.

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Reaching the State's "School Ready" Goal (Key Performance Outcomes: 5.2.a, 5.2.b)
Last year, the Washington State Department of Early Learning set a goal that 90 percent of children will be "school ready" by
2020, regardless of race or socio-economic background. This ambitious goal highlights the significance of early experiences for
children and how those experiences contribute to healthy growth and development. It also underscores the importance of
healthy families, flourishing communities, and strong local partnerships working together to realize success for all children. The
early learning department attended the 2017 State of Children and Families Early Learning Brunch on September 26. This
event is an annual gathering of stakeholders from across the region to consider how current research and local data can inform
policy and practice to strengthen outcomes for children and families. The annual State of Children & Families Report was
highlighted during the brunch. Special presentations were given, including the Play & Learn model and the critical importance
of early numeracy development. The event concluded with a presentation by Dr. Renee Boynton-Jarrett, a social epidemiologist
and practicing primary care pediatrician at Boston Medical Center. Dr. Boynton-Jarrett discussed communities of opportunity,
integrating early childhood systems to prevent adversity, and promoting well-being. The early learning team will debrief the
event’s presentations and incorporate the relevant details and strategies for supporting students' early numeracy and social-
emotional skills, the two lowest areas of pre-kindergarten development as measured by the WaKIDS assessment.

Super Snack Success at Everett High School
As reported in the September 15 edition of the Friday Report, "supper" service for students started at Everett High
School this week. The supper program is a USDA reimbursable meal provided to students after school at no cost.
Marketed at Everett High School as a "super snack", the meal consists of milk, ½ cup of vegetables, ¼ cup of fruit, a
grain such as bread, pretzel, or cracker, and two servings of protein, such as cheese or lean meat. During the first
week of service, approximately 150 students per day enjoyed the super snack after school in the cafeteria.
Attachment: Super Snack 20171006.pdf (229 KB)

Attachment: Super Snack Flyer and Q&A.pdf (1,371 KB)

Public Records Request Updates
Shannon Walburn: Shannon Walburn has requested extensive Outlook calendar information from the
superintendent, deputy superintendent, and several other staff for a multi-week period as of a certain date. District
counsel, technology staff, and public records staff are reviewing the request, which appears to require capability not
currently available in Microsoft Outlook. In addition, Mrs. Walburn has requested copies of HIB complaints for the
past several years, and copies of district communications about her family from an extended time period. These
requests are related to the CAIR correspondence noted in the "Board-Superintendent Communications" section

Enrollment Update
The table below provides an enrollment comparison using October actual from 2016, spring projection for October 2017, and
actual October 2017. Enrollment came in 121 students under projection (which is a .006 variance), and 163 higher than last
October. The headcount numbers do not include full-time running start students. Running Start enrollment has increased over
the past few years; this year 167 students solely attend community college and are not included in the count below. This is an
increase of 20 students compared to last October, and an increase of 52 from October 2014. Following the "Student Headcount
Summary" table below are grade level ratios provided by the business services staff. The K-3 ratio is calculated two ways:
poverty schools (Emerson, Garfield, Hawthorne, Jackson, Lowell, Madison) and non-poverty schools. In addition, the ratio is
calculated by all schools combined. The grade 4-5 ratio is displayed as well. This year K-3 class size reduction funding was
provided by the state (although not enough to cover all teacher costs), but no additional capital funding was provided for
adding classrooms. As of Oct. 6, all elementary classrooms are used for instruction, and only three of those classrooms are
used for remediation services (meaning all the rest are used for "standard" grade level classes). It will be very difficult to
provide space for 30 - 40 additional classrooms next year if the K-3 ratio is "enforced" by the legislature; Everett could be in
the position of declining funding for additional K-3 teachers due to lack of classrooms.

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Attachment: Headcount Compared to Projection by School for October 2017.pdf (608 KB)

Attachment: Kendrick Enrollment Projections 201702.pdf (266 KB)

Miscellaneous Attachments, News Releases & Articles

Attachment: PFR Washington School Law Update 201710.pdf (1,433 KB)

Attachment: NWESD Board to Board 201709-10.pdf (1,336 KB)

News Releases

Directors' Dates to Remember

Tuesday, October 17 - Special Board Meeting - 4:30 p.m. - Community Resource Center
Wednesday, November 1 - Special Board Meeting - 7:30 a.m. - Community Resource Center
Friday, November 10 - Veterans' Day Holiday - District Closed
Tuesday, November 14 - Special Board Meeting - 4:30 p.m. - Community Resource Center
Friday-Sunday, November 17-19 - WSSDA Annual Conference - Bellevue, Washington
Thursday-Friday, November 23-24 - Thanksgiving Holiday - District Closed
Tuesday, November 28 - Special Board Meeting - 4:30 p.m. - Community Resource Center
Monday - Friday, December 18-29 - Winter Break - District Closed
Monday, January 1 - New Year's Holiday - District Closed

3413 FR 20171024.pdf (91 KB) NGSS Implementation Plan Overview 20171003.pdf (555 KB)

Student Housing Form 201709.pdf (177 KB) Parent letter Student Housing Form 201709.pdf (230 KB)

PFR Washington School Law Update 201710.pdf (1,433 KB) NWESD Board to Board 201709-10.pdf (1,336 KB)

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Board Meeting Minutes 20171003 Special.pdf (12 KB) Super Snack 20171006.pdf (229 KB)

Super Snack Flyer and Q&A.pdf (1,371 KB) Implications of EHB 2242 20171006.pdf (1,166 KB)

Samy-Cohn Emails (CAIR complaint) 20171006.pdf (185 KB)

McLauren-Superintendent Emails (Multi-cultural tour) 20171005.pdf (184 KB)

Mason-Albrecht Emails (Capital project updates) 20171004.pdf (147 KB)

Everett SD LTR_Mohamed 10.5.17.pdf (437 KB)

Levesque-Steck Letter (Hawthorne PTSA status) 20171005.pdf (52 KB)

Headcount Compared to Projection by School for October 2017.pdf (608 KB)

Kendrick Enrollment Projections 201702.pdf (266 KB)

Executive Content
Community Contacts

WANIC director (skills center satellite and branch options financial impacts)
Snohomish STEM Network Legislative Breakfast
Providence Institute for Healthier Communities director and Washington State University North Puget Sound
Everett advisor to the president (Snohomish County Health Leadership Coalition's Mental/Emotional Well-
being Initiative Planning)
Providence Regional Medical Center Community Partners Lunch (focusing on WSU medical school partnership)
City of Mill Creek staff meeting United Way presentation
Senate Law & Justice meeting welcome with Director Andrews
Boeing Global Engagement senior manager
Senator Palumbo, Senator McCoy, Representative Robinson, Representative Sells, School Alliance counsel
(McCleary Data Analysis Update)
Cocoon House's An Evening in SILK Dinner and Auction
NAACP Youth Development Program session
NAACP Regional Convention, Lynnwood

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