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Solid waste generated year wise for first five years:

S.No. Year Total waste Generated M?

1 1 year 2568
2 2nd year 2568
3 3rd year 2568
4 4th year 2568
5 5th year 2568
Total waste generated for five years 12840
Mining operations are carried out on the slopes of the rocky terrain. Hence there is no water

j) Dumping site particulars :

Dumping of waste will be dumped on the area earmarked as shown in plate No.4 Waste
will be stoked in the prescribed area in the North-West side of the Q.L. area to a height of up to
10mts. During the first five years about 12840m3 of waste material will be generated.

k) Estimated Waste Quantity that will be generated over the entire period :

Total Black Granite reserves = 51920 m3

Black granite available in the format = 20%

Black granit reserves = 51920 x 20% = 10284 m3

Total Mineral waste in the area = 80%

= 51920 x 80% = 41712 m3

8) ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN: The area granted lease is covered by rocky

out crops and bushy thorny vegetation. There are no agricultural lands in the applied area.

a) Baseline Information :-
b) Land use Pattern : The Quarry are belongs to the Government and it is not being
use for any other use except for grazing.
c) Flora and Fauna : The subject area is rocky terrain and does not consist and trees
of major vegetation. Excepting for the presence of replies and other minor wild life
like rabbits, fields etc., no major wild life exists in this area.
d) Climate Conditions : The peak summer will be in the month of May, Highest
temperature of 41.6oC is recorded in the area during the month of May and the
lowest temperature 17.60oC is recorded in the month of January, 2009. Normal rain
fall is 1006mm, during 2008-2009 the rainfall of the area was of about 763.6mm
e) Quality of water, air and Ambient Noise Level : The subject is away from
Industries and Human settlement at present. So the air and water are fresh in the area
and there is no chance for noise generation before mining operations.
f) Water Regime : The rain water flows through the slops of the area and drained off
through a seasonal nasal. There are no perennial water sources in and around the
applied area with 500m radius.
g) Human Settlement : The following villages are within 5km radius in the applied
area. The population, distance and location of these villages With respect to
Applied Area are given in the following table.

S.No. Name of the village Population Distance in km Directions

1 Rangasamudram 1050 4.0 NW
2 Nagannakota 650 3.5 NW
3 Bandamidapalli 1250 2.5 West
4 Kammaparivalli 550 1.5 West
5 Achannapeta 250 2.0 East
6 Takatampalli 1000 2.5 SW
7 Kottakota 4500 4.0 SW

h) Public Buildings, Places of Worship and Monuments : There are no Public

Buildings, Places of Worship and Monuments within or near the area.
i) Whether the area falls under the notified area of water Act. 1974 : No