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Cessna Caravan C208 - Initial Rating

Prepared for: Mr Utpal Par

Training Estimate

PREPARED FOR: DATE: 17 June 2017

Mr Utpal Par CELL: 919987234823
Cessna Caravan C208 - Initial Rating AGE: 41

Course Description
On successful completion of this course the client will receive the C208 type rating as P1 (Captain) in his/her license.

Pre-Entry Requirements
Client must hold a valid Instrument Rating, English Language Proficiency of 4 or above and needs to be proficient with Instrument Flying Procedures.
Clients will need own transport to travel to Simulator training facility and Airport for the base training

End Qualification
P1 (Captain) Caravan C208 Type Rating in your SACAA Licence

Duration Flying Time Included

12 Days 2 Aircraft & 4 Simulator Hours

Description Units Cost

1. Module 1 - Ground School (C208B Initial) (Aircraft Technical Systems Training - 1 Day Flight 1 $ 456.00
Planning, Performance and Weight/Balance - 1 Day Cockpit Procedures Training )

2. Module 2 - Simulator Training (C208B Initial) (Simulator Training Session 1 - 2 Hrs Simulator 1 $ 1,061.28
Training Session 2 - 2 Hrs Pre and Post Simulator Training Briefings - 2 Hrs )

3. Module 3 - Aircraft Flying (C208B) (C208B Aircraft Flying - including testing - 2 Hrs Briefings - 1 $ 1,824.08
Pre/Post Aircraft Training - 1 Hr)

4. C208B Initial - Courseware 1 $ 90.16

Sub Total $ 3,431.52

14% VAT $ 480.41

Course Cost $ 3,911.93


PREPARED FOR: DATE: 17 June 2017

Mr Utpal Par CELL: 919987234823
Cessna Caravan C208 - Initial Rating AGE: 41

Payment Schedule
I would like to start my course on the and enclose a non refundable deposit as specified in the payment schedule below.

Description: When Payment is Due: Amount:

Full Pre Payment Before Commencement $ 3,911.93

ACCOUNT: 43 Air School (Pty) Ltd

First National Bank, a division of FirstRand Bank
Bank transfers to be made to: Limited


1. Proof of payment (include a copy of deposit slip or proof of payment)

2. Initialed Estimate (initialed signature on each page of this document)

3. Signed Enrolment Form With Previous Flight Experience (full signature on enrolment form included in this document)

4. Signed Conditions of Enrolment (signature on each enrolment conditions page of this document)

5. Copy of ID or Passport (include a scanned copy)

6. Copy of medical aid certificate and/or card (include a scanned copy, both front & back)

7. Copy of Pilot Licence & Aviation Medical (include a scanned copy)

The documents can either be faxed to us on: +27 87 809 3579 or emailed to: Please ensure that documents
are smaller than 5MB.
Terms and Conditions

Flying Training
1. Students are to please ensure their availability at all reasonable times to attend flying training, lectures and other course related activities.
2. Students are required to adhere to the training programme as scheduled by 43 Air School which includes scheduling of all examinations and practical ight
tests. The programme might be adapted from time to time as deemed necessary by the school.
3. A class one aviation medical is required in order to commence either the ICPL or IATPL courses, a class two medical is a requirement for any of the other
courses on offer. Medical examinations should ideally be done prior to arrival at 43 Air School especially in the case of a student having any pre-existing
medical conditions. For students arriving without the required medical certi cate an examination by a medical professional approved for aviation medicals
will be arranged and the cost thereof will be for the students account. 43 Air School will not be liable for any expenses incurred should a student be deemed
medically unfit.
4. Please be aware that the course hours detailed in the agreed training estimate are the minimum hours prescribed for completion of the course. Actual hours
required to complete the course may vary according to the students capability.
5. Daily flying and lecture schedules will be adapted as necessary at short notice as dictated by weather and other operational requirements.
6. Every effort will be made to complete the training courses within the period indicated on the agreed training estimate, but 43 Air School cannot be held
responsible for training delays caused by the weather and other factors over which the school has no control. The school does not guarantee that students
will pass exams nor flight tests but will give students reasonable assistance in accordance with the training programme to achieve these goals.
7. Students are to please ensure their availability to attend pre-arranged ying lessons. Please be aware that a student will, as a rst transgression, be given a
warning to be placed on the training le should the student does not show up for a pre-arranged lesson and has not made a reasonable and timeous attempt
to contact the relevant flying instructor.
8. The cost implications of second and subsequent transgressions to the school will be recovered through a "no show" fee charged to the student that will be
the equivalent of the full hourly rate for whichever aircraft the student booked to fly.

1. Accommodation on campus is provided for the full duration of the enrolled course, it is highly advisable that the student is accommodated on base for the full
course duration, it is mandatory that students are accommodated on base until completion of the nal ground school phase. A student that wishes to move
off base after ground school is required to motivate his / her wish in writing to the College Master and can be granted subject to the Head of trainings
approval and a calendar months notice which is required.
2. A room only discounted rate will apply when students are away from campus while partaking in away from base training and / or exams as is part of the
enrolled course.
3. Should unforeseen circumstances require the student to be away from campus for a brief period, leave can be granted subject to approval of the relevant
flight manager and satisfactory progress with the training program.
4. Please be aware that a room deposit will be deducted from funds available for training and will be refunded to the student or sponsor within 30 days of
course completion should the room be found to be in the same condition as it was when given to the student for occupation, fair wear and tear expected. The
school will replace any furniture and ttings found to be broken and will recover the cost of returning the room to its original habitable state using the
aforementioned deposit and will refund any residue balance.

1. This course estimate includes Value Added Tax (VAT) at 14% of the course fee. South African tax legislation does allow a VAT exclusion for foreign students
if the students employer is sending their employee for this training course. A letter from the employer con rming the students current employment can be
submitted and will be considered for an updated VAT exclusive course estimate.
2. Course fees cannot be used for purchases from the Pilot Shop. Additional funds will have to be provided for before a student will be allowed to charge the
purchase to their student account.
3. The non-refundable entrance fee speci ed in the estimate is payable on enrolment to secure a booking for any course. This fee will be held separately from
the active student training account and will be taken into account when calculating the envisaged final payment required prior to conclusion of the course.
4. In order to ensure the students active training account maintains a pre-paid status throughout the duration of the course a payment schedule is included with
the course estimate to allow for cash ow planning. The schedule is indicative by nature and will be revised when the student or sponsor is presented with a
post ground school revised estimation to complete.
5. Course pricing is subject to normal increases, an annual inflation linked adjustment is normally effected on 1 July.
6. The schools administration department will timeously respond to any accounts related queries the student or sponsor may have regarding the active student
account and will follow up on payments that have not been received in accordance with the payment schedule. Please be aware that, if no funds have been
received after a seven (7) day period, it will be deemed that the student has terminated his / her course. The standard booking procedures, along with a
further deposit if applicable, will be required to secure a further booking.
7. It is the norm that the payment schedule will be revised in the event of any signi cant changes to the training programme. The student / sponsor will receive
the revised schedule as soon as possible and payment in accordance with the revised schedule will be required to ensure the students pre-paid account
status is maintained.
8. The course estimate and its supporting payment schedule does not contain any provision for cash advances to be paid to the student for purposes other
than the scheduled training programme. The student / sponsor is requested to arrange stipend payments directly with the students bank privately and as a
separate arrangement from the funds that are to be paid to the school for the students tuition and related costs.
9. Any refund of residue funds will be effected within 90 days after completion of the students training course.
10. Foreign Exchange:43 Air School reserves the right to re-estimate if the ZAR strengthens beyond 10% of the prevailing rates of exchange, at date of signature
of the training estimate, for US Dollar, British Pound and Euro.
Terms and Conditions - Part 2

Termination of Course
1. Please be aware that, should a student / sponsor terminate any part of their flying training course, they will be deemed to have terminated the training
course unilaterally, unless otherwise agreed to by 43 Air School. 2. In the event, of a training course being terminated prematurely by 43 Air School for
reasons of contravention of the agreed terms and conditions by the student, or terminated unilaterally by the student for any reason, 43 Air School will
refund the residue portion of the fees received, minus a cancellation fee and any other costs which 43 Air School may have incurred on account of the
student. The cancellation fee will be equal to 25% of the uncompleted portion of the estimate, or to the entrance fee, whichever is less. The refund will
be made within (90) days after notification in writing of termination of the training course has been received by the school. 3. In the event of 43 Air
School terminating a training course for reasons other than a contravention of these conditions, the client will be entitled to a refund of the residue
portion of their fees minus any other costs which 43 Air School may have incurred on account of the student. 4. Please be aware that should an
enrolled student not commence the scheduled training programme within seven (7) days of the agreed upon start date, without having agreed
alternative arrangements with the school, the student will be deemed to have terminated their training course. 5. Should a student unilaterally suspend
their training programme for a period of more than seven (7) consecutive days without agreeing alternative arrangements with the school, the student
will be deemed to have terminated their course.

Foreign Student Policy

1. Foreign students that wish to enroll for one or more of our course offerings, please be aware that a 24 month study Visa is mandatory. In compliance with
South African law, should a student arrive to commence his / her course without the required study Visa, 43 Air School reserves the right to refuse the student
entry to its facilities until the student produces and submits a valid study Visa.
2. Students that are already enrolled and are training while holding a study VISA are reminded that the responsibility rests solely on the student to ensure the
validity of their study Visa throughout the duration of their period of training at the school. It is important to note that the school is regularly inspected for
compliance by the relevant regulatory authorities and any ne that is incurred by the school as a result of non-compliance or a students study Visa being
invalid will be for the students account.

1. Students are respectfully requested to abide by the rules laid down in the company training procedure manual as well as the code of conduct and the student
disciplinary code.
2. Attention is speci cally drawn to the company's right, in the interest of ying safety, to carry out periodic spot checks for substance abuse by students.
Should you be selected for testing your compliance will be appreciated.
3. Students are respectfully requested to abide by the 43 Air School dress code.
4. With a view to ensuring the schools staff are afforded the best opportunity to teach students in an environment conducive to effective tuition as well as to
ensure harmony amongst students from a variety of nationalities and diverse cultures, students are requested to;
1. abide by the acceptable standards of behavior and not engage in discourse or action that will give offence to others,
2. not act in any way that may jeopardise the good name of 43 Air School, and
3. not act in any way that will damage or deface any property of 43 Air School, offenders will be held responsible for the cost of repairing any such
damage caused and could face further disciplinary action and consequences.
5. Students are requested not to, at any stage, remove any property, training les, programmes or copies thereof, from the school premises or allocated place of
storage of such items. The removal of property and records belonging to the school is illegal and is forbidden.
6. Please not that all premises, facilities and equipment of 43 Air School are for use by the school's students and staff only. Visitors are welcome at the
invitation of staff/students between the times of 08:30 and 19:00 by prior arrangement with the schools management.
7. Although the schools aircraft and assets are comprehensively insured, students are not insured in their personal capacity nor is their personal property which
includes any courseware, (study material, equipment and study aids, iPads etc.) that have been issued to the student by the school. Once courseware has
been issued to the student it becomes the students property and the school strongly suggests that students / sponsors comprehensively insure all personal
belongings of the student including issued courseware. 43 Air school has reasonable security in place to provide safety for students and to minimize the risk
of loss through theft, we do hereby highlight the fact that the onus to insure personal property against loss or damage lies with the student / sponsor.
Enrolment Form


Training Start Date: Course Attending: Cessna Caravan C208 - Initial Rating

First Name: Utpal Surname: Par

Postal Address: Physical Address:

Telephone: Cell No: 919987234823

Fax No: Email Address:

Gender: RSA ID No:

Nationality: Passport No:

Date of Birth:

Dietary Requirements: Halaal Kosher Vegetarian None


Clothing Size S, M, L: SPL or Pilot License No:

Car Registration


Next of Kin: Cell No:

Next of Kin Email:


Medical Insurance: Membership No:

Medical Ins Contact No: Blood Group:



Licence No: Licence Expiry Date:

Licence Country Of Issue:

Medical :class => Medical Expiry Date:

Current Employer: Crew Name:


Total Time:

Pilot In Command: Co-Pilot:

Total Instrument: Total Night:

Total Turbine: Total Jet:

Multi-Engine Land: Single-Engine Land:

MCC Endorsement: Yes No MCC Country Of Issue

Enrolment Form

ACCOUNT INFORMATION (Please give details of the person responsible for paying for your course)

Name of Sponsor:


Telephone No: Cell No:

Email Address:

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