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索书号:K234 /S774 (r) (HF


Records of the grand historian: Han dynasty
Sima Qian to his friend Ren An
General Introduction
Translator’s Note on the Text
The Founding of the Han Dynasty (Parts I- VI)
Part I: The Beginning of The Revolt
Shi ji 48: The Hereditary House of Chen She
Part II: The Vanquished
Shi ji 7: The Basic Annals of Xiang Yu
Part III: The Victor
Shi ji 8: The Basic Annals of Emperor Gaozu
Shi ji 16 (Excerpt): Reflections on the Rise of Emperor Gaozu
Part IV: The Great Ministers
Shi ji 53: The Hereditary House of Prime Minster Xiao
Shi ji 55: The Hereditary House of the Marquis of Liu (Zhang Liang)
Shi ji 56: The Hereditary House of Prime Minister Chen
Part V: The Disaffected
Shi ji 89: The Biographies of Zhang Er and Chen Yu
Shi ji 90: The Biographies of Wei Bao and Peng Yue
Shi ji 91: The Biography of Qing Bu
Shi ji 92: The Biography of the Marquis of Huaiyin (Han Xin)
Shi ji 93: The Biographies of Hann Xin and Lu Wan
Shi ji 94: The Biography of Tian Dan
Part VI: The Loyal Followers
Shi ji 95: The Biographies of Fan Kuai, Li Shang, Lord Teng, and Guan Ying: Concluding Remarks
Shi ji 96: The Biography of Chancellor Zhang
Shi ji 97: The Biographies of Li Yiji and Lu jia
Shi ji 98: The Biographies of Fu Kuan, Jin Xi, and the Marquis of Kuaicheng: Concluding Remarks
Shi ji 99: The Biographies of Liu Jing and Shusun Tong
Shi ji 100: The Biographies of Ji Bu and Luan Bu
The Second Era of Han History (195 BC-141 BC) (Parts VII-XI)
Part VII: The Rulers
Shi ji 9: The Basic Annals of Empress Lü
Shi ji 10: The Basic Annals of Emperor Wen the Filial
Shi ji 11: The Basic Annals of Emperor Jing the Filial
Shi ji 12: The Basic Annals of Emperor Wu (Fragment)
Part VIII: The Empresses
Shi ji 49: The Hereditary Houses of the Families Related to the Emperors by Marriage
Part IX: The Great Families
Shi ji 50: The Hereditary House of King Yuan of Chu
Shi ji 51: The Hereditary Houses of Jing and Yan
Shi ji 52: The Hereditary House of King Daohui of Qi
Shi ji 54 (Excerpt): The Hereditary House of Prime Minster Cao
Shi ji 57: The Hereditary House of Zhou Bo, the Marquis of Jiang
Shi ji 58: The Hereditary House of King Xiao of Liang
Shi ji 59: The Hereditary House of the Five Families
Part X: The Leader of the Revolt
Shi ji 106: The Biography of Liu Pi, the King of Wu
Some Remarks on the Han Peers: I
Shi ji 17: The Chronological Table of the Feudal Lords from the Beginning of the Han, Introduction
Some Remarks on the Han Peers: II
Shi ji 18: The Chronological Table of the Distinguished Followers of Gaozu who became Marquises, Introduction
Some Remarks on the Han Peers: III
Shi ji 19: The Chronological Table of the Marquises during the Reigns of Emperors Hui to Jing, Introduction
Part XI: The Eminent Officials
Shi ji 84: The Biographies of Qu Yuan and Master Jia

Emperor Wen. King of Chu. Sima Qian records here the revolt of Chen She.Shi ji 101: The Biographies of Yuan Ang and Chao Cuo Shi ji 102: The Biographies of Zhang Shizhi and Feng Tang Shi ji 103: The Biographies of Lord Wanshi and Zhang Shu Shi ji 104: The Biography of Tian Shu Finding List of Chapters of the Shi ji Maps The Topography of Han China Principal Feudal Kingdoms of Late Zhou and Early Han Times Principal Cities and Areas Mentioned in the Text Abstract Sima Qian was the first major Chinese historian. His Shi ji. This volume begins in 209 BC and traces the fall of the Qin dynasty and the rise of the Han. and gives an account of the nobles and ministers as well as the empresses and imperial concubines. and Liu Bang. He then goes on to the reign of Empress Lü. and the acts of the out-standing ministers and generals in both camps. or Records of the Grand Historian. the first Han Emperor. the bitter struggle between Xiang Yu. . documents the history of China and its neighboring countries from the ancient past to his own time. Major figures in Sima Qian’s vast drama are allowed to display the most noble qualities as well as the baser aspects of their characters. and Emperor Jing.