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The project is developed from
AIESEC Hope of the Future, rural
culture education program which
started from 2008. Co founded by
AIESEC in Mainland China and China
Population Welfare Foundation in
We want to build a bridge to connect junior high
/high school students, university students and
companies to provide students with equal
opportunity and resources to study, to communicate
with the world, to find the real thing they want
instead of only focus on exams and develop DREAM
university students leadership and social
Job Description
GCDS: Participate in which is the regional induction conference
for EPs. It will be held in 18th-19th July. The delegate feeabout
250is not coved.
Course Design: We will offer a curriculum program. And every
one of you would be responsible for some courses. You should
discuss the details and make it more interesting with others.
Winter Camp: The winter camp will be held in
a high School in Hunan Province for 7 days. You will
pair up with a buddy to facilitate a group of students aged
from 16 to 18. Through sharing your story and culture, the
students will think about themselves, find something they really
want and love instead of exams.
Job Description
Create sustained impact by directly working with local school
teachers and residents on issues of reading, education.
Volunteers go into schools to organize camps, inspire students
through sharing our own experience and collect their dreams.
Bring leadership, teamwork, standard English, cross culture
education and soft skills workshops to the students we teach.
Design the lesions and figure out some brilliant ideas to help all of
us deliver our messages directly and easily. (The form& the
Bring them some positive attitude and values (like never
give up, always have passion, to be active and so on),
encourage them fight for themselves, and work hard to
reach a bigger platform which is more helpful for them to
achieve their dream.

Project Report: After the project, you need to write a report

about your feelings, experience, learning points, etc. If you
have some fantastic photos and videos, please send it to OC.
We will really appreciate it if you can edit a video for our
Bring your computer Design sessions. Find some
here and better to creative or local interesting games,
search some basic and prepare an introduction for it
information of China. and clarify its value.

Make a video, take photos, and Prepare some talent show,

prepare a presentation (with PPT) it will be better that we can
to introduce your country and involve all the delegates.
culture. And please bring your We will hold a farewell
national flag and at least one of party in the last night of
your clothes which represent Winter Camp.
your country culture.
Beijing: Not provided
Winter Camp: Free in school

Beijing: EP house, 45RMB/day (2 EP share a bed)
Winter Camp: Free in schools dorm (single bed)

PS: The food and

accommodation during the Food
exploring time will not be
Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Jun.18th CS EB EB CD WtH WtH


CS: Course Shock EB: Explore Beijing CD: Course Design WtH: Way to Hunan
WC: Winter Camp EY: Explore Yueyang EC: Explor China
Lets Explore China
Beijing, is the capital of the
People's Republic of China and one
of the most populous cities in the
The city's history dates back three
millennia. As the last of the Four
Great Ancient Capitals of China,
20% Beijing has been the political center
General Introduction of Beijing
of the country for much of the past
eight centuries. The city is renowned
for its opulent palaces, temples,
parks and gardens, tombs, walls
and gates. And its art treasures and
universities have made it a center of
culture and art in China.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is a
series of fortifications made of
stone, brick, tamped earth,
wood, and other materials,
generally built along an east-to-
west line across the historical
northern borders of China to
protect the Chinese states.

Forbidden City
The Forbidden City was the
Chinese imperial palace from the
Ming dynasty to the end of the
Qing dynasty. It houses the
Palace Museum. It served as the
home of emperors and their
households as well as the
ceremonial and political center of
Chinese government for almost
500 years.

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square is a large

city square in the centre of
Beijing, China. Tiananmen
Square is the fourth largest city
square. It has great cultural
significance as it was the site of
several important events in
Chinese history.

798 Art Zone

798 Art Zone (Chinese: 798; pinyin: 798 Y shq), or

Dashanzi Art District, is a 50-year old decommissioned
military factory buildings with unique architectural style.
General Introduction of Guiyang
Located in the south central part of the 40%
Chinese mainland, Hunan Province has long
been known for its natural beauty. It is
surrounded by mountains on the east, west,
and south, and by the Yangtze River on the
north. Its mixture of mountains and water
makes it among the most beautiful provinces
in China.
For thousands of years, the region has been a
major center of agriculture, growing rice, tea,
and oranges. It is accredited with being filled
with skilled craftsman and women who create
embroidered skills, carved jade, and other
skillfully hand mad artistic goods of
international quality. Hunanese cuisine is
noted for its use of chili pepers.
The school is located in Yueyang, a prefecture-level
city inhabited for over 3000 years at the northeastern
corner of Hunan Province, on the southern shores of
Dongting Lake.

Yueyang Tower is an ancient

Chinese tower in Yueyang.
Alongside the Pavilion of Prince
Teng and Yellow Crane Tower, it
is one of the Three Great Towers
of Jiangnan. It is the citys most
famous attration.

Dongting Lake ranks as the second largest freshwater lake in China. It
is famous for its beautiful scenes and historical scenic spots on the
EXPLORE After our voluntary work, the most important
festival of Chinathe Spring Festival is coming. In

order to make you explore Chinese traditional
culture, each OC member will bring two EP to home.
You will have a good holiday together.
The Spring Festival is the most important festival
in China. People usually decorate the doors and The
windows with red paper cuts. Because red means
good luck. People usually clean house too. Spring
Because they want to sweep away bad luck.
Children can get some new clothes or presents Festival
from their parents and grandparents.
On New Year's Eve, family always have a big
dinner. Everybody are watch TV and talk. In the
midnight, there usually fireworks.
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