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Normal Friends

You may move and speak freely between any of the channels,
as we do not wish to implement tight restrictions upon members.

You are welcome to share your suggestions and comments to

any of the relevant channels!
If you want to be a team member and contribute more,
please inform a Team Leader.
For more information on what kinds of discussion belong to
which channel, please refer to the information below.
Lucky beast
This role is basically the main server admins.
The authority to make decisions regarding
aairs are completely given to the Team Leaders.
Lucky Beast does not interfere in this principle.

Their main job is to communicate directly with

the Team Leaders, and their responsibilities include:

Receive reports from the Responsible for long-term Responsible for receiving and ana-
Team Leaders of the groups, goal decision-making. lyzing information from the
If there are major issues
make appropriate decisions info_gathering group, and conveying
this to the relevant Team Leaders or
and distribute work to the that require Friends to vote, react accordingly; as long as Real
Team Leaders. please believe in our judge- Life allows, one must join the
ment. Agenda Setting group as a group
member, giving out new ideas after
digesting infos gathered by the mem-
bers of the info_gathering group.
Example of daily job scope
Add tasks Arrange tasks Lessen task loads
for Friends for Friends for Friends
Once the Team Leader of The info_gathering groups Based on reports from the
Agenda Setting has prepared Team Leader (or other info_gathering group,
email templates to send to groups Team Leader) has Lucky Beast concludes that
ACA, they will report to Lucky
seen a Japanese reaction there is no further need to
Lucky Beast informs the Team post on Twitter posted by send letters to KDKWs busi-
Leader of Web Development hashtags about ceasing the ness partners.
to start their work. frequency of our posts.
If the task requires supervi- Lucky Beast will tell the Team
sion, the Team Leader of Out- The Team Leader should Leader of Web Development
reach will be asked to partici- report it to Lucky Beast, then to temporarily close the
pate. Lastly, the Team Leader
of Foreign Aairs will be
Lucky Beast will decide on mailing site,
informed to contact the Japa- the matter, and pass the and to the Team Leader of
nese people who started the direction to the Team Leader Outreach to remove the mail-
ACA petition that we have of Outreach to accommodate ing petition portion from their
started on the task. or ignore the request. promotion content.
Currently, we have 4 Lucky Beasts who are currently working in shifts. Do check
@Lucky Beast upon returning to a shift, and get details of all reports & informa-
tion given to Lucky Beast during the leave.
Also, check the content of all @groupname messages to understand what tasks
were given to the Team Leaders.

Lucky Beasts who are online will often be @mentioned by Team Leaders, those
who have time at hand should respond.
Each Lucky Beast can make independent choices and doesnt have to concern
other Beasts.
It is best to have at least 1 Lucky Beast online at all times.


Receive @Lucky Beast messages, interpret and decide on the situation.

Distribute tasks to each groups Team Leader. @groupname is a must to provide
convenience to any Lucky Beasts on leave, so they can catch up later.
Join the discussion at Agenda Setting when free.
Always keep 1 Lucky Beast online to receive messages and avoid any delays.
Decision-making authority.
Team Leader
also called Hakase, which means Doctor in Japanese

Team Leaders should make decisions within their

group, you are all very kashikoi (smart) owls,
only report to Lucky Beast if you encounter an un-
certainty or a critical issue.
Use @Lucky Beast to report.
The Team Leader of each group should nd a way
to co-edit les.
(You may use Google Doc, HackMD to cooperate
within the group)
Additionally, we encourage all Team Leader to
communicate with other groups as well.
If the Art Design group requires translation, search for Translation group
for help with English or Japanese translation before going back to
E.g. your group and pinging for Lucky Beast to submit your work.

This way, we can increase eciency and reduce burden for everyone.

However, if any Team Leader is unable to conrm

the situation, you may use the below SOP
(standard operating procedure) to contact a Lucky Beast.

Info gathering group nds information on ACA, submits to Lucky Beast.

Lucky Beast goes to Agenda Setting group to discuss, to judge if we should bring
the protests to ACA and inform the Agenda Setting Team Leader to gather the
Example of group members to discuss and think about countermeasures.
Lucky Beast sends a copy to Translating to get it translated to Chinese, English,
a cross-group
Japanese, Korean or other languages.
transaction Translating Team Leader judges the teams time and speed, and after being
satised with a proof-read version, send it to Lucky Beast.
Lucky Beast gives the information to Web Development Team Leader,and also
spread the information to the Outreach group for further usage.
Agenda Setting Team Leader
Guide and organize the discussion within the channel,since if no one leads
the discussion, it is easy to lose direction.
As you get assigned to the channel, nd someone in the channel to do note-
taking and then report ndings after the discussion ends.
Compile and report discussions in group to Lucky Beast.

If there are any outstanding issues, we strongly encourage you to make

your own decisions before reporting to the Lucky Beasts. Please note that it
is not compulsory to report to them.

Agenda setting channel

Determine the direction of our course of action,
what these actions are and how to improve them.
Here, we can discuss our core beliefs accordingly
and decide how to help Tatsuki.

The channel to discuss strategy.

Info gathering channel
For the talented Friends who will be gathering information for our cause.
The quantity and quality of information which you collect, sort and digest will have a
direct impact on our judgement and increase the chances of helping Tatsuki!

Though this channel does not have any team leaders, we are hoping to have at least
ten team members who can operate independently.

You need to be able to type Chinese and understand English and Japanese, and
have plenty of time to liaise with other members in the team to separate work load
(by dividing based on time or by dividing into dierent sections).

You must not only lter the information you read, regardless of where the news is
from (e.g. unconrmed gossips, Twitter news or other Japan news);
you must also ensure that the news reaches a channel within the Discord group
which all users can see, the Secret Channel and the Tactics Discussion Channel.

Be sure to let every Friend's voice be heard, for you never know if that juicy bit
which may change Tatsuki's fate may pop up!
Outreach Team Leader
Moderate and guide discussions within the channel,
as its easy to lose direction without someone taking the lead.
If there are any outstanding issues, we strongly encourage you to make your own decisions
before reporting to the Lucky Beasts. Please note that it is not compulsory to report to them.

Responsible for receiving assignments from Lucky Beast members.

Assignment of members from the channel to various discussion forums for posting in relevant threads,
or assistance in scouting for help in maintaining our ocial Twitter account, or assignment of
manpower to assist the Lucky Beasts with possible oversights.
Responding to any event-related queries received by Team members, and either forward them to
Lucky Beasts or ((suggest possible improvements)).
Please also forward new ideas for promotional activities, or new points of discussion to
the Lucky Beasts.

Outreach channel
There is only one goal to this channel, and that is to let the world know of our activities through all available means
so that we can have higher exposure and visibility, thus letting people join our cause. The means to do so can be
anything: from using Twitter, joining various forums in a myriad of languages or whatever means that I cant simply
cant think of at the moment.
This channel is NOT about discussing how to protest, but solely about how to improve our visibility.
Please go to the Agenda Setting channel for any discussion on strategy and means of protest.
Web Development Team Leader
Given that you already have github,
I would not get in the way of your workow.
If there are any outstanding issues,
we strongly encourage you to make your own decisions
before reporting to the Lucky Beasts. Please note that it is not compulsory to report to them.

If there is anything that has to be done , facilitate it through Lucky Beast

at the web development channels, feature and report to
@Lucky Beast upon completion.
Should there be any need for help, I highly encourage you to reach out
to other channels and speak to respective Team Leaders within
those channels. Feel free to contact any available Lucky Beast that is
on at @Lucky Beast if something major happens.
Do remember to review suggestions coming from #website_suggestions
and help to open up new issues on github.

Web development channel

Please discuss all website related matters here.
There are little elves hard at work to make your wishes come true!
Art Design Team Leader
Moderate and guide discussions within the channel,
since its easy to lose direction without someone taking the lead.
If there are any outstanding issues,
we strongly encourage you to make your own decisions before reporting to the Lucky Beasts.
Please note that it is not compulsory to report to them.

Accept tasks assigned by Lucky Beasts and report back after it is done.
We encourage each team member to make their own decisions over their own art
style, but one may report back if any questions remain.
Recruit team members from #art_design or #general.
Help any other added members to complete their wip in #secret_channel.
Publish your completed artworks in #art_design.

Art design channel

You may contact the art design team here, telling us what you can contribute to our team.

E.g. producing artworks, comics, editing videos

Other Friends may also give recommendations on how

to improve any existing promotional artworks and videos.
Recruitment Team Leader
This group is relatively simple. It only needs a few personnel who
can communicate using foreign languages on a basic level.
Please maintain at least one active personnel at all times.

Everyone here is a Team Leader,

so work together to complete the tasks stated below

Meet and greet new members in #join_our_team, introduce our United Nations
Chat Lounge to them, and show them this document about our structure. You
will then ask him/her which group he/she is interested in helping out and refer
him/her to each group, and have each Team Leader to assign their
permissions. If not, then assign the Friend as a normal member.

Additionally, please pay attention to other Friends chat content often.

Be a good shepherd, herd the people into the correct channel!

Recruitment channel
Coordinate purposes. Each Team Leader will leave their records of
assigned members and their assigned groups here.
Translation Team Leader
Moderate and guide discussions within the channel,
since its easy to lose direction without someone taking the lead.
If there are any outstanding issues,
we strongly encourage you to make your own decisions before reporting to the Lucky Beasts.
Please note that it is not compulsory to report to them.

Assign translators to translate documents in various languages that will come from
Lucky Beast, and you must have reviewed the translation through at least one
proof-reader before handing the translation to the Lucky Beast.
If you do not know who speaks what language, then head over to the various
language channels, or even head to #general in order to source for translators.
If you need multilingual channel to better facilitate the translation work, contact Lucky
Beast on what channel to open and how to open channels. We strongly encourage
you to adapt to changing situations!
We accept some liberty with the translation (adjust the documents content depending
on the quirks of the language).

Recruitment channel
Report on any mistranslation issue here or directly reect them to Translation Team Leader.
Please tell us what language you know, and volunteer to join our translation team!
Foreign Aairs Team Leader
This group is responsible for networking with other groups that
are doing similar work as we are, or to contact foreign organizations or
personnels (ie: Japanese Ministry of Foreign Aairs, Ministry of Economy, Trade and
Industry, American Japari Park Discords admin,
Just-Pros Representative Director), or even contact reporters in
the relevant area within the said country,
create press release statements or
even accept interview on behalf of our group.

Theres currently no demand to chair this channel, but

those with exceptional communication and public relations
skill should consider joining this channel, as we will need
you as our movement ramps up its pace.

Foreign aairs channel

Please refer to the above-mentioned.