The 7 s model is an outcome of an extensive research by the famous management consultancy firm, mckinsey & co.(USA).

This framework helps to establish a direct and meaningful relationship between the efficiency and the very setup of the organization. Shared values- icici is an org that values and safeguard basic principles and core ethics that ranges from equal prospects, responsibility to society, appreciating values, openness, integrity and total team work. Strategy – icici, inspite of being incepted in a competitive enviorment at Mumbai, has achieved the best montly sales volume through out the periods. Structure – it has designed its org to comprise of departments such as finance & admin, sales, service and IT. F& A and IT deparments have their function to spread over the others in the structure. System – the training and development systems, performance evaluation systems and other systems in the org meet the best in the industry. Styles - follows an entrepreneurial, innovative and centralized style of management. Staff – does concentrate in managing the people in the org. the compensation packages and the career development prospects are meeting the best in the industry. Skills – does have a distinctive and somewhat unique marketing skill. The group as a whole itself is well known in the marketing of quality products and services. The expertise and allied knowledge is applied towards the future plans of diversification of the org.

• The Banker has selected ICICI Bank in India for its successful multi-channel strategy, combining traditional banking channels with innovative alternative channels to overcome geographic spread and underdeveloped communications infrastructure. ICICI Bank initiated the ‘clicks and bricks’ approach in India. Acknowledging varying customer needs between India’s states and social strata, the bank developed the Infinity Banking concept as a way of making banking accessible for all. The concept recognised customers’ growing desire for convenience in accessing accounts and transacting with the bank. While for some customers a branch is more convenient, others find it easier to use the internet or telephone banking. ICICI Bank boasts an extensive branch network and has pioneered the staffless branch concept, allowing customers who visit unmanned branches to talk directly to customer advisers through a video link. Its innovative internet channel offers a live chat facility to enable customer enquiries and mobile balance updates are also available. The bank has one of the largest call-centres in India supporting the operations. For selling of mortgage and insurance products, the bank uses direct sales agents and alliances with manufacturers and dealers. With 1700 ATMs across the country at branch and off-branch sites, ICICI Bank boasts the largest ATM network in India. Its investment to include Braille and voice-enabled ATMs for blind and illiterate customers is truly commendable.

and is flexible while at the same time ensuring effective control and supervision and consistency in standards across business groups. Wholesale Banking. Project Finance & Special Assets Management.• As a result of its perceptive branch strategy. International Business . ICICI Bank has acquired more than five million internet. mobile and telephone banking customers. Structure • • • • • • We believe that the structure of an organization needs to be dynamic. Our organizational structure is designed to support our business goals. constantly evolving and responsive to changes both in the external and internal environments. The organization structure is divided into five principal groups – Retail Banking.

The Wholesale Banking Group comprises ICICI Bank’s corporate banking business including credit products and banking services. The Retail Banking Group comprises ICICI Bank’s retail assets business including various retail credit products. The Corporate Centre comprises all shared services and corporate functions. Treasury. oil & gas. Government and public sector entities and emerging corporates. manufacturing and shipping sectors. human resources and corporate branding and communications. structured finance and credit portfolio management also form part of this group. risk management. legal.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • and Corporate Centre. The Special Assets Management Group is responsible for large non-performing loans and accounts under watch. including finance and secretarial. investor relations. . with separate dedicated groups for large corporates. retail liabilities (including our own deposit accounts as well as distribution of third part liability products) and rural micro-banking. Business Overview The Project Finance Group comprises our project finance operations for infrastructure. The International Business Group is responsible for ICICI Bank’s international operations as well as coordinating the international strategies and alliances of its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Customer First. and Passion.Shared Values • Every member of the ICICI Prudential team is committed to 5 core values: Integrity. Ownership. Boundaryless. . These values shine forth in all we do. and have become the keystones of our success.

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