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Curriculum Vitae


Surname: Damio
Name: Eutlio Joo Domingos
Nacionality: Mozambican
Place of birth: Beira
Date of birth: September 20, 1991
Marital status: Single
I.D n: 070101910065P
Adress: Ponta-ga, Andrade CorvoStreet, n 361- Beira
Nuit: 122692515


Profissional extremely competent e communicative, looking for vague to apply skills

academic and professional increased their experience.


2014:Completed Engineering Computer at Zambeze University Faculty of Sciences and

Technologies in Beira Sofala;

2011:Bachelor degree in Basic Engineering Sciences Computer at Zambeze University -

Faculty of sciences and technologies in Beira;
2008: Standard 12 at high school Samora Moises Machel in Beira;
2005: Standard 10 at high school Catedral in Beira;
2002: Standard 7 at elementary school BonsSonhos in Beira;


2014:Instalation, configuration andmanegement of claroline plataform;

2013:Completed level 5 of English at the Institute of Language (IL) in Beira - Sofala;

2011: Cisco Networking Academy - IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software;

Domain in all Microsoft Office packages;

Design and implement computer networks installations, as well as administer;

Maintenance of information technology equipment;

Managing and Configuring Servers (DNS, WEB, FTP, SSH, DHCP, Email);

Programming in Java, HTML, C ++, PHP

I can do database work in SQL Server 2008 and MySQL;

Power Shell Understanding;

Manage Database with the use of the Windows Power Tools shell to facilitate repetitive
tasks and the tasks which consumes more time not running in parallel.

Creating and Configuring Replication and Data Base Mirror in SQL

Transaction Log Shipping Configuration in SQL EXPRESS

License to drive Class B vehicle;

High sense of responsibility;


High sense of responsibility;

Strong desire to advance professionally;

Self-motivated and a spirit of research;

Willingness to learn and ease of integration in teamwork.

Good interpersonal skills;

Even under pressure I can maintain high standards;


Working in Mocambique Leaf Tobacco, as IT Helpdesk Supervisor since J anaury

Worked in Movitel - Branch Sofala, as deputy head of the area of corporate since
October 2014;
Technician in the area of information technology at Megabyte - Beira;
Exposed during the II Exposure of Science Faculty at Zambeze University;

Language Writing Reading Speaking

Portuguese Good Good Good

English Good Good Good


Cell: +258 82 787 6256Eutlio Joo Domingos Damio



Ph.D. Jos Alberto Vigueras Moreno

Cargo: Teacher of Universidade Zambeze
Contact: +258 84 226 3588

Dra. Isabel Ntefula

Cargo: Manager at Emose Beira
Contact: +258 82 949 6361/+258 84650 2323

Engineer Felcio Jaime Balane

Cargo: Software Analyst at nico Bank - Maputo
Contact: +258 84 588 5471