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1. Discuss two ways in which byte addresses are assigned June 2015

2. Explain the different functional units of a computer with a neat block diagram
Dec 2015,Jan 2014

3. Write the basic performance equation. explain the role of each of the parameters in
the equation on the performance of the computer. July 2014
4. With a neat diagram, discuss the basic operational concepts of a computer.
Dec 2015
5. List the different systems used to represent a signed number July 2015
6. Explain in detail the generation of computers. Jan 2014

7. What is an addressing mode .Explain different generic addressing modes with an
example for each Dec 2014/Jan 2015
8. Explain the shift and rotate operation with examples June 2015

9. What is the need for an addressing mode? Explain the following addressing modes
with examples: immediate, direct, indirect, index, relative Dec 2014 /July 2015

10. a)What is subroutine linkage? How are parameters passed to subroutines
b.What is stack frame? Explain June 2016
11. Discuss briefly encoding of machine instructions. July 2015

12. Big-Endian and Little-Endian assignment, explain with necessary figure. Jan 2014

13. Explain logical and arithmetic shift instructions with an example. July 2016

June 2014/July 2015 13.With the help of a data transfer signals explain how a real operation is performed usingPCI bus.Discuss the different schemes available to disable and enable the interrupts June 2014 . Write a short note on any 1 bus arbitration scheme.June 2014.Draw the block diagram of universal bus(USB)structure connected to the host computer Briefly explain all fields of packets that are used for communication between a host and a device connected to an USB port. July 2015 9. Jan 2014 .July 2016. Jan 2014 14.July 2016 11. Draw the hardware components needed for connecting a keyboard to a process and explain in brief.VTUlive.In a computer system why a PCI bus is used? With a neat sketch. Dec 2015 10.Draw the arrangement of a single bus structure and brief about memory mapped I/O.Dec 2014. explain how the read operation is performed along with the role of IRDY#/TRDY# on the PCI bus Dec 2014 .Define and explain briefly the following i) interrupt ii)vectored interrupt ii)interrupt nesting iv)an exception and give two examples Dec 2015 2. 12.July 2016 4. Explain with a block diagram a general 8 bit parallel interface.July 2016 2 MODULE –II: INPUT /OUTPUT ORGANISATION 1. June 2015. Jan 2014 7 Explain i)interrupt enabling ii)edge triggering with respect interrupts.Jan 2015 3. Jan 2015 8. List the SCSI bus signals with their functionalities.Explain in with the help of a diagram the working of daisy chain with multiple priority levels and multiple devices in each level . Explain briefly bus arbitration phase in SCSI bus. Discuss the different schemes available to disable and enable the interrupts(8M)Dec 2015 5.

Draw the organization of a 1Kx1 memory cell and explain its working.t.MEMORY SYSTEM 1. June 2014. Jan 2014 .com 3 MODULE-III. Show the organization of virtual memory address translation based in fixed-length pages and explains its working.With figure explain about direct mapping cache memory. June 2014. July 2014/Jan 2015 5. Explain the working of a single-transistor dynamic memory cell.With figure explain circuit arrangements for binary division Jan 2014 5.the secondary storage device: i)seek time ii) latency iii) access time June2015 4. 2.Answer the following w.July 2016 3. July 2016 3.explain. Define memory latency and bandwidth in case of burst operation that is used for transferring a block of data to or from synchronous DRAM memory unit June 2015 4. to magnetic disk.VTUlive.July 2015 2. Jan 2014 MODULE-IV: ARITHMETIC 1. Explain the design of a 4-bit carry-look a head adder.JAN 2015. Dec 2015.IEEE standard for floating point numbers.r. Explain any two cache mapping functions.

Explain control sequence for an un-conditional branch instruction Jan 2014 7.Draw and explain the single-bus organization of tha data path inside a processor. Jan 2014 6. multiplication and division of floating point numbers June 2014.July 2015 5.VTUlive.Give booth multiplier recording table that is used in the above multiplication Dec 4 MODULE -V: BASIC PROCESSING UNIT 1.Jan 2014 11.. Write and explain the control sequences for the execution of an unconditional branch instruction June 2015 8. Perform division of numbers 8 by 3 using non-restoring division algorithm June2015 3.June 2015 2.What are the classifications of parallel processing Jan 2014 . What are modifications required in the basic organization of a microprogrammed control unit to support conditional branching in the microprogram June 2014.July 2016 4. List out differences between shared memory multiprocessor and cluster July 2015. Performance signed multiplication of numbers 13 and -6 using both multiplication algorithm represent the numbers in 5-bit including sign bit . subtraction. List the rules for addition.Explain with block diagram the basic organization of a micro programmed control unit Dec 2015 9.Jan 2015 10.Write the algorithm for binary division using restoring division method Dec2015.