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Development in all quarter seems to be the mantra of the day. Citizens are more and more demanding with each passing day for civic amenities or government services in developed and third world countries. They need best class physical infrastructure for better quality of life as complete beautification of city, building bridges and over bridges, improving transport through metro and new roads, better social and health services; same time there is an urgent demand of best class ICT infrastructure with e-gov initiative, administrative reforms and government process reengineering to facilitate citizen services to be more transparent, simplified, efficient and accountable. Oracle Digital City Initiative is one of the High Value Programs under Oracle Global e-governance Strategy for emerging and mega cities; here Oracle is working with respective local governments worldwide of developed and developing countries to develop best class ICT infrastructure and egov solutions with Oracle successfully leverage technology landscape and software solutions stack, our key initiative and steps to make a digital city are – • • Streamline common functions and integrate backend processes as HR, Finance, Procurement, Tax management, Project management to improve business operations and internal efficiencies. With Citizen Service Portal and Walk in Citizen Facilitation Center (CFC) city’s local governments listen citizen demands and needs 24/7, ready to cater them online at the click of finger, enabling single window services across multiple departments, deliver benefits for better G2C and G2B interactions. Comprehensive initiative in the area of government process reengineering, process reforms, employee development, health and social care services and budgetary details. Better city infrastructure along with efforts to harness technology for citywide computer network, municipal Wi-Fi, GIS & GPS and implementing multiple software solutions and technology programs with our partner network. Form Project Management Task Force (PMTF) for steering Digital City initiative to leverage technology to give better quality of life.

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Oracle Digital City initiative being implemented on service clustered approach with Public Private Partnership basis with Oracle Citizen Services integrated with Technology solutions for local governments. Oracle strategy with Digital City initiative to ensure that our customers can take the approach and procedure that best suit the needs of stakeholders , citizens , executives and elected members in the new world of local government.

Local governments in a Global World
In an information led technology driven world, citizen’s expectations are also changing driving new behaviors and new ways of interacting with government organizations. National and local governments are under great pressure to use emerging technologies and tools to interact with citizens and constituents. Wealthier sections of the society can exercise choice and means to interact with government and to avail government services; but it is the statuary duty of the government not to ignore people lower on the economic scale and to give them the experience and benefits of citizen centric economy.

Global demographics are also driving change worldwide. The issues and challenges of developed and developing nations local governments are different and also the expectations of the citizens. In developed countries aging populations with longer life expectancy are placing huge and increasing demands on health and social care systems. There is need to deliver improved care and to an increasing percentage of the populations funded by reducing workforce. For local governments in developed world the only affordable answer is to improve efficiency and increase public sector productivity. In many developing nations, even basic services that support population life cycle and economic processes are cumbersome and poorly implemented or altogether absent in most of the cities. At the same time globalization and population growth are creating mega cities even in developing countries where the strains of large, diverse populations create increasingly complex demands that may include having to deal with over 100 ethnic groups and languages. The right technology implemented in a model tailored approach to local conditions can help and bring these cities and regions more fully into global economy. There are wide variations in the extent to which governments both national and local level have adopted technology to support their responses to these pressures. While many local governments are able to deliver end-to end connected experiences for citizens and government workers nowadays; but still there are many urban bodies without basic services as organization e-mail. The most successful local governments are able to recognize the power of technology and to focus on implementing business solutions that solve real world problems. More and more people, business and governments connect via internet; security and privacy is also key concern.

Local governments and Use of Technology
Local governments and urban bodies & councils are regarded as the closest point for services delivery to the citizens with the government. The majority of citizen interaction with the government happens with the local authorities at the municipal and local level. In most countries approximately 80% of transactions between governments and citizens or businesses take place at local and regional level. In some countries even local governments are responsible for delivering services on behalf of national or provincial authorities in addition to the services within their geographic or organizational domain. Designing business applications and IT infrastructure for local governments that are intended to serve thousands or millions of people are significantly challenge. Until recently, interest in government ICT has been focused at national level. Today the importance of using ICT to support and drive change in local and regional governments particularly in cities is becoming well recognized. By adopting Information and Communication technologies and e-gov initiative, public service delivery by the local governments and urban local bodies could be restructured to meet the needs of their citizens effectively and efficiently. Some of the services include payment of utility bills – water, electricity, property; issuance of birth, death and marriage certificates; facilitation of lodging complaints and their hassle free redressal and so forth. Nowadays local governments are adopted the use technology and e-gov initiative worldwide and citizens are being provided the above mentioned services online so that they can access the services without travailing long distances and without waiting in queue. The key challenge of many local governments of mega cities are their closed technology legacy applications that often cause many duplication of the same processes to be created, incurring inefficiencies errors in operations. Most of the local governments in developing nations can’t

provide reliable and efficient services to their citizens due to the non-integrated nature of manual procedures of information management followed by them. Many cities and their local governments started to follow the process of automating individual functions and operations but they create silos of information and obstacles for a single window access to services. In Digital City initiative, Oracle’s vision and roadmap is sustained improvement in efficiency and productivity of cities and at the same time effective, transparent and quick delivery of municipal and local government level services to citizens. The Key Objectives of this Core Focus Area are :• • • • • Provide Single Window services to citizens on anytime, anywhere basis Increase the efficiency and productivity of local governments and municipal local bodies of cities. Develop a single and integrated view of local body information system across all local level governments and urban bodies of the state. Provide timely & reliable management information relating to local and municipal administration for effective decision making. Adopt a standards-based approach to enable integration with other related applications and e-gov solutions of the state.

Objectives of Digital City
While the local governments around the world operate in a different cultural context and scale; but the challenges are same consistently in spite of those differences. Every local government citizen wants better quality lower cost service. Every politician’s wants to see regulatory compliance and obligations met properly. All civil servants want work to with the best tools, having one accurate picture of up to date informations and to make decisions without taking risks. Digital City initiative envisages and provides the following benefits to local governments worldwide:Improving Customer (Citizen and Business) Service Delivery :- Digital City gives citizens and businesses better access to government informations and services with simpler processes, less paperwork and more efficient interactions. Citizens now get 24/7 access, sophisticated online services and prompts response to their request, rapid resolution of their inquires. We provide multichannel access ( Web, telephone, SMS and face to face) to allow customers to access services in ways that suit their needs. Increasing Operational Efficiency :- Public Services are coming under increasing pressure to work more efficiently and to deliver more services at lower cost. There is also pressure on national government budgets usually means less funding to local governments in recession led econonmy. Oracle proven technologies and best practices in Digital City offer ways to reconcile these pressures by improving efficiencies, transforming working practices and delivering more for less. Improving Compliance and Accountability :- Digital City improves regulatory compliance and accountability for good governance showing what money has been received and how it is has been used to deliver agreed upon services and who is accountable for the delivery and performance of services in functioning of cities and local governments. Leverage the Power of Technology :- Local Governments can achieve dramatic improvements in efficiencies by developing new business models that are supported by technologies such as CRM and ERP. These technologies offer significant opportunity to public sector bodies to transform their ways of working; to move resources from back office administrative functions and reinvest them in delivering front line services. Digital City gives local governments planned and

integrated ICT platform include economies of scale in terms of reduced administration, maintenance and training integrated with business applications. It also provide improved integrity of data, better business intelligence, increased internal controls and significantly reduced potential for fraud. Caring for Environment: - All local governments are concerned with protecting the environment with limited human resources and budgets, looking for technology to assistance for environmental problems. They need to create a safe, attractive, healthy, sustainable, environment for the benefit of local people. As population increases so do pressure on the local environment and infrastructure. Digital City of Oracle with its Green It initiative working with urban authorities to make policies to reducing carbon footprint , noise nuisance , improving street scene , protecting parks and trees and solid waste management program. Sustaining the Local Economy and Infrastructure :- Most local governments have similar vision to sustain their local communities and culture. Most cities compete on a global level to attract investments based upon relative measure of quality of life, economic benchmarks and transport, physical and IT infrastructure like broadband and telecommuting to attract industry and commerce. Oracle has engaged in Public Private Partnership basis to assist cities and regions to help and promote the local ICT economies. Delivering Social Care :- In developed world aging populations is placing increasing demands on public services. In other parts of the world, expanding populations are expecting better public services and putting local governments under pressure to deliver better quality services with static or diminishing budgets. Oracle Digital City transform the ways local governments deliver social care to handle these pressures and dramatically improve the efficiency of services responsive to people’s needs. Raising Standards in Education :- Most of the educational infrastructure is under the management and control of the local authorities in cities. Traditionally the support of ICT has been confined to a dedicated facility, be it a school or further education institution, and entirely separated from the wider community. Much of a region’s economic prosperity is tied to the employability of its workforce and education is a major tool to achieve such an aim. Digital City we raise standards in education; provide online learning to citizens as well as in schools and colleges; support standard ICT literacy education in the community. Improving Staff Productivity :- Local governments have historically labored with poor ICT tools and facilities for productivity and collaboration. The use of emerging technologies and modern ICT tools like availabity of e-forms, broadband, mobile devices and instant messaging communication provides significant opportunities for staff productivity.Intelligent applications that capture data once only can further improve processing by avoiding a second back-office pass in many processes.

Oracle Solutions and Technologies for Digital City
Oracle offer high value solutions at low cost to solve the challenges and issues of local government organizations face everyday. Our Technology solutions are designed to provide organizations with long term stability and maximum agility in responding to the evolving needs of the local governments and cities.

Technology Architecture :- We provide local government greatest range of choices in the
use and deployment of software from on premise to online basis. Our software–plus-services vision means local government organizations can deploy software and solutions from the cloud or the enterprise data center and deliver rich applications to PCs, the Web and mobile devices. Our

solutions integrate with heterogeneous computing environment and set new standards in interoperability between new and existing applications; supporting fully open standards and on demand operating environment. Oracle gives local governments and urban bodes the more secure, reliable, flexible and wellmannered IT infrastructure with its software solution stack and products in every area of computing, provide the most fascinated IT environment on a solid foundation of integrated technologies from Applications Oracle e-biz suite ; Peoplesoft ; Siebel ;Open Office, JAVA ; Sun Servers ; Solaris ; 11g ; My SQL to Enterprise Linux. We provide all the key software components from Operating Systems and Servers, Desktop Applications and Unified Communication tools, Database, Middleware and Applications all based on open industry standards.

Application Architecture: - Oracle has investigated the needs of governments in multiple
dimensions to understand how to best compose products, applications, solutions and templates and address the business needs of local governments. The applications architecture and solutions designed to accommodate the varying levels of size and maturity of local governments in Oracle Digital City initiative. • • • Very small local government agencies with limited technology resources. Small local government agencies with focus on internal optimization of processes and limited citizen interaction. Larger local government agencies with needs spanning complex challenges, technology capabilities and rich business processes.

For all those scenarios, levels and size of local governments, Oracle offer common set of presentation components, technology capabilities and business templates in people ready technology solutions offered in Digital City initiative which has business productivity and application platform infrastructure. Oracle provides best class technology solutions to improve operational efficiency and service delivery mechanism of local governments those are fully integrated with Oracle Citizen Services. Citizen Services are one of the key products and solutions offered under Public Sector Group which ensure that effective, transparent, efficient citizen centric services reach the entire constituency and enable growth and social development at government level.

Operational Efficiency and Productivity Solutions :- Oracle offer

Applications Oracle e-biz Suite ; PeopleSoft ; Siebel ; JD Edwards ; Open Office in Digital City initiative for

improving internal efficiencies and to better access to information, revenue collection, enhanced transparency and accountability and reduced operational overheads that lead to more efficient utilization of taxpayers money. Oracle delivers a suite of integrated tools for managing finances, human resources, citizen relationship, supply chain, funds & grants , compliance obligations all with lower TCO. These tools are used by government organizations to improve operational efficiency with effective services and greater accountability.

• • •

Financial Solutions --- enable and automate end-to-end financial operations of local government and urban body by providing integrated systems that manage budgeting, asset management in addition to accounting and reporting. Supply Chain Management Solutions --- applications that assist in all aspect of supply chain from effective purchasing and procurement function to inventory tracking.Provide control over entire purchase and supply chain process. Tax Management Solutions --- enable more transparent revenue and tax collection ward and council wise throughout urban body.

• • •

Human Resource Management Solution --- enable all aspect of employee relation from application, hiring to compensation and benefits, certification and education tracking to much more ; increase level of satisfaction in career management. Asset Management Solution --- enable more efficient usage of internal assets and inventory of municipal authorities. Project Management Solution --- monitor municipal and council’s projects and ward works from budget to execution.

Service Delivery Solutions :- Oracle offers CRM and partner solutions to deliver high
quality transparent services to citizens and businesses to conceptualize Digital City initiative. CRM for local governments offer citizen centric approach for service delivery, inquiry management and other business practices. These citizen centric approaches deliver centralized access to detailed informations about citizens and services to many government organizations. CRM offer citizen interaction management, case management, community communication management, grant management, field inspection to business intelligence tools to the modernization and integration of public services for local government of all sizes.

• •

• •

CRM Citizen Interaction Management Solutions --- offer information call center or contact center enable real time multi channel (walk in, telephone call, web etc) access of services to constituents and citizens. CRM Case Management Solutions --- enable public grievances and their redressal and increase effective governance by city officials, through feedback on various problems and issues in the city, helps citizens to lodge complaints at single counter and their efficient resolution. Social Services Solutions --- enable improved transactional services with citizens and businesses (service for birth, death, marriage certificates and issuance of trade licenses) with citizen service centers. Environment / Social Care / Infrastructure and Education Solutions --- Microsoft with its partner ecosystem and technology landscape provide solutions to better manage environmental, social care, education standard, physical and ICT infrastructure development process. Oracle Earth --- enable capturing, storing and analyzing geographical data to efficiently governing city as GIS. This next generation solutions from Microsoft helps in emergency response system in traffic management, crisis management and many other processes.

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