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Class (2016 TV series)

Class is a British science fiction drama programme, and a spin-off of
the long-running programme Doctor Who. It was created and written Class
by Patrick Ness, who also produced alongside Doctor Who
showrunner and lead writer Steven Moffat, and Brian Minchin, who
acted as producer on Doctor Who and two of its previous spin-offs,
Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The series of eight episodes premiered on BBC Three on 22 October

2016 and concluded on 3 December 2016. The story focuses on five of
the students and staff at Coal Hill Academy, a longtime recurrent
location of Doctor Who, who are tasked by the Doctor to deal with Genre Science fiction
alien threats while trying to deal with their personal lives. Drama

The series received generally positive reviews from critics, with praise Created by Patrick Ness
for its darker tone, writing, music, and acting. However, the series Written by Patrick Ness
scored poor viewership figures for its broadcast on BBC One. In
Starring Greg Austin
September 2017, BBC Three controller Damian Kavanagh confirmed
that the series was cancelled. Fady Elsayed
Sophie Hopkins
Vivian Oparah
Katherine Kelly
Opening "Up All Night" by Alex
1 Premise theme Clare
2 Cast Composer(s) Blair Mowat
2.1 Main
2.2 Recurring Country of United Kingdom
2.3 Notable guest origin
3 Episodes Original English
4 Production
4.1 Development
4.2 Casting No. of series 1
4.3 Filming No. of 8 (list of episodes)
4.4 Music
5 Broadcast and release
5.1 Broadcast Production
5.2 Home media release
Executive Patrick Ness
6 Reception
7 Books producer(s) Steven Moffat
8 Notes Brian Minchin
9 References Running 4350 minutes
10 External links
Production BBC Wales
company(s) BBC Worldwide
Distributor BBC Worldwide
The programme is set in Coal Hill Academy, a fictional school that has Release
been featured in Doctor Who since the 1963 serial, An Unearthly
Original BBC Three
Child, and focuses on six of its students and staff members.[1]
The sixth formers of Coal Hill Academy all have their own secrets and Original 22 October 3 December
desires.[1] They have to deal with the stresses of everyday life, release 2016
including friends, parents, school work, sex, and sorrow, but also the
horrors that come from time travel.[2] The Doctor and his time- 1/8
10/14/2017 Class (2016 TV series) - Wikipedia

travelling have made the walls of space and time stretch thin, and Related Doctor Who
monsters beyond imagination are planning to break through and wreak shows
havoc upon the Earth.[3]
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Greg Austin as Charlie Smith, an alien posing as a human student. He is the prince of the Rhodians, and the
last of his species; after being rescued by the Doctor when his race is slaughtered by another species called
the Shadow Kin, he changes his body to a human's and poses as an average 17-year-old student from
Fady Elsayed as Ram Singh, a tough, antisocial student and gifted football player. After losing his right leg
in the first episode, he is given a prosthetic one by the Doctor.[4]
Sophie Hopkins as April MacLean, an ordinary, unremarkable student whose life is forever changed when
she encounters the king of the Shadow Kin, Corakinus.[4]
Vivian Oparah as Tanya Adeola, a child prodigy of Nigerian origin who moved up three years at Coal Hill
School due to her "outstanding examination results" and "truly extraordinary academic capability".[4]
Katherine Kelly as Miss Andrea Quill, real name Andra'ath, the physics teacher at Coal Hill Academy. Like
Charlie, she is secretly an alien and the last of her species, the Quill, long-time war enemies of the
Rhodians. While posing as a Coal Hill Academy teacher, she caused the death of a student; as a
punishment, the Doctor put her in charge of the main characters' group.[4]


Jordan Renzo as Matteusz Andrzejewski, Charlie's love interest and later boyfriend, born and raised in
Paul Marc Davis as Corakinus, the evil king of the Shadow Kin[9]
Pooky Quesnel as Dorothea Ames, the headteacher of Coal Hill Academy from "Co-Owner of a Lonely
Shannon Murray as Jackie MacLean, April's mother who lost the use of her legs[5]
Aaron Neil as Varun Singh, Ram's father[11]
Natasha Gordon as Vivian Adeola, Tanya's overprotective mother[12]
Nigel Betts as Francis Armitage, the headteacher of Coal Hill Academy in "For Tonight We Might Die" and
"The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo". He previously appeared as a minor character in the Doctor Who
episodes "Into the Dalek", "The Caretaker", and "Dark Water".[13]
Con O'Neill as Huw MacLean, April's father who was pushed away by the rest of the family after he tried
to take his own life and theirs in a suicide attempt[14]
Anna Shaffer as Rachel Chapman, Ram's girlfriend[15]
Ben Peel as Coach Tom Dawson, Ram's football coach[5]

Notable guest

Peter Capaldi as The Doctor[16]

Episodes 2/8
10/14/2017 Class (2016 TV series) - Wikipedia

No. Title Directed by Written by Original release date

1 "For Tonight We Might Die" Ed Bazalgette Patrick Ness 22 October 2016

Alien refugees Miss Quill and Charlie are hiding out at Coal Hill Academy in disguise as a teacher and a pupil. As the Shadow Kin
invade and kill pupils, Charlie is forced to reveal to April, Tanya, Ram and Matteusz that he and Quill are the last survivors of an
alien war, he a prince, and she is his enslaved bodyguard. At the sixth form prom, the Shadow Kin come through the tear, killing
Ram's girlfriend Rachel and severing his leg. The Doctor, who rescued Charlie and Quill and had them hide in the school, arrives to
defeat the Shadow Kin. He appoints Miss Quill and the pupils as protectors of the school, noting that it has become a beacon
throughout space-time. April is left sharing a heart with the Shadow Kin king, Corakinus, and Ram has his leg replaced with a
robotic one.

2 "The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo" Ed Bazalgette Patrick Ness 22 October 2016

Ram struggles to recover from the attack at the prom. Coach Dawson scolds him for poor performance in football and demotes him
to the second string team. That week, Ram witnesses a creature attack both the assistant coach and a school cleaner, but struggles to
find evidence of their deaths after the fact, leading him to question his sanity. Tanya, Charlie, and April investigate on his behalf, and
learn that a dragon manifesting in different parts of the school is connected with Coach Dawson. They learn that the coach was bound
to a female dragon who came through a rift in time, and became fused to his body as a tattoo; its mate roams the school, killing in
order to feed her. Convinced by the sixth formers, the male dragon takes his mate along with the coach back through the tear in time.
Ram later tells his father about the events thus far.

3 "Nightvisiting" Ed Bazalgette Patrick Ness 29 October 2016

On the second anniversary of her father's death, Tanya is visited by an apparition of him, imploring her to take his hand and bond
their souls across space and time. Throughout East London, alien vines emerging from the spacetime tear at Coal Hill are capturing
Londoners with images of dead loved ones. Even Miss Quill is visited by an entity that claims to be her sister. Ram and April
investigate together, and grow closer. Matteusz and Charlie take their relationship to the next level after Matteusz is kicked out of
home by his homophobic parents. After interrogating her "sister," and confirming that Earth has simply been invaded by a hungry
alien creature called the Lan Kin, Quill severs the vine outside Tanya's house using a stolen double decker bus, causing the Lan Kin
to flee in pain.

4 "Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart" (Part 1) Philippa Langdale Patrick Ness 5 November 2016

Following the events of the prom, April is struggling to control herself since she began sharing her heart with the king of the Shadow
Kin, Corakinus; the king's attempts to mitigate his impairment have backfired, giving he and April an even deeper psychic
connection. Dorothea Ames introduces herself as the new headteacher of Coal Hill Academy following the death of Mr Armitage.
She tells Miss Quill of how the Governors are interested in her and later introduces her to an alien carnivorous flower that has been
replicating in worrying numbers. April's father is released from prison and pays his family a visit. During a key confrontation, April's
parents discover the true nature of her problem as she uncontrollably attacks the both of them. Sensing that Corakinus has discovered
her location, April leaps through a tear in space-time to take her heart back, with Ram closely following her.

5 "Brave-ish Heart" (Part 2) Philippa Langdale Patrick Ness 12 November 2016

April and Ram arrive on the planet of the Shadow Kin, referred to as the Underneath, where she seeks out the king to claim her heart
back. Meanwhile on Earth, carnivorous flower petals are continuously multiplying and are swamping streets and consuming humans.
Dorothea Ames recruits Miss Quill to force Charlie into using the Cabinet of Souls (a weapon of mass destruction made up of the
preserved souls of his species) in order to kill the petals, but he seems torn between sacrificing the souls of his people and letting
humanity die instead. Channelling the king's own power, April defeats him in combat and becomes king of the Shadow Kin.
Returning to Earth, she dispatches her army to destroy the petals, sparing Charlie his decision. The imprisoned former king severs his
connection with April, however, once again breaking her control over the Shadow Kin. Ames is pleased at having exploited the
situation to learn more about Charlie and the Cabinet of Souls.

6 "Detained" Wayne Che Yip Patrick Ness 19 November 2016

Miss Quill places Charlie, April, Ram, Tanya and Matteusz in "detention" whilst she attends urgent matters. A meteor flies through a
tear in space-time and displaces the classroom that the five of them are in to an unknown location described as being outside of both
time and space. They are trapped; with nobody else aside from a small meteor. This meteor forces whoever is holding it to reveal
ugly and personal truths. They soon learn that the meteor is the consciousness of a murderous prisoner; and the five pupils are
currently in his augmented prison cell. Charlie soon realises that he is more guilty than the prisoner itself so is thus able to defeat him
and return the group back to Coal Hill Academy in one piece. Miss Quill returns, having had quite a day whilst they were away as
apparent from the fact that she is now able to use a gun.

7 "The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did" Wayne Che Yip Patrick Ness 26 November 2016

Taking place concurrently to the events of the previous episode, Quill meets Ames after dropping Charlie in detention. Explaining
that the Governors have decided to help Quill remove the Arn from her brain, Ames introduces a shapeshifting alien named Ballon
(who has become frozen in his human form). The three of them are teleported to a metaphysical reality. Ames explains that as long as
a place can be believed in, it exists and can be visited using this device. Over time, they find an Arn specimen to study, obtain the
blood of the 'Devil' (to unfreeze Ballon so that he can perform surgery on Quill). They finally obtain the brain of a Quill goddess to 3/8
10/14/2017 Class (2016 TV series) - Wikipedia
study before returning to Coal Hill. Ballon performs the surgery and removes the Arn, freeing Quill but leaving her eye scarred. It's
soon revealed that the two of them are in fact in the Cabinet of Souls and Ames will only allow one of them to return to Earth. They
end up fighting to the death, with Quill winning a bittersweet victory. Quill returns to the school at the time at which the previous
episode ended. She faints and Charlie discovers that she is visibly pregnant.

8 "The Lost" Julian Holmes Patrick Ness 3 December 2016

Corakinus returns to Earth through minute tears in space-time and murders Ram's father and Tanya's mother. Following this, Tanya
seeks the help of Quill and discovers her pregnancy. Charlie and Matteusz confront and threaten Ames into helping them. Corakinus
returns and attempts to kill Tanya's brothers; Quill steps in to save them, but not before Corakinus is able to tie his life to Charlie's.
Quill teaches Tanya how to fight in preparation for an inevitable war whilst both Ram and Tanya command Charlie to use the Cabinet
of Souls in order to prevent any more people from dying. Corakinus threatens to kill Matteusz and tells April that he will leave Earth
if she sacrifices herself; however, this is proven to be a lie. When the Shadow Kin invade Earth and take over the streets, Charlie is
left with no choice but to use the Cabinet of Souls, which is expected will also kill April and himself. The Cabinet wipes out every
last Shadow Kin. Charlie, saved by Quill, survives, while April awakens in the body of Corakinus. Elsewhere, Ames returns to the
Governors where she is judged unfit to continue serving them or witness "the arrival" for having allowed the Cabinet to be used, and
is murdered by a Weeping Angel.


The programme was announced on 1 October 2015.[17] Steven Moffat executive-produces the programme.[18] It
was revealed on 27 April 2016 that Coal Hill was no longer a school and was now an Academy.[1] Ed Bazalgette
was the first director announced for the series.[19] Philippa Langdale directed two episodes,[20] Wayne Yip also
directed a number of episodes for the series,[21] and Julian Holmes directed the finale.[22]

In June 2017, Ness announced that if a second series were to go ahead, he would not be continuing as a writer for
the series.[23] On 7 September 2017, BBC Three controller Damian Kavanagh confirmed that the series had
officially been cancelled.[24]


On 4 April 2016, the main cast of the programme was unveiled.[19] Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins
and Vivian Oparah star as four Sixth Formers, with Austin playing a character named Charlie, while Katherine
Kelly portrays Miss Quill,[25] a Coal Hill Academy teacher.[13][26] Nigel Betts reprises his role as Mr. Armitage
from "Into the Dalek", "The Caretaker" and "Dark Water" from the eighth series of Doctor Who.[13] Paul Marc
Davis appears in a recurring role in the programme.[9] Anna Shaffer portrays a character named Rachel in the

Patrick Ness revealed on Twitter that one of the lead characters would be a male with a boyfriend.[27] This was
eventually revealed to be Charlie, his boyfriend being known as Matteusz.[28] Peter Capaldi, who plays the
twelfth incarnation of the Doctor, appears in the opening episode of the programme.[16]


Class began filming on 4 April 2016.[19] Wayne Yip reported his block finished filming on 16 August 2016.[29]
Filming wrapped on 2 September 2016.[30]


The incidental music for Class is written by composer Blair Mowat. The theme song is a shortened version of
"Up All Night" by Alex Clare.[31] The BBC created an official playlist of the songs featured within Class as
announced on the BBC Class Twitter page.[32][33]

Broadcast and release 4/8
10/14/2017 Class (2016 TV series) - Wikipedia


After being released on BBC Three online from 10am each week in the UK,[34] the episodes also began to be
broadcast on BBC One from 9 January 2017.[35][36] In the United Kingdom, episodes were available digitally in
HD shortly after broadcast on the UK iTunes Store.[37] However, the series scored poor viewership figures for its
broadcast on BBC One.[38][39]

In January 2016, the programme was picked up in the US by BBC America,[40] where the programme received its
premiere on 15 April 2017, directly after the premiere of the tenth series of Doctor Who.[41][42][43]

The programme received its Canadian premiere on 22 October 2016 on Space.[44] In September 2016, the
programme was picked up in Australia by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where the episodes were fast-
tracked from Britain for ABC iview starting on 22 October 2016, and was broadcast later on ABC2 starting on 24
October 2016.[45]

Home media release

All eight episodes of Class were released on Blu-ray worldwide, and DVD in Region 2, on 16 January

Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes gave the series an 88% rating based on 16 reviews, with an average
rating of 6.9/10.[48] Overall reception for the series have been mostly positive. The show's darker tone, writing,
music, and acting were praised, as was the overall evolution of the characters during the series.

The Guardian gave the show a positive reception, with Phil Harrison writing: "Ever since the sad demise of
Torchwood, Doctor Who fans have been looking for something to fill those fallow months when the Tardis is
away in another part of the galaxy and Who is missing from our screens. Now they might finally have it."[49]

Digital Spy was hesitant in its review, praising the cast for their performances but felt the script and pacing
needed to take a breath and explore ideas in more depth, with Morgan Jeffery writing "A fast pace is all well and
good in fact, it's essential to hold on to a younger audience but at times, 'For Tonight, We Might Die' is racing
so much that it trips itself up". Summarising the programme so far: "Class is a bit like a hormonal teen all over
the place, with quite literal moodswings. But also like a teen, it's finding itself."[50]

Den of Geek recommended the programme and critic Louisa Mellor summed it up as: "Witty, energetic Doctor
Who spin-off Class wears its influences well and gets a great deal right for its target audience."[51]

WalesOnline gave the programme's first couple of episodes a rating of five stars out of five, with writer David
Prince summarizing the show as: "It's a bit like a British Buffy and Cardiff looks amazing but it's not for

Brisbane Times television critic Melinda Houston gave the show a rating of three and a half stars out of four.[53]
In a review for Flickering Myth, Alex Moreland rated the first episode of Class with a grade of 9 out of 10
"Ultimately, Class debuts with a particularly strong first episode; it introduces us to a compelling cast of
characters and an establishes an engaging overarching plot. Most importantly of all, though, it makes it obvious
that this is a programme that can and will stand on its own and maybe even surpass Doctor Who, one day."[54]

The Daily Dot writer Gavia Baker-Whitelaw gave the first few episodes a negative review stating "Unless youre
completely new to supernatural teen dramas, Class will seem hopelessly formulaic. In the first two episodes, it
offers nothing we haven't already seen in Buffy, Teen Wolf, or Smallville. The comparisons to Buffy are especially
unflattering because Class displays none of its subversiveness or wit, and Buffy was already playing with old
tropes when it premiered almost 20 years ago." She goes on to say that despite the show's high-profile link to 5/8
10/14/2017 Class (2016 TV series) - Wikipedia

Doctor Who, "It's just too bad it doesn't live up to the hype, failing to move beyond a watered-down Joss Whedon
structure or exhibit fresh insight into young adult life. With so many brilliant teen dramas already available
elsewhere, its hard to see what Class has to offer unless it drastically improves in later episodes."[55]

A trio of books were published to tie in with the series:

Adams, Guy (2016). Class: Joyride. BBC Books. ISBN 9781785941863.

Goss, James (2016). Class: What She Does Next Will Astound You. BBC Books. ISBN 9781785941887.
Benedict, A.K. (2016). Class: The Stone House. BBC Books. ISBN 9781785941870.

a. Despite never being credited in the opening credits of the series, Renzo's character was advertised as a
series regular by the BBC multiple times.[6][7][8]

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10/14/2017 Class (2016 TV series) - Wikipedia

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10/14/2017 Class (2016 TV series) - Wikipedia

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