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In the u'orld tltere is onlv nratter arnd energy. Energy is also a kind of' tnatter. You htrve hearcl abotrt God the Word? One force beconres three:

In every phenomenon, the thircl fbrce crln either arise on the spot or come from rvithotrt:

It can come from the same level or frorn another level. or from a third:


Each center can be . Take. nrl 1in the sense that a stone has a soul).. Everv'i.r(l of' a definite density is needed. It has its o\\rrl . fronl a clifferent angle. . Although it has vibrations. On a certain level.irrg f'eedsand is f-ed. \ ceuter call manufacture fine matters.r':oltrte rest. []el'e is another explanation. :' .. Here is the sLlI].rtelv the same. the center prolrtc'esatrother. yet they transform different matters. The third force cornes fi'orn a . for example. If the triad is formed with absolute rest f ronr rl '\\ ('l' level as passive force. Even a stone fbecls. then this absoltrte rest enters iptr. I shall tty to explain it in this way. Here is earth.. :.Ghost is then the neutralizing force. Between the slln ancl 'lrt' earth there are levels.' c'olnposition of it.. Both Are composed of rnatter that is approxi::r. :. a difTerent matter. etc. . A certain rnatter passes through it {i'onr .' Ilolr. pulls it down toward earth. Being f'ed lry extraneoLls matter.1r(lthe stomach. the result is a thing in itself. and an extrapeops .'rI lr)' its own matters or extraneous mAtters. Here are levels. the lungs .'{lter level. The manufbctured proclrt't nrust be of that particular density.Animate and innanimate Irrs] It it c'orllesfrotn a higher level.ul-a soul in the proper sense. Here is .lrt)\'e.without changing.. . they carl ltring it out : rlr so far.

can be of severalorders. this finer matter is only thrown away. Remember the iuner This si is closer to the neighboring octave. The next note no longer has anything. It can be measured. But it does not exist in a separate center. The third force exists in the whole organism-for instance.T'hese designed to arrest it. manufacture fine matter. @s o o octaves. So this si can manufacture finer matter more easily.it is arrested. It apparatuses. it still has echoes of it. it exists in you taken as a whole. if there are special receivers. this absorption is not accidental. . But if three work. Either this matter Passes through' or. -6 8v o o o o o No. Of course.Izr6] Views from the Real World There Are two possibilities here. if it works alone. it can become crystallized.

The arrows represent different .'r'g)' of different degrees of.-. the diagram will represent schematit'allv the surface of the earth. are subject to these laws. shocks. so to speak. kinship are the same rrr all rungs of the ladder. all interactior.e're. It has lleen said already that in every place. Since all the properties 'l trtiltter at any particular place are quite definite. as it \\. Please note that whenever I use the "influence" tvord I mean matter-substance-charged. all the influences reachingit combine in accori. ltew lortttations. Now. If we illustrate it thus. ?S it were.ttiott. degrees. ll.Animate and innanimate lzrzl ' \o fitt'.so to speak. all relationships of matter and ent'r'$1rwhich we never get separately without their clepeldence )rle upon another. all combinations. The laws governing combination of matter and en. M any varied infltrences reach the earth. changes.ttt{e of continually changittg matter.'trril the chemical side. We have been clecltrcing ' ltt'sc laws of mathematical correspondence of different str6'1. If we touch upon processes which take place near the earth . crystallizations. connected by a coptinuous t. \\/e have frequently touched upon the processes 9f' 'ttt'ition of'the human organism.hen u'8 speak of matter we necessarily speak also of the energy r'ontained in it. As in large cycles.lllces which act as links. as well as of the energy con:rrirted in it. of clienrical )c'e'sses : 'r'( taking place in the organism. the essence.rttd in the earth. lj) tlcquiring different properties depending on its place. Therefore. we shall find the same laws. The same cAn be said about the energy which fashions the :rlittter and pours in and out of it. with the help of incli. as well as all the influences brought into that place .with the corresponding energy.s ttnd data already given. which in certain definite t'oltditions begins to interact with other substances it rneets. definite law.rlcrtlated.trrc'ervith a certain. quite definite. of its dynamic quality. at every point 't the uttiverse. in one or several chains.. they cal be . prat'('l' u'hich \^/as originally one became divided into a series of 't'l)tlrate. so in small ph"rrol]lena.rith other matters. we mean to examine in gretrter:.

But they do not possess that ellerg. consequentlv all erperitnetrtsancl attempts deliberately to produce lif'e have met rvith lx) success. We have already mentioned the fbct that influenceswhich are of the nature of the sun reach the earth.v\vhich is present in the comltinatiorl we call lif'e.IzrB] Views from the Real World influenceswhich reach the earth. Other influences of higher levels also reach here. their chernical content does not differ fi om similar colllpounds in organic li{'e. Influellceswhich surround the earth and penetrate it lty the interaction of {brces according to the law of three can be represented schematicallyby the fbllowing diagrams: 4=1 (r+ +=t\. But here influencesof all the planets of the solar systernintermingle and continually change. in the caseof organic lifb. penetrate into it or-pass lry.erencebetween thern being that. the only difl. When certain allttrminouscompounds are obtained in the laboratory. 4=1 . comltinationsof energy Are of a special variety.2 r 4:)- 4=1 E s ' l 2 1 \.-. All their varied cornbinationsdetermine the organic and inorganic life on earth.

These combinations give rlr(' to subsequent links of that particular chain.rieties .r lead a self-sufficient existence. constructed accorditrg to law and supplied .rse'olls states of matter. \ll this infinite variety of already existing forms. minerals. solid. The.nd are iur ex:)r'('ssionof it. receiving these rnatters rnerely as the necessrlrv ' rt)(l tl. i{'u'e crll} . others i. liqtrid and j. Sonte l rnnS receive matters which reach them independently. so through certain transrnitting combinations. and so or1. in relation to different substances-new classes . organic and inorganic compounds.rtrbinations of rnatter-metals.t organic lif'e from microorganisms to lnan. rr(l varieties of matter Are produced. 'ir)rlS and states of matter react differently to the llasic infltr. passiv ely.nd nourishment and thus maintaining the larvftrllr. combina. )\\. conrirleted process of'metabolisrn and inner life. Thev possess 'l-lteir .'rrces which reach the earth from the difl'erent links of the .. by means of r liich they cAn enter into various combinations-now actively.'\press it thus.ll these processes there Are formed on earth all the varied . rtlr corresporlding energy. The first .By . elements of' our Irt'nristry.Animate and innanimate lztgl action produces round the earth and in it new combi"rtiorls of rnatter. sirlce 'lrct'contaiu a cornplete octave in thernselves a. the path of which lies through the earth. By their interaction.t'r'nr to exist in the closed circle of the law of octaves.snric scale. as well as all the fonns and vu.

each plant. which is independent in itself and bears within itself all the eternal laws of matter. On the circle ofthe busic svrnbol. but not as to those stable compounds and centers of interaction which character the processes inner ize of life of forms completed by a crystallized essence.it can be expressed that symby bol of the octave of which we have spoken. Through the triangl" of the symbol it is connected with these influences.is a certain definite concentrationof a particular kind of matter with a certain energy. Other forms Are incomplete. But. in the estaltlishecl processof its li{'e. Each note of its crystallized essence is in its turtr a complete closed octave.This refers equally to all statesof matter and energy. From this point of view. rvhich rnaintain its lifb and feed it. in the same way as the process of breathing maintains human lifb. They crystallize as a dn. the points . as a whole. for instance. Differencesin classes and varieties of plants are due to this circumstance. sultordinate to the first. that is.this combination assllmesin one place a character which it does not assumein another place. one. to all the so-called kingdoms of nature. depending on conditions and influences. It interacts with the influences reaching it. imperfect.lzzol Views from the Real World within them a crystal of free matter.A plant which possesses the fullness of independent lifb contains in itself a all complete octave and is a completed do. Therefore. and influences can be transmitted to them and through them. the srlme svmltol.

e.m. In other words.e is the soundittgof the ocit :.When life is extinct-for instance. :hrough a seriesof intermediate stagesand links.act ..Animate and innanimate lzztl : rlir-isionof notes will be smaller circles.rr.)Plants '. and the :roteS their scaleproduce a closedcircle only in combination of . coffee. taken to1t'ther. is the symbol of the totality of incomitrg cementing infirrences (representing the same triangle) which. in maintaining the life of plants.rtterswhich is not stable like an unchanging crystal.if a plant is cut downt he energy inherent in it is dispersed"The triangle comes out .s hoto each octaue contains other octuue. (Hn takes as on exomple opiutn. in fluid combinations of strbstances .rrnlrt. Lif. with the c)cirr\. 'lrese plants sound do only in combination with others which a lrossess supplementarydo of a complete octave of the tone.lrich do not possess crystallized principle produce tl full a t tirve only in tinctures. &s has been said.besidescertain other plants and fiurgi.rrtirinedin them and assimilatedby them with substances .fly-ogaric.i ith other substances not contained in them. a Like every living thing.pl uin. pass through them and for rvhich ther.liich. 'l. unrl '.cocoa. ?s well as each separately.hemp. Plants are ducts through which there flow in:lrrenceswhich connect them with forms above and below l lie. bella1.So. ils r irrstance.f' the svmbol of the octave of life. ?S it were. Examples of plrurts t this kind are those from which we get tobacco. in the processof their lif'e. as the Holy (.rcrelvas transrnittingstations.s. Or it is connected. act as shock.host.t' s1'mbolof the octave refers only to a fluid corr-rbination of' : r.€of the cosmoswhere it plays the part of a cell in a cornirler organism. a living plant possesses special kirrclof energy which. is absent in the same rlirnt when it is no longer alive. .

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