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Julias Testimony

Julia Torres, eighteen years old, single, and a resident of Barrio Talaan, Lian, Batangas was allegedly
raped by Ronald Galang on June 12 at 7pm on the rice field near Marios house. Julia was from Celias
house to attend a wedding party wherein she saw Ronald, her suitor. At 11pm, Julia left the party alone
and then took a short cut across Marios farm. Ronald then caught her arm, wrestled her to the ground
and then pointed a knife at Julia and threatened to stab her if she called or persisted in fighting back.
Julia kept the matter to herself for two days because of the fear of the trouble that may happen to her
family if they found out. She told her aunt about the incident while her aunt in turn told her parents.
Julia went to the police to complain about the incident and submitted herself to medical examination.

Dr. Ampils Testimony

Dr. Amado Ampil, of legal age, married, and a medical examiner for the province of Batangas and a
resident of Batangas City examined Julia after her complaint to the Lian police and found out that Julia
suffered from lacerations which are two days old.

Ronalds Testimony

Ronald Galang, twenty years old, single, and a resident of Barrio Talaan, Lian, Batangas states that he did
not rape Julia as she freely agreed to make love with him as they have been sweethearts for the past
two months before the night of the wedding party at Celias house, and they met by prior agreement at
the said event. After the party, Ronald walked alongside Julia and after a while, they sat on a piece of log
near Marios house. They made love on the grass as they forgot themselves, Ronald discovered that Julia
was a virgin as she bled and after that, Ronald walked Julia to her house. The following day, as Julia was
afraid she is pregnant, she insisted that Ronald should marry her. However, as Ronald still had to look
out for his parents, he declined and told her to wait for a while, with that, Julia threatened to accuse
Ronald of raping her but he still refused to marry her immediately, which now leads to Julia accusing her
of rape.

Marios Testimony

Mario Perez, forty-five years old, married, farmer and a resident of Barrio Talaan, Lian, Batangas was at
home on the evening of June 12. Mario slept late as he had to watch over his sick daughter, and slept
after midnight. He did not hear any outcry from outside of his house.

The Case of a Child and a neighbors dog

Fred Puzons Statement

Fred Puzon, twenty-one years old, a government employee, who lives at 24 Annapolis St., Cubao,
Quezon City was a witness of the attack of Arthur Sisons dog to a six-year old girl named Mary,
daughter of Peter Banag on September 12, Saturday around 3pm. Mary went to Arthurs house to buy
ice-candies and approached the gate and knocked, however no one answered. As Mary tested the gate
by pushing it, the gate yielded and the dog jumped out and went after her as it attacked her from
behind as she was about to leave. The dog bit Marys leg and even her arms as she fell to the ground.
Fred Puzon immediately ran to help and blocked the dog away. The dog kept on barking then Arthur
came out of his house and sent his dog into his yard. Arthur brought Mary to a nearby clinic for

Arthur Sisons Statement

On the afternoon of September 12, Arthur was taking a nap at his house when he was awakened by a
sudden commotion outside and then heard that his dog attacked a child. He then saw Fred Puzon, his
neighbor trying to stop his dog, Prancer from attacking Mary. Arthur immediately stepped into the
street as soon as he can and sent Prancer inside, he then called a tricycle and brought Mary to a medical
clinic for treatment for her wounds and for an injection. Marys mother followed them to the clinic as
she comforted Mary. Arthur paid the medical bill. Arthur could not grant the demand of P20,000 by the
Banags party for the injuries Mary suffered on September 12 when she came to his house as he states
that he is not at fault of the incident and does not believe that he should be held liable for the damages.