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F/W update

Step1: First, Power off the scale and then,

Connect RS232C to computer

Pin-layout is following diagram

Scale(DB-9 Female) PC (DB-9 Male)
(2) -------------------------------- (3)
(3) -------------------------------- (2)
(5) -------------------------------- (5)

Step2: Execute AVRfwupdate.exe

Step3: Select RS232C communication port by pressing

Step4: Select new firmware ROM by check the checkBOX

Step5: Press , ready to F/W ROM download
* Software will not download if the firmware version is old or file desination is wrong
Window massage will show error massage
Step6: Turn on the scale. After few second download process will occure

When download finished, scale will reboot

NOTE: During this procedure power or communication connector is cut off
You must redo from step1

1. Communication Settings

z RS232 SERIAL Communication Settings.

Must Save and Restart

2. FONT Download.

3. Label Download