MSIT32 – SOFTWARE QUALITY & TESTING ASSIGNMENT – TA 1. What is software testing? Discuss the reasons for software bugs.

Draw the test information flow in a typical software test cycle. Is testing free from hurdles? If yes list out the hurdles encountered. 15M 2. List out the objectives of FTR. Describe the different types of formal FTR. Also discuss ISO and CMM approaches to quality assurance. 15M 3. List out the broad headings under which common errors may be found in programs along with a few typical instances for each one of them. 10M 4. What is black box testing? What are the different techniques available to conduct black box testing? 10M ASSIGNMENT – TB 1. What is the need for GUI testing? List out the guidelines to be followed during GUI testing. 10M 2. Describe the conventional ‘V’ model of software testing. Write a note on integration testing. 15M 3. What are the different levels of static web site testing? 10M 4. What are the different processes in the standard test process model? Describe the common metrics that are to be used in improving the testing process. 15M MODEL QUESTION PAPER PART – A (25M all questions compulsory) 1. Define software testing. 2. _____ is a critical element of software quality assurance. 3. A test configuration includes _____, _____ & _____. 4. Define quality. 5. What is quality of conformance? 6. FTR stands for _____. 7. MTBR = _____ + _____. 8. _____ is the quality assurance standard that applies to software engineering. 9. What does the CMM model assess? 10. Dangling pointer is an example of _____ error. 11. Give one example for computation error. 12. In white box testing _____ & _____ are available. 13. Draw the notation used to represent a while condition. 14. What is black box testing? 15. Name any two automated testing tools. 16. GUI stands for _____. 17. What is a test strategy? 18. ‘V’ model testing maps types of test to _____.

List the common errors that occur in data referencing & data interfacing. Discuss in brief the different quality concepts. What is regression testing? 20. What is a primitive metric? 24. Write a note on CMM. Key to improve test process is finding strength & _____. 10+5=15 7. 25.19. 22. 8+7=15 8. 8+7=15 2. How does big bang approach differ from incremental approach of integration testing? Explain any one incremental integration testing strategy. 10+5=15 3. Describe the common forms of FTR. 12+3=15 6. 8+7=15 5. What is a metric? Differentiate between primary and computed metrics with examples. List the different strategies to test web based applications. 8+7=15 4. _____ is a consequence of testing. Discuss the different techniques used in black box testing. Explain the different methods available in white box testing with examples. 23. What are the different approaches to software testing? Why is testing important? List the hurdles normally encountered in testing. PART – B (75M answer any 5 full questions. DDE is calculated as _____. Draw the ‘V’ model of testing and explain. Explain the spiral as a software testing strategy. 6+9=15 . Illustrate a typical test information flow. Give one example for a computed metric. List the operations and associated tests which serve as guidelines for GUI testing. each question carries 15 marks) 1. Write a note on testing documentation. What is software testing? Discuss the need for software testing. Discuss the different metrics used to improve the testing process. Discuss the different categories available in the standard test process model. 21. _____ is conducted at one or more customer sites by end user/s of software.

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