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Student Name: Julia Longo Date: September 28, 2017 Age Group: Kindergarten

Purpose: Purpose:

Reason for In this fourth week of school the kindergarten students have
developing learning continued to learn about numbers and how they are represented. The
experience. This kindergarten teacher is teaching the children how to correctly write
could be in response each number. Some are able to identify and write the numbers on
to an observation, their own, while others need some assistance. With that being said,
discussion with the we decided it would be best to conduct a read aloud with a book on
site supervisor, numbers today. This book will help the children identify the numbers
Ontario Curriculum already learned and will introduce them to some numbers they
Objective, etc. havent discussed yet. Following this read aloud the children will
review their numbers and tomorrow we will complete an activity
based on the story Ten Apples Up On Top.
- Document what
you saw and
- Document non-
(i.e., body
language, facial
expressions and
voice tone)
- Document in
detail: who, what,
where, and when
- Documentation
should be written
in past tense,
objective, and in
anecdotal format
Learning Experience Objectives:

What are you 1. Children will improve their counting skills (4.12) through counting
planning in response the number of apples on top of each of the characters
to your purpose?
2. Children will enhance their learning on representing numbers (4.13)
- Label your by recognizing the numbers on the page and using their fingers to
experience (e.g. represent each of the numbers shown
Painting with
cars). 3. Children will improve their cooperating (1.6) skills by taking part in
- What are your 3 the read aloud activity and by allowing others to speak during the
objectives for this group time
experience? (i.e.
What interests Who is involved?
are you
extending? What 15 students
strengths and Teacher
opportunities for
growth are you Where will this experience take place?
ting?) This activity will take place on the carpet where the students usually
Please Note: You gather for circle time both in the morning and the afternoon.
should refer to
pedagogy to 10 Apples up on Top Book
support your
discussion around Implementation:
strengths and 1. All the students will be invited to the carpet for circle time
opportunities for 2. I will begin by explaining to the students that we have been
growth (e.g. ELECT, learning our numbers over the last few weeks
How Does Learning 3. I will have the students identify the numbers they know and
Happen, Ontario have them show me using their fingers the different numbers I
FDK Curriculum, call out
etc). 4. I will then tell them I have a special story for them all about
5. As I read the story I will ask the children questions to stimulate
Describe the their thought process and help them identify the numbers on
experience: the page
- Who will be Teaching Strategies:
involved in the
experience? 1. Invitations: Inviting children motivates them to want to learn
- Where will the and to want and come and see what is going on. Inviting the
experience take children to the carpet for circle time will allow them all to get
place? (e.g. settled and be prepared to listen to the story. Once all the
Indoors or
children are settled the read aloud will begin.
outdoors? In the
dramatic centre,
the creative table, 2. Questions: Questions are a basic tool used to help establish if
etc). the children understand the activity. I will read the story and
- List the materials as I do so, I will as the children questions like how many
and resources you apples are on the lions head? or using your fingers can you
will use show me the number 5? or can you tell me what number
- Describe the
comes after 4? These questions will allow the children to
of the experience, critically think about the topics and better understand their
with a step by numbers.
step description
- List and describe
2 teaching
strategies. How
will you use
them? Why have
you chosen these

- What went well?

Provide examples
for how you know
it went well.
- What didnt go
well? Provide
examples for how
you know it didnt
go well.
- What did you

Field Supervisor Feedback: