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Tybalt: Peace? I hate the world, I hate all Montagues and I hate you.

Then Tybalt attacked Benvolio with his sword. Lord and Lady Capulet arrived.

Lord Capulet: Bring me my sword.

Lady Capulet: you are too old to fight, you dont need a sword; you need a crutch.

Lord and Lady Montague arrived. Lord Montague was swinging his sword, his wife tried to stop
him. The princes of Verona arrived.

Prince of Verona: Stop fighting! I want peace in my city. Drop your weapons or you will die!

This is the third time that your families have been fighting in the Street. Lord Capulet and lord
Montague, you are old but you arent wise, you must promise not to fight.

Lord Capulet, come with me now. We must talk. Lord Montague, come to see me this
afternoon. If your two families fight again, you will both die.

Lord Capulet: Lord Montague, I promise not to fight again.

Lord Montague: Lord Capulet, I promise not to fight again.

In the beautiful city of Verona, there were two families, the Montague and the Capulet .They
hated each others. They had hated for hundreds of years.

Sampson: If I meet any man or woman from the house of Montague, Ill push them out of the

Gregory: no, youll run away.

Two servants from the house of Montague come to the same Street, they began to fight.
Abraham: The Montague are better than the Capulet.

Sampson: Our masters, the Capulet are better.

Then Benvolio arrived. He tried to make peace.

Benvolio: stop, fools! Put away your swords.

But no one listened to him, them Tybalt arrived.

Tybalt: Benvolio, you have drawn your sword. Now you must fight with me. Look at your

Benvolio: Im only trying to separate these fools. Put your sword away or use it to help me.

Sampson: I will protect the honor of the hose of Montague, with my sword, honor and blood
until the end of my life.

Gregory: you have the most important work, you must take care to Romeo.

Sampson: Dont worry about that. I will fulfil my promise but I cant stay calm