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Archetypal Chiron in the Twelfth House (c) Copyright to Hilary Bond

PhD. All rights reserved.

Hello and I hope you enjoy this article. Here, I have discussed the
archetype of astrological Chiron in the 12th house and explored the
relationship between Chiron archetypes, the 12th house archetype and
the emotional affect, which effects all humans in varying degrees
depending on their levels of spiritual and mental awareness, mindfulness
and health. I investigate the archetype of the enormously old, shaman-
mentor-educator Chiron, who taught surgery, holistic health, life skills,
forest skills, martial arts, music and astrology (along with his behaviour
resulting from his sign and aspects) and blend this in the twelfth house.
The twelfth house is an interdimensional place of mental health (state of
mind) on the 6th house/12th house axis of state of mind/state of body. I
have also explored the psychological and spiritual realm of affect. With
all of this in mind, I look briefly at Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy,
Barbara Hand Clow, Erin Sullivan, King George VI of Great Britain and a
gracious, anonymous lady, who all have Chiron in the 12th house so I
can reach a few possible conclusions.
The Affect of Chiron and the 12th house.
In his teaching poem, Precepts, Chiron advises, Decide no suit, until
you have heard both sides speak.
[From a didactic poem, The Precepts of Chiron, which was part of the
traditional education of Achilles? Originally attributed to Hesiod,
Pausanias notes, that it was among works from Acharnae. Pausanias
adds Hesiod was taught by the Acharnians.]
These words are so important, as we explore the archetype Chiron in the
12th house, because Chiron was a very fair and just, mediator, but his
birth and death were very unfair. He urges you to do the same in your
dealings. As the house of the collective unconscious which means the
world zeitgeist of the time which is now reports (truthfully or deceitfully)
on the televised, Internet News or news in magazines. Many people
have a habit of jumping up and down and getting very upset about the
News which many of us know as propaganda. On another level,
because Chirons 12th house is the invisible and what we cant see the
collective unconscious still effects us. I shall write about how to stop this
fourth dimensional effect in another article.
But how does this relate to affect. Affect literally is jumping up and
down and getting upset. Affect is being biased. Affect is uncontrolled,
obsessive thoughts and in many ways we humans still have instinctual
reactions to other humans, situations, and environment and they do
react. So if we have Chiron in the 12th we need to remember the
immortal Chiron, who was a calm, intelligent, wise and uniquely peaceful
character who could calm any person and situation. We need to be calm
like him, as hee was a mentoring and mediating centaur, who knew how
to calm the thoughts and emotions of young, unevolved children so they
could have a successful life journey. He gently nourished the
quarrelsome, emotional Achilles, when young, upon milk and marrow
and honey. He was just and he played the lyre to soothe children. So we
would expect Chiron, with good astrological aspects, to be a successful,
counsellor, mediator, teacher, judge, psychotherapist, teacher, nurse or
person who deals with other people.
What does the psychological term affect mean? It is so important in the
12th house; where we may face suffering, loss and pain or a taste for
retreat and withdrawal; that ones state of mind, thought and emotion is
everything. Here Chirons calming presence is the perfect placement for
the 12th house person. Does Chiron here in the 12th house increase or
decrease the effect malus daemon; the guiding spirit of the 12th house,
that Lyn Bell (1999, p.24) discusses as a daemon or guiding spirit,
which takes you along a path which can involve suffering loss and pain
or a taste for retreat and withdrawal and an inner search that meanders
along far from crowded paths. Does it always cause some unfairness or
wound and does it always cause the Chiron person to be on a Quest?
We shall see.
Affects: what are they?
An affect is so important to a twelfth house Chiron person because an
affect is caused by ones mental state which effects our emotions. An
affect is a display of facial, vocal, or gestural behaviour that serves as an
indicator of emotion.
Within the human brain, during stress, the amygdala either freezes the
individual or accelerating mobilization. Brett (2003) maintains that mood,
like emotion, is an affective state of feeling, but an emotion is caused by
something, while moods are unfocused, but can be caused by body
chemistry, lack of nutrition and environment. Mood, according to Batson,
Shaw, and Oleson (1992) suggest intensity and beliefs about pleasure or
pain. Affect display is really a vital part of communication with other
people. Affect, emotion, or feeling is displayed to others through facial
expressions, hand gestures, posture, voice characteristics, and other
physical manifestation. These body languages vary between and within
cultures and are displayed in various forms ranging from almost invisible
facial expressions, clothing, hairstyle to the dramatic gestures (Ekman,
1992). Observers are sensitive to peoples raw emotions, and are
capable of recognizing the messages these emotions convey. A persons
emotions can effect by:
The emotions of other persons
The inferences of other persons
The behaviours of other persons
The interactions and relationships between the agent and other
Emotions may affect not only the person at whom the emotion was
directed, but also third parties who observe the person emoting. So,
emotions can affect groups, teams or families. Emotions are messages
and can influence the emotions, attributions and behaviours of others.
People watching and listening may not only react emotionally as a result,
but they may also draw inferences about the other emoting person, such
as the social status or power of an emoting person, his competence and
his credibility (Frijda, 1986).
For parents bringing up children; romantic partners; nurses; doctors;
business partner; leaders of groups; mentors or life coaches;
counsellors; psychologists and psychiatrists, even bosses it would be
wise to note the following passage, as the 12th house is a house of the
subconscious, frustration, jails, hospitals, mental institutions, hidden
dangers and self-undoing. Peoples feelings, body language, car driving
behaviour and even texts and Facebook comments, evoke feelings in
others by two suggested distinct mechanisms which involve morphic
resonance and body language. These are contagious emotions and
emotional interpretation.
Emotion Contagion means that people tend to automatically and
unconsciously mimic non-verbal expressions (Hatfield, Cacioppo, &
Rapson, 1994) and it isnt just monkeys that mimic emotions such as
anger, rage, fury, silent rage, vengeful behaviour, resentful seething,
hysteria or even grief. Emotion Interpretation indicates how a person
may see or feel the emoting person as feeling a particular emotion and
react with complimentary or situationally appropriate emotions of their
I conclude this section on affect by discussing the effect emotion and
thought forms have on our aura and health and will explore, in the next
section of this article the combination on 12th house affect and Chironic
energy. In this light, Ambika Wauters explains succinctly (2005), in her
book The Book of Charkas, why ones thoughts forms (underpinned by
emotions in spoken or written or thoughts) react in our body-mind-spirit
aura, which is like atmospheric layer (like the one around Mother Earth)
around our body. This sort of envelope around our body extends about
20 centimetres or 8 inches from the surface of our body. We can expand
this field by thinking positive and loving thoughts about ourself and
others such as, I am love and I love myself repeatedly. We can shrink
this negative field by thinking negative thoughts about ourself. Each time
we affirm our existence we contribute to our health and wellbeing. Hence
we can see how the 12th house/6th house axis exists in balance or
toxicity. The atmospheric layer or our aura responds and contracts as a
response to our thought forms.
Recently I read Lauren Van der Posts The Lost World of the Kalahari.
He pondered about the praying mantis being the symbol of God, indeed
the African Bushmans primary representative of God on Earth. The
Bushmen lived in intimate connection with the Earth and the animals and
Laurens van der Post was amazed that although the Bushmen chose an
insect to represent God. Van der Posts suggests, we have, on an
archetypal level is a wilderness self, a core identity and a foundation of
spirit an image who represents a primal creative pattern. That
wilderness self makes itself known even today in our world which is]
alienated [from nature].
In this respect, as wilderness self, core identity and a foundation of
spirit Chiron may appear as a transit in ones horoscope dominating
presence in their horoscope as a spiritual guide he will make
synchronistic appearances when needed, maybe as a linden tree, horse,
maybe as Chiron himself or people will start talking about him.
Whatever it is a meditation, a visualisation, a shamanic journey, a
horoscope reading, you might be drawn to the wise, just and virtuous
centaur Chiron as a teaching surgeon, herbalist and healer of renown,
astronomer, astrologer, prophet, hunter, warrior, and musician, who as
one of my friends, J. A. (communication 29 June, 2013) noted heals the
split between being human and the natural world, and gives us the ability
to do this. She also noted that for some in her group the visualisation
opened massive wounds and the conversations I have with various
astrologer friends note these Chiron experiences lead to evolution and
more awareness, so we all see the matrix of Chiron as an evolutionary
energy. They are not instant, but evolution does come. Another of my
friends, D.L. (communication 29 June, 2013) with Chiron in the second
told me: I cannot look at nature and not appreciate the life force energy
it gives to me~! For her Chiron as an archetype within her connects her
to nature as life force energy and this sustains her and her values.
Chiron is characterised in myth and as an archetype as a practical
reason and self-discipline dominant over appetite; he controls the horse
beneath his head and heart. It is in connection with the discipline of self,
of judgment over impulse, that Chiron is assigned the composition of a
work on ethical precepts, the Precepts of Chiron which stated the
rudiments of moral philosophy essential to a social life that would
transcend barbarism and according to the oldest written sources (Homer,
Hesiod, Pindar) pharmacy is part of Chirons medical knowledge; so are
surgery, music and incantations believed conducive to healing
(Jacobson, 2009.) The moral challenge to Chironians is to maintain
themselves as human, rather than allowing their base appetites to
overcome integrity, and this is where Chiron takes on his role as soul
The twelfth (12th) house
At a basic astrological level, the major keywords of the 12th house are
limitations, frustrations, the subconscious mind and hidden strengths. It
is also a house where you can see your childrens inheritances;
financially and through genetic traits, talents and skills and their
For oneself, this is a house of inner weaknesses and the things we hide
from others, such as shameful deeds or areas of talent in an area that is
unacceptable to ones family, social set, neighbours of people at work.
So this house does reveal all behind the scenes activities including
secret (clandestine) affairs. The 12th house can be known as the closet
or dustbin of our life because it is here where we sweep away or hide
our problems which are too traumatic, stressful, and painful to
acknowledge. The sign on the 12fth house cusp and any planets or
asteroids or points in our 12th house they are like people who must be
pampered and treated verycarefully. They are very touchy or prickly. The act
as though they might have been abandoned, neglected, through a war zone, beaten
up, screamed at. There is a feeling here that if we are a 12th house person our
needs are not supported. Maybe we have been humiliated and we feel ashamed and
we were expected to be perfect. We as a 12th house person may have had a sibling
or a relative, maybe a step-parent who doesnt want us there so our needs are
denied and we are constantly ignored and put in our small place. So it takes many
years to express our needs because we may freeze over, go numb or turn to
substance abuse so we can cope emotionally.
As an example, if the cusp on the 12th house is Leo there may be heart sickness,
grief, disillusionment sadness, lack of love, helplessness or genetic ancient
memories of cruelty and meanness and poverty. It might also be a problem with
self-centredness and deservedness feelings from being rejected as a child. Yoga,
qigong, massage, walking dancing, singing and employing forgiveness, prayer,
positive intent to release all old hurts. Our hearts are nurtured by the love of nature,
animals, children and beauty. Seeing the good in even the worst situations and the
most difficult people helps.
Whatever the rejected planet or sign, the subconscious awareness of its loss leads
to a kind of victim consciousness, a conviction, in fact, that its morally right to
feel sorry for ourselves. So it reveals that which is hidden from the world, but also
areas such as research, our background, any subjective sustainment, such as
meditation, toning, pagan ceremonies, shamanic journeying, sleep and dreams,
private writing and art as a therapy. It shows our inner consciousness and places of
confinement such as mental institutions, monasteries, places of retreat, jails,
hospitals; and mental therapy. It is the house of restraint, anxiety, slavery, secret
enemies, inhibitions, handicaps, seclusion, secrets, sorrows and seclusions, exile,
hidden dangers and self -undoing such as procrastination, phobias and all mental
The 12th house is also a house which reveals your inner strengths. They might be
emotional or mental strengths like determination or resilience in health where you
always bounce back. They might be completely unexpected gifts where you are
born into a family of academics, lawyers, even builders, but you are told constantly
that you are a dreamer, off with the fairies or wool-gathering and sit up the top
of trees talking to the birds. Your family might say, You are an embarrassment,
but you are actually highly intuitve; clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient and
can hear and see fairies, angels and tree spirits. So you begin to write books, run
courses for people who have hidden their talents and you blossom like a radiant
flower. You family are astonished.
The twelfth house is also a house of restorative solitude for those who do need to
be alone to recharge their batteries, or to travel quietly to sacred places, or potter
quietly in their gardens working with the earth worms, kitchen scraps (which make
rich compost) and listening to the plant spirits. Therefore it is a house where
shamanic practitioners, Light workers, professional gardeners, forest workers, park
rangers, jewellers, fisher people, dowsers, artists and all people who work alone all
Michel Gauquelin, a psychologist who used statistical models to investigate
astrologys accuracy, discovered that planets in the 12th house did have a strong
relationship with a persons career success. We would assume that Chiron in the
12th house people may be life coaches, astrologers, musicians, mediators ,
mentors, foster parents, guardians, holistic medical people and shamanic
practitioners. Let us see. Gauqelins research results surprised astrologers, who
usually look for career indicators in the 10th. Contemporary astrologer Maurice
Fernandez also believes 12th house planets. Indicate people who have positions of
influence or fame, rather than a strong 10th.
Chiron in the 12th House
Since the 12th house rules both the collective unconscious and the masses, planets
here indicate the potential to tune in to whats popular and have an effect on a wide
audience. Those with Chiron in the 12th house may also bear the burden of mass
projection, sacrificing their personal life or life to become a product or symbol of
something such as the King George VI of Great Britain, Robert Kennedy and
Martin Luther King did. Interestingly famous astrologers Barbara Hand Clow and
Erin Sullivan, both have Chiron in their 12th house. Barbaras is conjunct her
North Node and Ascendant in Leo and Erins is conjunct her Mercury and Sun in
Scorpio. They like, the three previously mentioned men have a daemon or guiding
spirit, which takes them along a path which can involve suffering, loss and pain or
a taste for retreat and withdrawal and an inner search that meanders along far from
crowded paths (Reinhart.) All five people share the quest for understanding and
compassion that the Chiron archetype symbolises.
The 12th house is also the wellspring of symbols and archetypes, and a favourite
home of the imagination. It is a house of intuition, compassion and spiritual
transcendence. We see Barbara Hand Clow, George VI and Martin Luther King
representing powerfully 12th house Chiron, as they have that educative and
profound influence on world collective unconscious, where they have shone a light
into mass 12th house hurts and bought compassion.
King George VI had a debilitating stutter and very bad temper and he was forced to
really work on his character, and have voice coaching to become a good public
speaker and one who could speak to people in any strata of society. Indeed, he and
his wife spent a lot of time as public ambassadors for the UK and during WWII
spending time with people in the areas that were bombed. The bombing was
probably symbolic of his life, for with his Chiron in Libra conjunct his Ascendant
he walked into the fire and was hurt many times. (Melanie Reinhart, 1989, p.
138) and as King and son of a cold, critical father and brother in- law of a very,
vengeful woman he was judged, analysed, scrutinised and criticised
continually. The malus daemon of the 12th house can certainly serve to
move us back into connection with ourselves, even through difficult
events and with Chiron sextile Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius (with
Jupiter in Leo conjunct MC) George the VI was mentored by his spiritual
guide Chiron to become King, through an accident of fate rather than be
a quiet non-entity. It is uncanny how the archetype Chiron as mentor,
educator and healer of the sons of Kings, mirrored in George V1s case
and it is interesting to see that the present Queen, his daughter, has an
angular Chiron conjunct Sun (like her father) and his grandson Charles
has Sun conjunct Chiron in the 12th house, with Chiron as the apex of a
yod involving Moon, North Node and Uranus. Charles Moon-Chiron and
Uranus in the 12th and Chiron in the 12th suggest of ancestors who had
a dominating Chironic archetype. Charles certainly embodies many
Chironic traits: his need to follow a Quest. His need to be part of Nature
and his abandonment as a child and his deep nature are Chironic. He
really is quite misunderstood.
To return to the death of Chiron archetypal theme; all three men;
Kennedy, King and George VI died prematurely and horribly like Chiron.
Kennedy and King both, like Chiron were just in the wrong place at the
wrong time when they were assassinated. With Chiron in the 12th
appearances are deceptive George VI also had similar bad luck in
having a feckless and irresponsible brother who abdicated. George VIs
wife believed this caused his untimely death.
We may be able to cope with the 12th house Chiron archetype in our
life, if we accept our spiritual nature and accept too that the next step is
to accept and account for our existence before and after the womb. Can
we accept that our soul has made a choice to have things happen this
way in our life and that past actions have determined my situation this
lifetime, bringing me to the right place for the next stage of my
development? If we accept this and gain new perceptions we shift our
perspective beyond this lifetime. Then the 12th becomes a whole new
ball game. Planets and signs here are no longer victimized or deprived
and we dont have to bear grudges or blame and rant and rave inwardly
or outwardly. Consequently, what may seems like loss becomes a
sacred initiation or ritual sacrifice in the spiritual realm.
Like all house placements and signs there are levels of vibratory energy.
Neptune rules the 12th house and we can look at the lowest levels of
addictions and compulsions, then to the next level of deception, self-
deception and delusion; then to the next level of compassion and charity;
meditation, and serenity, which come from routine practice of yoga/Tai
Chi, Qigong, mindfulness and meditation; then to unconditional love,
Divine Love, and the Grace of God.
So at the first level, many people with Chiron in the 12th will, like a
typical Piscean or Neptunian, never endingly and compulsively, try to
take care of poor people, people who are ill and needy, and unfortunate
people; while neglecting their own needs and those of their own family.
This person with this placement may themselves always seem in need
because of their frequently self-caused problems. This is not surprising
as they do not take the time to quietly and serenely administer to their
own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. It is no wonder that
this placement 12th house position seems to make a person feel tired
and fatigued. So if you are a Chiron in the 12th house person you must
make a promise to yourself, a sacred written contract that you hang up
on a wall, to do these things to use and see your body as a sacred
electromagnetic (field) temple:
1. Think right, positive thoughts and praise yourself and affirm yourself
daily. Meditate at the same time daily.
2. Feel right, positive, enjoyable, serene feelings and love
3. Eat life enhancing (preferably home grown) organic foods that are
right for you.
4. Breathe healthy air and make sure you breathe deeply and exhale
5. Get plenty of rest. Your body likes routine.
6. Live a right lifestyle (maybe practicing geomancy or feng shui.) Have
7. Use natural energy and avoid as much as possible microwaves,
computers, unhealthy radiation, negative earth energy etc.
8. Say no to negative forms of energy, chemicals, drugs, alcohol etc.
9. Drink lots of pure water (at least 8 large glasses a day)
10. Be with positive friends, pets, and relatives.
11. Declutter regularly (old clothes, old papers, old emails, and old
computer files, past lives, toxic thoughts (seek counselling for the last
one if necessary.)
12. Avoid stress and trauma like the plague as they inhibit Qi (or life
force energy.)
Deception, self-deception, delusion, illusions, emotional manipulation
and genuine transcendental experiences can result in a conglomerate of
confusion in the 12th house and Piscean sensitivity to undercurrents in
ones environment is an issue. Hence, people with Chiron in the 12th
house can lose their individuality in the ambience of the collective and
can experience grief through a loss of faith in the Divine. Hank
Wesselmans Journey to the Sacred Garden: A Guide to Travelling in
the Spiritual Realms is an excellent guide to a safe self-experiential
daily meditation or shamanic journey, which we can use to heal our inner
world. When I first began this daily ritual and grounding practice my inner
garden had cactus plants, no greenery and desert sands. With daily
practice, a determination to clean up my act and a gatekeeper- spiritual
gardener, who looked after my inner garden, my garden flourished in
abundance; the soil was rich, swans swam on my inner lake, roses
flourished, a hothouse of fresh vegetables grew, birds sang and my
physical health and emotional flourished correspondingly . I have a
strong Neptune and Chiron, so my spiritual well-being is connected
strongly to my emotional and physical wellbeing. Chirons gift here lies in
your ability to acknowledge and re-embrace the Divine, the guiding hand
of archangelic presence, and your own souls master plan.
Chiron in the chart often reveals wounds or hurts to ones psyche,
complexes which have been caused by from traumas that in the very
early stages of life, which we have not dealt with. The 12th house also
aligns with prenatal stages.
A lady , whom I will call Joanna, who was born in the 1938 to 1941
Cancer in Chiron cohort, was conceived, when the British Prime Minister
Chamberlin was trying his /peace at any price/ appeasement approach
with Hitler, the bully, to prevent WWII. At conception Mars squared this
persons natal Chiron. So we can see this as an echo of Hitlers rampant
aggression and the Allied nations desperate need for peace. It is almost
a reflection of the aggressive, raping pillaging Centaurs and peaceful,
mediator Chiron. So for this persons 12th house Chiron reflects world
collective trauma at a prenatal stage. At this prenatal stage these
emotions and attitudes would be unconscious. The zeitgeist (or world
spirit of the time) was very aggressive and fearful. Japan was already at
war with China and Britain and her colonies were warily aggressive
about Hitlers behaviour. Joannas mothers (Chiron in Cancer) anxiety
seeped into the baby and the square to Mars is most likely an angry or
soldier father. WWII actually began on 1st September, 1940. This date
coincides with the 5th to 6th month of gestation and Pluto in the 12th
house is right there. Plutos presence suggests death threat; a reaction
to the war beginning on September, 1939. Pluto being his old self, no
doubt caused this reaction to the destruction of World War to be deeply
subconscious. If we believe in past lives, this war experience may have
happened to Joanna before and her ancestors may have been part of
many wars.
I would suggest either regression therapy to clear the ambient fear,
anxiety and anger of the prenatal events or psychological therapy, or
Holographic Kinetics. Here Archangel Michael who is the archangel to
establish a well- grounded root chakra can help. We can seek his help to
help us ground our spirit. He stands for justice, courage and integrity and
he is a fitting guardian angel for one who has a Chiron square Mars. He
brings us the challenge of making our life have purpose and a deeper
meaning than just surviving. He helps us find our true path in life and
guards us through thick and thin. He will intervene for us with Jesus and
God to seek Divine Grace from God the Creator.
But I must return to Joannas Chiron in Cancer suggests a wound on the
maternal line. There is no doubt also that it is not only a maternal
ancestral problem, but there is also the feeling that mother did not create
the security, and cuddly, safe environment need by Joanna. We see
mother (Moon) as a hard-working, critical (Moon in Virgo) mother who
seeks to enmesh (Moon conjunct Neptune) and take her over. Seeing as
Moon is in the second house as well there is a longing for security,
belonging and a warm, caring home where one does not have to work
from daylight to dawn. Chiron also sextiles Uranus in the tenth and while
mother is original, ingenious, independent and amazing, she is also cold.
With Chiron in the tenth there is more emphasis on working and career,
so Joanna may never rest. Individually though Joanna with a Chiron-
Uranus will stimulate her need for unfoldment in her individuality and
independence in her relationships. On the spiritual level Chiron in
Neptunes house sextile Uranus reveals a talent for natural crown chakra
opening to communicate with a Divine presence. So what we see here is
a real potential of the healing of Joannas soul.
Sometimes, when a person has Chiron in the 12th, the wound may be
ancient, seemingly inexplicable in terms of ones experience, but
remains central to psychological themes that are repetitive and chronic.
An event of little outer consequence may take on an exaggerated
meaning, because it ties into an old soul issue. The issue relates of
course, to what may be considered the persons spiritual quest. This
again could be ancestral or past life emotional baggage which clogs the
astral level and makes one ungrounded, but no single factor should be
considered without taking into account its relation to the whole chart and
with and with Chiron in the 12th.
No matter what path you travel: modern Western psychotherapeutic or
ancient Eastern spiritual approaches or Indigenous approaches there will
be three important themes to seeking peace and inner fulfilment. They
are first; living fully in the present moment (rather than wandering around
in a veil of psychological smog); second; discovering what we want our
life to be about and creating that purpose and appropriate values and
then even in the midst of the greatest adversity treat life as a privilege
and make the most of it. With this we can see why Barbara Hand Clow
calls the 12th house the house of bliss and taking our power. She
emphasises the Native American teaching of giving away, just as Chiron
did to relinquish tight control over situations that just arent working and
letting go, letting God.
Chiron in the 12th house very much reflects the mindfulness philosophy
and practice. Mindfulness suggests that in reality nobody gets everything
they want. Mindfulness psychologist Russ Harris suggests that, During
our time on earth we are all going to experience disappointment,
frustration, failure, loss, rejection, illness, injury, aging and death. The
12th house archetype of Chiron is that of mindfulness, which suggests
that if we focus on inner fulfilment; a deep sense of wellbeing and peace
that we cultivate from within ourselves, rather than searching from gurus,
we heal of soul as well as a wounded affect. Inner fulfilment, nature and
our Divine self are always available to us. They are like a bottomless
spring, from which we can draw whenever we are thirsty. Emotional
affects such as pleasure and pain; fear and courage or attachment and
shutting down (disassociating or disengaging.); Divorce, death, disability,
illness, injury or infirmity, depression, anxiety seem different, but are
similar in that we need to support and be our kind to ourselves at these
times, love our selves, be proud of ourselves for coping. The larger our
reality gap is the more our emotional storm (our affect wound) is; so
when the emotional storm hits we must ground ourselves; face that we
cannot undo any of it; and find the treasures buried beneath the pain.
Here in our state of calm, gratefulness and constant restorative thought
and subjective sustainment, we can reach out to our family, friends,
work, creativity and spiritual rock and have good health. Here we have
mastered our subconscious mind, any shadow behaviour, challenging
ancestral behaviour and collective unconscious influence means we are
living the highest vibration of Chiron in the 12th house and we appreciate
all that life has to offer.. Essentially, Chiron here becomes a healer of our
Thanks for reading this article and I hope you have enjoyed reading it
and it has been of value to you.. I hope you have a great day from.