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Hello world and hello universe !

It's me Maria Keithley Cirilo Bides born on the 12th

of March 2001. I'm now 16 years old. And I believe that beauty is found within and
we are more than the substance of numbers. When i was a kid , I really hate Math
subject whereas when I was growing up I am learning to love it because it is just a
matter of logical thinking.

If I were to describe myself it would be outgoing although many may not know the
real me because I am not the one to talk about myself because I am shy at some

My hobbies are playing badminton & basketball , painting , and reading. Since then I
always wanted to have dancing and singing as my talent but some things are not just
for me .

I may face hardships and difficulties in life but like mathematics , it gives me hope
that every problem has solutions.

"Amazing grace, How sweet the sound .That saved a wretch

like me.
I once was lost, but now I am found, Was blind, but now I