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What does it mean?

Advertising consists of all the activities involved in presenting to an audience a non-
personal, sponsor-identified, paid-for message about a product or organization. Advertising
has become essential to promote sales, to introduce new product, to create good public, for
large scale of production, for educating people etc.

Advertising is the integral part of every day's life. Without advertising modern
society cannot survive. Advertising is useful to society as it encouraging people to purchase
goods and services, it bridges the gap among people by communicating varied culture
through advertising message, it contributes to bring about all round development of the
economy by increasing demand, it provides opportunities to people to improve their income.

Selection of right media is important for achieving the objectives of advertising.

Selection of right type of advertising media depends on the factors like the nature of
production, market requirement, advertising objectives, distribution strategy, budget,
competitors choice, media availability etc. There are a number of advertising media choices
available like Radio, FM Radio broadcasting, Internet, Television, Press, Magazine and
Journals, Mural advertising act. But not any single media can satisfies all the objectives of
the company.

There are a number of advertising media available to the advertiser for advertising the
products. But not a single media can satisfies all the needs of various time periods.

Media planning means devising a programme in such a manner as to optimally use

the advertising space, the broadcast time, or other advertising media, in exposing an
advertisers message to potential consumers. Systematic media planning is the responsibility
of advertiser or the advertising agency. It is a proper process which includes the steps like
deciding target market and media objectives, selecting specific media vehicle, allocating
funds etc

There are more chances of being wrong or untruth advertisements in the market,
which mislead the consumers. The self-regulation laws mainly prohibit those aspects of
advertising which are either untruth or harmful to the society.
Introduction advertising - University of Mumbai

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