Descrihed from day to day by a leind woman omeiobere in T urke))


~ .




eri Committee for Armenia .ad S,nu R.lief



~'_lBRAR ~( :1.: ~rHE ~;.~ D Theo' ... )rd ~~'. In°"'Y

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TIlt! kiTlJ uioman lived near Q TU1i(~" Tai/way from May 10 October, J 9 J 5. She chronicles chiefly the initial wrench oj deportatton. Her relief 1£011(. is of the neighborly varidy, JOT there came q telegram saying: "Let not Americans and consuls he seen helping the exiles or appearing with. them at stations and public place3. ••

Though she may help indioiduals, she is powerless to stem the successive waVes that rol]. in from beyond the horizon. Once on the move, the A rmenians found no i espiie ; as D~nle ~ays; H Tilt infernal hurricane .that nevtr rests carries 'along- the spirits in its rapine; whi,ling and smiting if molests 1hem IJ (Hell, Canto V.>.

This Is not a tale 0/ massacre, such as 1 could tello/ the Turkish ptocince: that border on Russia, uei it is hopeless enough. Since October, tihen .th« narrative ends. the deportation has slackened. The.sutpioors. chiefly women and children. are huddled by myriads iii iempoidry camps, or scattered in strange places. Other kind WOmen visited the camps in midDecember, and have reported their impressions in the vivid poragraphs printed at the. end of this pamphlet. The)) found the Turkish officials (I grateful for everyihing we are doing for the


Relief is necessatq on a scale adequate to one o/the greatest calamities in history. Bread may nou: be sent safdy and surely to A tmenlans W/,U in mid-December fought for the loaves like :starving btcAls.


_I I ..

The Deportation of {be Armenians




J . 30, 1_ [S-

- T . skies re dark here: and . eople "have 'been nand 10 H all day; the e of all cla es, and e ry re with th

arne q iestion, " ~ h t of the night?' he cv . fr m

'B- a fl t enc raging. f 'I'J influential 1'1 rks here

war t to help, but dare not. .ome women v ent l1Y car-

riage to c ai influential man an . [us J J lily in a . neyard; wcr -wcl] received. Each had h r part; --"INa '~.1Q11ed that of . her ding tea rs ; h t T ro nnt think she did ·U al r e. It has 1.> e l ike a . funeral' here, e\ cral farn-

. ilic ha e been n tined to' at the ·s.abo. vith all their

rnernbe rs an their eds n· londay ne t \\ hen they w uld be Id their de tinatio 1, _ N-' 's brother and O. 'head t e list; the others are poorer people. They are w r:.::ing for a week of race in w hich 0 settle bu in s affairs. 1 sn' t it Q7 [ul, and all are a. kin , "Who ne t ?" uch d rawr and tire I .es as \ e have seen all day.

Hal f . e town: 'VI ant t store' things"hen ! to be - urs - if they never return; rug, cop e ,etc~. --unt e 1nay be : blown up. ~ ho know ?


. Time here arc Ii /cly. In A- people c 'two ord rs

. at once and then asl w ich one ·they~mu be_:? .on-

ditions i-are hard. Th \r Ii's I rorher iis again t the. rmenians. P opl of all ort and conditions ~ me

r from n10 ning u til ni ht to ask qu tioi nd Th ~veep',

T e. condi ion. -.here. are far - frnm. che rful.


j'CLY 4TH.

veral families 0 to-morrow (only one of them a

r te stat t). he GO\ rnment say th y will go a f \V at

a time. I ou t their ending widows, and for an their p iti e a ss rtions, I still feel it in my bo es that there will be 111 d ification of the ord r. People come from morning till nigh to talk.

am ~(ving up t e room down stair for a storeroom. -- ays he h s 5000 liras worth of mortga eF ;1Il(j f~ rrns, etc. w ir h h . can t . tor __ The R-'~ have ei ht time as much out amung the ru ing race. I su .pect t: at leading famili s are to go first. Eery one trembles.

\ Ve had a corn i r ably full chapel b th morning and venin. and t, 0 b a 1 iful ermon uitable for the time.

1an r 1- an (re or ian pre ent. The Greeks are

in er t fr In on tantino leo -- urged the people

oing a vay in a right piri remember inz the blessings of the JJCt t, oppo lUIJiL:e' a' a nation for edu " tiun usi re an churc Jif to pay their debts t Mosl m ,to elp th poor . ong th e to O-Q a e a eJi t i faith a II .ourage. It \ as comforting and inspiri g.

JULY r8TH ..

ighty-thn.:e men from -- (\i ithout their' families}, the most influ ntial ran in the rote t r.t ommunity arnot them ca. e 0- ay en route for hey ay th t pie are e\ ery\. here nov -a-days. \ hat days tee are, and when will they end?

• JULY 20TH.

La. _ ni h the city dis tri 1. and -- were

1 ti led to be ray arid the mmi sa ire (chief of

Ii I~) i regi t ring f mili all over the ity, a d say

are to g at a. t li.f at tim. and that i OOtlS

m a ur will n \ be tak n, etc. Th e re mi erable, an cious days . or everyb y.

J L 23

11 . rio s not 1 now \\ hat to sa . of th .. ituat ion h reo

h r s e ell tu be a lellinK ]J ye .terday, orne who


went to be regi .tered wer e sen home' wait till called for. If he meantime, rab v omen vcre ing throu h gha district (, here iV rd had been iv en the pre .ious

ening t pa k up and leav e I and \ re buying all rrs

of thi 10" ru , pper, etc., t ne-third one-fif t

their alue. Thin w rth a lira ornetim S w nt for

a rnejidie, te. There i: trouble ill v ~ry family.

I've 1 11 ut in th mallet gelting cloth -0 a to z i e

e\ tnb to orne P r v omen, and also 0 get the news.

I met th . r enian priest at I's store. I is pt- .tty ce rta ir tlier i no help for the people. Howe er, he is g illg thr uah hi congregatio and makins out a list f 11 the lame and halt and deaf and lind and old and oldier' f milies t lay b fore the ]0 ernment as ex-

eption. Ie ad a Ivot:« of ainu tl ir a e.

f w wretched pe ple from -- are in the church yard. Thej wer ] ft ehind m \ h re, ut are now here, and I hear that ne \v man wa l ik ly 0 b confine last night.

. tr e arc full of Moslem women of the 011mOn rt, 111 in Ire ly, talkin 1 udlj and I f ar g tting

go l ~ ar e ." Mer hant do 11 t .. e m lad to see


orne ~y : at J,. mcnians in B- hav e paid 10000 pounds Turk is t I tty exemption ; other ay f rt t f amilies are to lea e con.

I m veral all and aw many it the tr ct .

It was pitiful to find the ateway locked by r owds of 10:-.1 11 \ om n d .mand inv 1\ at th .r . ',A, for. al ; even pu .lrins into houses a iter hea in. r the. t was notliina for sale. In n house of our con reznti n is a worn 1 '\I ith three little chil reno . "he mother ha sold her fwd cent loth • an b usht ere f ur and rna a pile of th h rd t and P r t thin read l' re

e n f r many a day. he ne I d her 1 th badly

noush, but wi hunzr 1 i dren, he nee ed money

more. I ga e her a mej fie.

J..1 's wife wa at h me e 1 ine and pa kin quite

che rf ul, but ays M-'s old mother mourn the year of


lab r . en to the vineyard, tc. (naturally.) Her neighbors had torn 'Ollte sheets of corrugated zinc from their r f to sell. The 0 ernrnent forbade it.

j"CLY 28TH.

fa. y people a tua ly left on Mon ay, 0 that in all

v r forty families ha e g ne, and many more are to go n xt ........ hur day. ur bak r went on .. wo h ur or les: notice. J I f br ad in t e 0\ en, and gathered up , heat th t a lryil1~. I1e ha a Ian e if and t rree -hi dr 11 ~ nd hi halt blind ITl th r went also. T' ere

... ms to h. nn help. N. The. po r ;t ker i.i i .d

. 0011 on the a .. ,)

fe- fami ies ha 'e 1 ft - an se eral men ha ~ left

C- wi h a ili _ to f llow. . 'he poverty a di stress

of the pe ple i heart reaki g. Th p or family fro -- w i h you g ve help ,and who have e n daugh-

t r ,ar to 11 xt Iondav. Thi inten e he-it ha

pulled th eld t daucl t r down 0 that she is confined to h r 1 ed. I fear it iter ulo i oct r ays so. The family ill ask delay. Th re i t much chance of their tting it.

-- (th \1 Jew duct r ) examine' 1 eople arnl .ays

to the si .k ou an go, n . a irnulant. The

m ther th - b ther i JlonJay. I' pe we

an keep the boy here.

I' bouzht a ow f r whi h I paid throe lira

( 13.20). Others would not 1 a\'€'paid much .. but it

m at. f eel an 1 money f r the journey.

'\\ ae·. ill the fa' r v l.a e uteri .ut down, a' IJe ple

are willin to work at any pri c if tl cy an ap~ exile.

~ "GU T 2ND.

ver I urL . lI1 ore Iami.ie left this morning. Yf 0 t of

h m w r very poor UI J it wa a ad isht t e them

gino- to .he ta ion on root loa ed wn vitl mall chit ren, ju , b ket and bundle, Th y w re not lau hing or tall in at L; orne £ the children , ere crying ; bel t r off pco e wen to the train by car. iage,


ut 10 ked n Lap ier. Thus far s ldier Iamili t b exe 'npt.

ixt 11" 1 fr m - w rc on tl tram a

1110Tl11ng; mo r ar t f 110\\ ° Th militar and xil . noire from J-

I tter , my mind i: . t.



now f r en write

GU'-T 4TH.

S .hool i. . till r I op n . 11r.. tion. he: Turk. are tak-

illg' r ole of stock in .liop o-day.

f th boys a out l\\" lve years ld v. as

tl.e viu yard an \ a r bb d and

\\ oun ct a little. \fter h m 1 d r f) ung -- la .t

w k, we ar t 1ankfnl tl i n i. ri usly I urt.

The incid nt sh ws tl e . pirit tim

·ST 7TH. from

'he av the


ery w


The people in -- are now threatened with deportation. h rc ar arcclv half a doz n mature men left in the ,·il1a e since the la- t ma a ere, t plenty 0 women and hildren.

. group f peo le fro - -- a, e come. The women have been robbed and .me of the girl in thei party had suffer .ft terrihl . thing.. Th party had sons in mili-

tar I·V ic . and other in bu ine - in America.

A L(;l]ST TtL


, ISS -- w nt to B- to-clay. \~ e aw the people

l put 1 y them' lv ) 0 - f r E-. B id many

pe pIe \\ e know th re \ ere fifty arria s full of epe p1e in ludinz Prete tant and many biz rmeni n f<. milies. : e enty families came up a few days iago.

'hC:i wa 'hut up and ealed quickly tha they

got only thr pack g 5 out bcfor the government, a on hand t c.ose up. Little -- even left his coat it hi haste. e we 11 800 and 900 liras worth of goods were ill the store. TII ':r lrou 'e is new, and newly furiishcd. They w r c to h \ C orne on la t niaht, bu six day lore \l ere granted ecau e of new-born ba y, and v if' hein too weak.

'I her ~ ha: b 1 an upri ing f rrn t ian runaway and

Kurrl , and a 1'11e ting in conflict n r a ra h. A few

o diers killed. Th i v nt ha - Ii. turbe till more the

mind' f the Turk. r he eacoa t tQ1.'\ n arc to be

.mptic: in tv 0 \ e they say. urk \ ill go to the

mount. ins.

Aucusr i i r u.

T'rere ~ eCl11 to b a let ing up of d portation to Ia t 111;1 a it r I'air rn at least, a d we hop" long r. Th re is no let u for C-.

(j ST 14Tli..

-- a rriv d rcr fr rn --. Ie aid there 'was no

place a qui an s< f a thi r . ...,ion. In -- a

til II an 1 Iamil i have been told to lea e, and arnonz them are he families of all their teachers. So tl ere


was 0 hope of openma the olleg unle s s merhing ery unexpe te oc :urred 0 n. There have b n ex t ensi,., e mas sacres all through that regio .; at r.. alatia, Behesne Arliaman etc. The Ms rash region is all afire. uuawa S ~tirril1g' up to w rath ; re eIl~re being- taken U massacre, the Turks '( ant'i'no an. (J~1.-·C~-t. (J to do their worst.

othing ha been heard (fO Marash for m time.

He knows of special trouble . nd killin at Frendaj elk (five hours from Marash }. urfa r c ion is all ex itcmerit, people being exil d and made a, ay with en r ute. He mentioned many kil d that w knew.

ne hou and Zcitu people have died in exil , they

avo The itv i full now with exile from . abazar and region. The" son of -- of Tala died in O. mania. The family were e iled, and the bards ips of the journey were were too much for the professor.

·1;t ny 7 .itun pe pi ar _ \ ande ring about th .. ~re:f>J. of They 'ay hey : were uri' en from the -vilayct. They rcportc to the Kairnakarn here who said he had no order about them and \J oul no. meddle and to do ju a they plea: ed. (at r they were driven on), -- ap ea d per nally to X- Pasha for perrni ion to do reneral relie f '" ork. Ie wa .... flatly refu d. X- aid the covcmmen woul attend t it 0\\ n busiHe ·S. -- a. the \ ill do 0 and are doing so ill regions to the east and people are dyin in many ways; it a pa t of the policy.

-- ays the J rab at Der Zor (where rmernan are cxi cd ) arc kindly, and treat women well. The lima e i hot an dry, and v arm river water i all there is 1 drink, and he fears holera an I yphoid, a odies are c ntinually seen Hoati g down the rivers (rna acre victims) .

Aue ST 16TB.

Crowd of Z i tun people, sent away It" n 111 a nia ,

.,." nt on to-day rwards --. I fear th e j g to death. etween 600 and 70~ 1 a -e die already of hardship and illness.


fr 1 the rie t' hou .

went to f :rvli~

lonae r.

. ung man fr 111 -- \\ a jus ~ i . Two hundred an fiH) fnmilie: r..Il 011t. fr 111 th re. The L ity \\ arrn

ith Aile, aud mall a e t .


G T 19' H.

r -- b y an familie ar 1 0 i . th 1011.

The -- ple h ve b hun t 1110'e 11 f 01 1 l: r . The

Adabazar 1 are "a la fran, aI, 111 of them

er rich. Thirty mo r c;Jrri~gp..' f r 111 ,- las: I it>ht.

1 0 1.> ri . a ~ mmon, and irls .arricd i ff, and three

rmenra n kill, at

Th oor

-. The


11 nun


f r


a rhad.


(leu U .. hi \ i lc ) vh

I w v ith

en ~ pan. in th - dep r ati 11 \\' it-

pass n. c- 1 p Ie a r

I hear that on 1 (1" ". \nu 11 ian is th d I r in i r n

h h r s fn l m ill S. rl Illit1l;'" '\ i h



People here are dealt \ ith very ently a ... compa ed with treatment recei ed in northern di tri ts and to the east.

A G ~T 22 D.

- pre ents a stranze si ht th se days with literally thousar a of s rang r in 0 1 treets. he e ar fro 1 places all the, ay up 0 Adabazar, and hey are of all types and dczrcc of civilization. ,4 me in rag, and

orne in tag, rid orne in vel et gowns," The church w s full thi morning.

I V\ ent by th r g rian church) est rday and 100 ed

into the yard. u h ight! uch a pandemonium of

nni: .. ! In tha c ov I there ar death: p''i'er-:., da), from di .euse lmngtr an exhau .tion. I sent money to help a few, but any help any of us an gi e is but a drop in a 0 ear, of misery.

ccording to a wire from our mba ador, C tholics and r t stants ar ex 'used from xile. It eem to be I U?PO e our people in E- wil be calle back n w. Now f r the re tape to get a full and corre tit of the . rot ant rilla es and trangers t

I I a e written for SOl e relief money. One poor Zeitun \ orna 1 i. to 111 to tra p.l hut her hush nd ha been dri en on-s-Iorc rl to le h . r here. he i .. t the church.

orne p ple are in our hur h yard s me in khans, and some hs re ted hall e in whic t re t for a few day. The Zeitun p ople are 'free" but are driven from pIa e 0 pla . They are, as a whole, ra gcd, dirty and cered with vermin, and hung y, and afraid of the purr se of the g vernrnent.


TI ere i ane r of holera br aking ou. Two died

in the chu r h yard \ ho ha ympt m of it. The gov-

ernment i tryin to dri taw' the p orest of the people

hi fly '2 i un p plc. The ay th rc . ch lera in

A epp. "a there e er a year Iii e this ~

A lot of people "rom -- w re called from our service


by the police to tart on thi afternoon. The g vernment is not quite plea eel 0 er the new order for exernption of rote tants and Carholics. The Zeitun people are watched cl sely, and one must not help them.

AUGUST 26TH. (See Footnote).

--'s letters do uot=-caun t-e-exazgerate it. The state to which things ha e come is indi ated by --'5 very ca ual rem rk la t ni ht, ""/ ell, to-morrow we'll first go out and see who has died." '1 hope that woman in the church ha ." I wish that child woui d, but 1m afraid she won't."

Ye terday and the day befor , most of those in the open-those absolutely .1.00 ick to move al ng being excepted-wer dri en out with whips. We fear they have hut gn 1 . to --- (OU side the tow .) to suffer still worse. Many ha e been e en depri red of their bedding, at least separated from it, and forbidden to hunt it up. There is never a day but some die.

Those able to hire houses hav e escape from being driven 011, by keeping out of s ·ght, as the driving is done with much eru ty but no system.

In our chur h a very a La franca family from -bad an addition the (J Y they ani ed. They have been given a few days grace.

L' e been out to -- where condi ions are s ill worse t an in the city. aw ne old woman by the road ying. People walk d by her, lyino- out in the blazing sun, with carcely a look. The sight is too common, Thousands ar out there, and no shade or seIter of any kind except such as the people themselves call manage to put up.

I 0 out with -- e ery day, and come back sure L've merely had a nightmare.

Foot uote : Th1'S letter: by a ma «, is inserted hire to reflect the situ ationfrom a man's pO£Jd of uieta.


Streams of -- people have come, and the word is that IO,OOO are en route from Constantinople. Some


Brc U'Cl pe ple art here nO'7v-new comers, Y sterday ay, heartbreaking. I went to the train, a lonsr one, t 'ee over forty _- families off, a d others be ides. m no- the A- e ple were -- --, 1\1-

- and his sick 1..',if talc 11 f r 111 be to go, and alm t arri d ab ard the train. --=5 i ster an husband, her daughter j cal . and family g on ._;:ttl rday, an our a r, kind and' 1 l neighb ir -- and Iarni.y. I e luul ed white 'v ith pain at 0"010 ,an his wif ~ well, she could

alk though far from happy. otwith tanding --'s

a uran e tha -- c uld r main a b ar er , .heir oys \ re tak n. The K aimakarn id n ly had n teen 111 tified y the ali. The r: aimakarn cern. to ha e a I eart ut i - hard pre .. eo: I am told, 1 .. th. rich and influ nt ial Turl in -, \ 1"'.0 arc I iakinv li Ie burd n f r him.

1 ther f th se .reick d old women v ithout rna ey, fo r frien . or bed an ill ha fini h :1 her pillrin - age. r- hree remain in the r orian yard, and thre men

. n the an c hOI el on .t.on. I do not e 1 \IV they

live. The ld wom rai a ry f r \ a ter \ hen I 0'0, I

.. nt -- with i _ft 'inn' yf' .. "t .rd y ~ rd to-day. The 'loman' ith a fe er i better. Two gi rls, v i hout bed . are nox ill. r am ("felting ex cl ior b d filled for them t -day. The \ crnan \ ith a burned arru has 111 v d 11. Th ram v a to so t --' from wl re will they b f e ther e ?

EPTE r nsn 3

and \. orse. ~ r. -- call la t

n: ht an 1 t ld m he -;.1\ a t 1 ra 1 from -- Pa h

ying-, s : t 11 t the Am ri an and can uls be 11 help-

in the exil . r' pp aring with th m at .at: ns and pu bli pla - ."

--' name i

our L . l t -. e

and m y av t

down tot -morrn v, hiiu. ! e " III to I{ r.

o my..: If to the I aimakar

. ar . ding iur help,



-- \ e It t C- y t rday "\ i h a le: er to 1r.--

a ut our boy' a teacher '. I've little hope f r m that

quar cr, ut ivc hin his opportunity. Mr. 1- put --

c e bef r the i iak tr n ly ye t rd y, a our man. he Kaimakarn i \. 11 isj 0 e' out i under hea 'y pr ur t nd ""cr) rmen ia n \ ithout cccpt iou. f nyway, I 11 ay be able to sa ... e his iarnily.

save as on." t acher,

d mandc y the polic a rd

tao Lee.

y" ou ctt r b Ii 'c h \\ as aic he couuln. t

o at n h t .h nrre f lot c:. and he w ul

"\ rit and ask f r a fr-w days<time. T.· ned hi

. nd a 1J ran to th government wl.il a p lice 1 d him

to th station, ro- eave him mon 11 ,t

three blat k t for him. 'I he 1- ai uak 1

i 1<T and the m that 1 e \ ul atte

t t e c tat i 11 .~\ a r r e . for . H 1 i I . }!" . 0 1 ate,

and th tt 1 11 ting t be left hind. r: h tr i was

still th rc hut f 111, and . was n hed back and ut


There wa only one

aid. II ther "' ere

11 riven wit}

an \\ he had sp k n

. pra r meeting

hen the 1) li e He \ 'as . t I cl

t all ple.

atur ay from rm ni n of la .


-- wa our y .. r to e


into pri: on, I. u pe ted tha the Kaimakam w s takinz this \ ay to se .ure dela , and 1 .till think renee

a e no - inquiries i en-ding to do s a fter the train pull d out. 'me 'me later -- returned all out of br ath, a" (J" he auld ray until edne day an he drox c up . 0 the ineyard to give his wife detai s. he knew nothin of the ro eedings of the day.

Y c tcrday af cr crvicc a nice looking mi dlc-a cd woman arne 0 m \ ith her arm in a ling and aid it ain d h r, and could I do something for it, I to k her UlJ ai and a led nur e --, and v e found a stab in h r shoulder an dr sed it he sai she and her on Vv r tau d y B, hi Bazouk 0 the \ a" ' 0 top bleedin t ey 1 ad stuffed earth, and thi and the lood ha cak dwell.

I t ok nurse -- to see s me oth r patients, The old vo an who usually rais ~ her el f and a ks for \ a er seemed unc n IOU and didn't a e en wl n 1 aid 'cold water, J a d put a few rop on her had.

he wa alive 1 ut g tting c ld, d di in the night.

Thi m rnin the man in the orner w al 0 r lea ed.

P. r.;;) me on ly two rl y. ~go, an: \ a. in a 17l .. st 7' retched on iti n.

The ther ni ht I found t} e \ oman with short gray 1 air, ju t abl to rea h u and ca 1 :" atcr w t r.' An A men ian , oman r ft h r head and he dran ut fell back at and we f un 1 her han i y cold and aw

he v - s ying. \r traightene out her rag

an :d pillow under 1 er head, .he was SOO:1

Thi m n1lng K ur -- and tart d ut asain for

the cl urch yard. ltting oppo ite the ate was t. fat poli omrni i ne v ho i rue1. IIe allcd ut to

'1\ udaru --,' t pp d and la i led that we v ere

1 1 okine fter a woman \. ho had met wi h an ac ldent on the r d. But I "a t ld id dly that I was n t t e- int that yard a i . that th 0'0\ rnment \ ul send f 0 _, doctors.' me [cine .' and for ig'l rs \ ere not to h Ip or interfere. So I return d.


o many young women and pret y girls come 0 me here and i the street, with tears asking what was to become 01 them.


The woman and her son wi th sword c its came this aft .rn 011. 0 one W~_<; a rnund, so the g;Jte. man 1.t then in and I dre ed the , oun s: both doing 'l ell. I g ve new ban ag 5 and other nccdf u ls so that if they could n t come again, or were dri en on the road tomorrow, they could are for t e wound. They were most grateful. They are Protestant -and intelligent were robbed of money. I a ' e them a little for foods iall give. m re if T ee them azain F- (Tot hrough ; no trouble about 1 eeping b ys in the yard no 'I'\'. Little fellow run for all, Ma acre near --, the air hca 'Y with the odor of unburied odie. Some of our traveller came by them. -- and the ho pita! sti I in -wh 11 the exile left, but thing-s in a bad v ay generally. H-' po tcard tells of --. -- seems quiet at present.


The woman \i a' forbidden to nurse got o er here

yesterday lcaninz n friend and by he p of a

;_ wa here at d we ga e the heel a good dres in C .uldn t ge all he b 01 en bone out. The flesh is etting c eau. The po r old woman cried and said h was hungry. I fed her nd cave a little money. he hopes to get here zain tomorrow hut. he suffers excruciating V ill when her fUUL r e Is on Ll e IJ'rCllTIU.

Th r "LI SOOl1 be a lull I I suppose, as the town is gettin w 11 emptied, not a Chr istia 1 butcher left, and only two 10 1 111S.

SEPTE1\ln'R 8 n.

The pot is boiling ha der and harder, A tether special

train tak nearly all ] ft of B- Armenian .

family ere all hu tlcd thi morning 5' a dangerous rna ho h dried to help e iles.' -- people are here now came last night and tell sad tales


1:::IJTl'~!IIBI~l{ 10: t . and it 1 Th

01 r our Tw th


r -- 1

\'\ . (Ire: 11 earl \.- will b -- and r po. r eiv r. f r 111 'lrlilCl'iLlll should \{(" . '11 ire h >

r abr <, d. 11 th

th III rr: 1111 t 11, v

lily i: 1';11 ;1. til r wa

.:. PT ~MBEH I IT) , razy \\ ith ut no on kn 0'( , . h t : m Iiv

_ l;Jl1S (1.:-

an 1 fi ic r


deportation w re an alternatix e for a ma ac e. Exiles are 11 t wanted anywhere.

'l'TEMll.ER 2TH.

No Ch ri tian: left in --, ~.- \ a. burned by the rUIlawa . i:l11U -- is ill ruins, al 0 -- and another near-by v'llag .


-- is b inO" emptied of every Arm nian and the foreign .r. Fear th .y al: n 1l1rly ha e to go if th .re 1. an inva 'ion on he coast. 1 d not think condition' are as bad her,


Dr. -- ay::> we must not think of Red ross ~ ork

the cict tia not the f1l11ds but to let the furks run

thing on th ir own r pon ibility. The Turk expect an inva ion and are ending their fan iIi away.

orne ri h am oun peop e h r today. -- ay that the t r e famili am 19 whom he i are to go to K nia.

A . Lange pr i st died here yesterday fru exh: tiOll and heartbreak, te.


o e ile today; there cem to be a calm for a few hours.


Life i gelti[p iul er and fuller uf problems he e. ffairs here ar ir a. ery cr-itical condition.

Here the narrative of the kind tscman closes abtuptl», but tbe stream of exiles does not cease to flow. Tbty drift on to the spatsel» settled regions which they are /c ted to make [ertil c, by tbeir Tobot or hy ibeir hones. The current slacbens, and makt!~ great pools of mi. ery. I he concenlralion camps, Here other kind Ybomen are permi'led io undertake sysierr:aiic relie], and report 11 in the memorable leiters thai follow.



Just no I am orn i hack fr _ rn <1 ride on hor: eba 1 through I e :\ -- plain where thou anus of exil s .... r lying n fields and s reets without a y shelt r "posed t the povH~r _ a.ny ki ds 0 brigand. a t night . b ut 12 oclo k a litt e amp a uddenly attac ed. T cr w r a ut"O r 60 per 115 in it. I found men a d omen badly, unded, their b dies cut open with br 1 en kul or in a -;: rrible c n iti n thr 1. h stab

, ith the knife. I rt r.ately, I w S PI' vi d e ,. ith

lr th ~ sIc ul han' th ir bi ody thin and

th n brina them to th n .xt inn wh re I y "vel". uu rs Iany f th m were '0 mu .h exhausted from

tl n r 1~ u 1 ~ f blood that th y i d in t. c me 1-

tim ttpp e.

J u an ther .arnp f III 0000 t 40,000

mcn iat . I c ttl d i tribut br ad am ncr th per te and al - tar" d th y f 11 11

I a lm t t\ ull d d v fr 111 tl

fda. p opl er

thr 11 'h m ney th

have th .m hnr i I. 1 ( , tly til _

10 ved t perf rrn the las t ff f 11 'e f r h ir r lati \ s. a e id . f ty] h id f \ r br kc u cvery-

here) a pati nt lay in almo t every third nt. rly

ev ry thin o a tran po ted or foot; m n, worn ,

hildr en ar i th if few bel ing on th ir a ck .

I of en av the break dov n un ler heir burd n but

th Idier kept on drivinz them fon ard \ i h h

Lu tt-eu of t h .. ir riO i L11 their

a y t s. I h v d r ~ d f \'" In c n

the t - ult d fr t11 the ba.l 11 t- it it h _ ~ ny hil-

dr n l~ d 10 t their parents and w ithout ny

supp' t.

Thr e hour f om 1\1-- \ ylng m n w er ly-

inz aJ lut ly al n in the fi ld : til y had b 11 l.er e

f. ay ith LIt any f d v 11 a dr f \ atcr,

aft c r t h i r In pan i n h a cl n tin t d t I i r m r h.

Til Y 1 ad gro'wl1 ri. thin '1.. sk 1 -t n: and nly th ir


heavy br at h in h ed that there wa s til l life in fern. Unburied women and c ildr n were lying in t t e ditches. 'he Turki .. h ofticia ls in 11-- were ery obli ing ; I could lrta ii nlany thin s irorn th m and many a grie an ce w . rerf ressed. T got carr ia es to gallt~r tl.e dying people and to bring them to town.


e sa 'IV thou sands of tiny low- ten ts, m e OLl of

hin material. n ir nu rerable crowd of people 1 e-

longing to a l l age and eery cl 5S of soci e ty ! They w re 10' -ing at u ar tly surpri ed, partly w ith indiffp.r .nt p. P r atio n. A r 1lp of hl1n;ry egging cl ildrcn and \' -orneu were at OLl r h el : J anum, bread. I-Iu m I am .iungry, we di not eat anytl ing today

and yester ay !" '

au had only to look in to t e gr dy pale faces, full of 'rief, t know that their word were tr u . About 1 00 loaves c u ld be procured. 1 \ rybody fell

i y u on 11 • the pr ie ts 110 vere chargeci with

tlre dis tr ibut iun r~JU luul a lmust to fight f r their 1i v e s . B 11 it w: . y no m e a 11 S u ffi c i en t [_ n d no furth r _ read \\ <.1_ t I I ad. , large number f hurig ry P o p le ·tUOI iru p lur in >Iy 1J ore U:. T e gendannery h d to k c P t h m b a .k I Y for c. ': dcnly tl c rei r for departure w g i v e n. If anyl d y did not hur y in str ikiue their tent it was pulled down witt the bayonet. Th r c carr ia c an a 11 1:1 ber of cam e ls w r kept r ady. A f w we Ithy people qui kly hired the car iag es. 0 her I _ s w ll-to-rlo p e .01 le loaded a

a mel \ 'ith their thing. The wailing of the poor, old an ick filled the air. ¥e an t ·0 any further, let u clip. he re.' Hut th Y hnti to a on. t lea" we wer al le tr pay for a camel f ir sorn e of them, or to

iv e mal l coin tc th r in r r to 1 y S0111e read

at the n ex t tat ion; l lot he, e . nat tie i ion

ta ion in Q--- were di tributed. .. 00 the immense

process: n was mo v i 19 - urt h er. o me of the most


ret h pe pie and. me ne ly made gr v e cr

1 it hind....\ l-:1any a 200 poor, ld i k pe pI are sair t ave r .m a ined th ,r~ un '1 . _nl help auld be be ,q:?,lu lo 11 1). 'I he 1I i .ery increased a hurul redf 1 because f the rai and the eayy col that had

t in. E\' erywl ere the cara ans 1 ft ehi nd dyino

pe pl , lit I childr and sick pe ple peri hin lui er-

a ly. j 1 0 the epide ic spread more an more.


unt f mi ery al did 11 t feel o dr i ve th III 11,

r : a uid m a ll COIn.

\J h le tr e . - b e l

id t, 1


child died; then I took care of her and sent her on the WlV. e WlS so r te iul. T e 'whole carriage WI. s packed with ad; I ju t kept 011 di tributing all th time. Three or four times there was chance to btl)" orne Ire h bread. Th se t ho u and of 1 aves were a great help to us .. I a S ould hire 11 undr d of animals to send the po r pel ple f r v arc. Th ("1111{> in LJ-- itsel f is the sadd thing ] have e er .. e 1, Hib'ht at the entrance a h ,ap if cI ad bodies lay Ut1- buried. 1 counted 3:, in another pla .e 2_ right 1.:1 se by were the ten ts f those pe ple wh ver e dov n , ith bad dy ell.ery. The tilth in and ar md the e

tent. w: rncthing ut de r ihnb le. In ne in s l

cia y the bu ria 1 nu 1 is!"! 11 btl ricd a m at Y as "'80 pc pl c. Mcu \ ere fighting f r bread lik hU1 gry wolves.


I nly \\,1 h you C 1 d see these p or people your. li; Y()U \ ould " t :111 irn] r s: ion f th most 11' adIII II cd and distress that <. re hidden in these (. lIP!). It is . imply i n d c .r ibalrlc me 11111 t have seen it. '0

a r 1 n n v e h a 1 n d irfic u lt y o, h a tsr ev e r, II the cont r: ry. t:1C nidal' here are 1110 t l)li,jn'- and grateful ")T C\ .r y thi 11 we are d )il1' for ttl po r. l" p t he pI' sent we h.i v \ ork cd ill f 11l" camps, tw lv 11 urs di ... n.nr. Ve it n could di: tribute for au ut 10 20 ] ira. (~-14.00 to ~R.OO. worth of lirea 1 every <1 .. y, beI.:!< cs this we ave flour , c othes and nirra to many ill ] Ilple. for t 1 In 10' jOl1r1lPY, .'fJ11lLlil1.~ it iappeued t l r.t t 111 ~llll1e pl: res we dill not han: nearly cuo gh brc .. l-i1l that ri. c \\ c provided the peopl with money in rrler to b tv 1 read at the next 0 'en on the ro ite.

Til r i: . till much work to (10 on the route to R-S aurl it . ecnis 1 me we ought not t give up he work an ng the distre .. ed a. long a a nyb dy f them is left in thi place, because they would absolutely die of starvation.


.. !joril, 1ltqrlt aam tnt mlt~r lin llungtrt.ll. nnll frll llrfJrl'?"

Ambassador Morgen/hau, in February, 1916, said tlat FIVE MILLION DOLLARS Dill be necessary for A rtnenian relief He knoD>s best, because of bis intimate association IDith ibe financial side of the DJork in Turkey.

E{)eryoodJ) musl help. If _you want. in secure SPP..O/r_P.fS, or hints on organizing a campaign, write to Woller H. Mallo1Y, Field Secretary, 70 Fifth A uenue, New York City. He can also supply free literature, including comprehensive pamphlets, n uos bulletins, circulars, and posters.

The Committee counts among its members representaiioe teligiou leaders such as Cardinal Gibbons, John R. Molt, and Rabbi ~Vi.5e. Dr. James L. Barton i President, Dr. Samuel T. Dutton, Secretary.

The cosl o] llu: campaign al horne is puid by a friend vi lbe cause. Every dollar j10U give or raise is added free of cost to the credits we cable to Constantinople, Tl/lis or other centres.

In Persia last Autumn ten lbousand dollars kepi ten thousand persons alive JOT a month. One dollar a month supplied tbe necessatq bread and salt. '-Von't you give a dollar a month, or a tell cent loaf of bread eve(Y dag i Keep at l(oj/ {me alive.

A II money raised should be sent to Charles R. Crane, TreGIUrCT 0/ tbe A merlcan Committee for A rtncnian and Syrian Relief, 70 Fifth Avenue, New York City.