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Osaka International School of Kwansei Gakuin October 15, 2017

OIS Community Bulletin

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Kool Sounds @Kita Senri Japanese-Italian Fusion

Everyone is invited to attend the concert taking Cooking Workshop for Parents
place at the Kita Senri train station complex, in
front of Mr. Donut. The grade 5 students, middle On Monday October 16 from 3:45 PM in the Home &
school wind ensemble, high school concert choir Family Life Room, the head chef of the Esaka
and high school string ensemble will be restaurant Volare will be sharing some techniques and
performing. ideas for SOIS parents.

We like to reach out to the local community and We still have spaces for about 10 more people. You can
promote our wonderful students. Come out and RSVP using the email or just show
enjoy some beautiful music program on Tuesday up on the day. The event is sponsored by the OIS PTA.
October 24 from 4:00 PM 5:30 PM.

Asian Rural Institute Visit

ARI is a rural training center of integrated organic
agriculture techniques, community building and servant
leadership. Each year 30 rural leaders from the
developing world spend 9 months at the Institutes
working farm institute in the Tochigi prefecture. An ARI
delegation will be here Monday November 13 at 3:45
PM in the 3F conference room. All parents and
students are invited to attend. They will be talking about
their work and rural leaders from Cameroon and
Philippines will be sharing their experiences. No need to
RSVP, but for further information, contact SIS Super
Global High School Teacher, Emi Tsudaka.
Osaka International School of Kwansei Gakuin October 15, 2017

Upcoming School Events

AISA (Association of International Schools in Asia) High School Championships - October 19-21
Boys Volleyball - hosted by Senri & Osaka International Schools
Girls Volleyball - hosted by Yokohama International School
Cross Country - hosted by Korea International School

Fall Music Recital - Thursday October 26 4:00 PM SOIS Theatre - contact Mr. Villapando
( if you are interested in participating - parents and students are welcome to attend

Onohara neighborhood Halloween: Saturday October 28

World Scholars Cup Tournament of Champions - November 9-16 at Yale University, Connecticut, USA

K-G2 Lunch Menu (16 to 31 October) PHOTOS BELOW

16 Mon teriyaki hamburger
17 Tue fried chicken with vinegar and tartar (LEFT) STUDENTS ENJOYED THE POOL
18 Wed cheese omelet with meat sauce
19 Thu pork cutlet (RIGHT) A SCENE FROM THE NOH
20 Fri minced meat cutlet THEATRE PERFORMANCE AT NHK HALL
23 Mon miso ramen noodle soup
24 Tue fried fish
25 Wed chicken cutlet with tomato sauce
26 Thu pork cutlet sandwich
30 Mon hamburger in stew

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