IrriGRAY Kit: Graywater Irrigation (pressurized


IrriGRAY is the only complete dripperline irrigation package specifically designed for graywater irrigation. With over 5 years use, in many thousands of installations in the tough Australian climate, IrriGRAY is proven to deliver graywater efficiently and evenly across the entire irrigation area. IrriGRAY is so popular in Australia, it now has over 90% of the residential graywater dripperline market. It is now also manufactured here in the USA. IrriGRAY is installation. suitable for both DIY and professional

With over 90% irrigation efficiency, IrriGRAY saves 3 times the amount of water than branched drain or Laundry to Landscape systems (click here for an explanation), at a similar material cost but requiring much less labour (install in less than 1/2 hour).

How IrriGRAY works

IrriGRAY dripperlines are laid on the soil surface, covered by 2" of mulch Each drip emitter has a built-in filter Dripperlines are connected to the main 3/4" poly tube supply network Graywater is pumped into the supply network after passing through a 40 Mesh (400 Micron) filter The IrriGRAY filter typically requires cleaning once per month, and takes less than two minutes to clean

Advantages of choosing IrriGRAY
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Superior TurboNet flow regime, by Netafim Largest filtration area and cross section flow path on the market. Dripper is 2.2" in length. Increases clog resistance from source The position of the filter to the dripper draws cleaner water from the center of the flow path, reducing the risk of clogging Minimum filtration required is a low 40 Mesh (or 400 Micron) Significant material and labor cost savings compared to any other graywater irrigation system Fast 2.0 GPH emitters eliminate the need for large graywater pumping containers Minimal maintenance & servicing Easy to install
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2 Minute takeoff connections Video (click on Icon)

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IrriGRAY Kit: Graywater Irrigation (pressurized)
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Dripperline Separation
Soil Type Gravel and Sands Sandy Loams Loams Clay Loams Light Clays Medium to Heavy Clays Separation 1.8 Feet 1.8 Feet 2.4 Feet 2.7 Feet 3.0 Feet 4.5 Feet

Dripper flow rate 2 GPH Dripper spacing 12" Pressure range 2 - 45 PSI Tubing diameter 0.540" I.D. 16mm O.D. Tubing color - black with purple strips @ 10 o'clock & 2 o'clock Coil Length 150' UV resistant Tubing Material - Low Density Polyethylene (LPDE)

IrriGRAY Rainwater Kit Contents:
QTY 300’ 150’ The geofabric filter is installed in a convenient location after the graywater pumping device. 3/4” tube (LDPE) is then used to create a supply network around the property (dark lines). IrriGRAY dripperline is then connected to the supply network, resulting in even irrigation across the entire property (purple lines). 1 2 5 3 25 20 1 15 1 Item 16mm Irrigray Dripperline (2 x 150’ coils) 3/4” LDPE Supply Line IrriGRAY filter (including 2 x 3/4" Male Thread x 3/4" Insert fittings) 3/4" Insert Tees 3/4" Insert Elbows 3/4" plugs 3/4" Clamps 16mm Barbed Insert take-offs Hole Punch to suit 16mm take-off fittings 16mm Insert Figure 8 Ends Installation Instructions

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Irrigate the garden bed, Not the plants! With a 2.0 GPH emitter flow rate, IrriGRAY delivers graywater quickly and evenly across the entire garden space. Because the garden can be irrigated with graywater every day, the irrigation system can rely on capillary action within the soil to create even moisture levels across all garden areas. The key concept is "water the garden bed, not the plants". There is sufficient moisture in the soil for plants to take what they need, without the risk of root rot. The amount of graywater dripperline required is 70% less than traditional irrigation dripperline, providing significant savings in material and installation.

We encourage our customers to check for local dealers and enquire about our products from them directly. They have received training from us and can provide guidance to suit your area (e.g. rainfall patterns, local codes and regulations, soil type and climate considerations). Just Water Savers USA provides this shopping site as a convenience for customers who do not have a dealer nearby, and wish to purchase from us directly. IrriGRAY kits are assembled in the USA, from local and imported components. Over 75% of this kit (by value) is manufactured in the USA. The design is based on our Australian products, proven over 5 years and tens of thousands of sales!

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