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198 Graeco-Roman Gems

i tttTttRIrttliin_ ] 1=
Carnclian of squarc shape, vith a singlc chip atthe loM er edgc.
Comptcs rendus 1862,p.73; 1867,p.140

: 1:lifi c11 li 11 : _

Ientioncd by Stephani,Comptes rendus 1862,p.73,

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Yello v Paste,t ragmcnted.9) 12.

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Dark grcyjasper,tl agmcnted.7 9
Similar sccnes arc portral

IV,O158-159 Ci thC 1lowing gcm.

11413 (1428). Scene as on the preceding; the crab pinci- -


fbi"pit". On the r. a rock, on u'hich stands a shrinc :
behind it, a tree.
Agate, pale green and white-veined, slightly convex on the engra.:- "
pr"..ion in cades, 11," o 167, is ver1, like the representatiolr oi::.. -.


I414 G+sz).Cat(l), rvalking to r'

Yellou,ish brorvn paste; edge not trimmed' 7 X 6'

Ir415 (6zz). Baboon (cynocephalus), ith1,phallic, stani

raiied. in the act of rvorshipping.
Carnelian, slightly convex on the engraved side' rz X9' Cl' the e:

(some of them ithyphallic) on the Metternich stele (Moret' Rer.u::=

r9r5. ll, pl. r), the two baboons flanking a shrine on a brotrze :i :'
Rev. arch6ol , tg23, II, p. tzz, fig. z) and other Egyptialr lnooLrr.ltrr:

I416 (,3s,). Squirrel, to r'

Yellorvish brou'n paste; the unengraved side chipped' tz\' tz"L :"
the animal here than on the gems figured by Henkel, Rom' F:::':--
nos.260, 449, rz67; pls.7/, 2+9;78,37+li6'
I4L7 (,+::)' Mouse, to r'
Dark onyx u'ith three layers, shaped like a high trttncated cone'

1330 1331

1356 1357

r358 r360

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1365 1366 r367 r369


1378 1379 r38o

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( ffi r395

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r +31

14 3


ffi @
1408 1409 r+r2 t +76

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414 1+IS I 20 t +21 1422 r+23 1425


r+30 1436


1322 T330 1331


1337 1345 T346

1S51 135+ 1356 1357



t 369

r377 1378 1379

@ 1
IJSg 1392 1393 1396

1397 1398 I+03 1404

1408 1409 141 1412 1413

414 1418 420 1421 1+22


1426 142 43 1433 1436


I+ 1 1442

437 1 +3, 1444 1445 r 1+6


1465 1466

1476 148o

1488 1492


(11::liili) .
1494 I+95 15 O 15 4 15 5


1506 1511 1S12 513 1514 1S15

151, 522

=521 a 526

1536 537 1539

Animals 201

I142 (rz9). Eagle, tearing hare, turned to r., rvith w,ings extended.
\-err, dark brorvn pasre. g Xr r. Similar Berlin, nos 57+g-575o. Platc XvH
I443 (r3o). Eagle, tearing hare, as on the preceding.
\-ellor,vish brown paste. 6 X 7.
1141G++g).Eagle, standing on hare, half to 1., with
vi gs cxtelldcd;
before it a small, barking dog. Platc XVH
Yellowish brown paste; edge not trimmed; surface iridescent. r o X r r. Mentioned by Stephani,
Comptes-rendus r867, p. r+o.
I 45 (rz5), Eagle, to r., devouring a dead hare which lies on an altar.
Platc XvH
Carnelian. Io 8. Siinilar reprcscntations on Bcrlin, nO. 7062; Mus6c 01, III, pl.55,4;
Ar6thuse,H,pl.19,Io1 6bid.p.100 0ther cxamplcs arc melltioncd).

1146 (r3r). Eagle, u,ith head turned uplvards,standing on a dcad harc

g,hich lies on an altar. Platc XvH
Green paste, slightly damaged. r5 X r r.
1447 (r3z). Eagle, standing to l. rvith spread rvings, in combat rvith a large
serpent, which raises its head against it from the coiled body. pl ate xVil
Black paste with r.vhite ba.d. r3 X ro. sirnirar e.g. Berlin, nos.5736-5737.rn earlier times
the combat betrveen eagle and serpent is figured on a scaraboid of circ.4oo B. c. (Brit. Mus.,
no. 552); cf. also the description of King Areios' seal b1,
Josephus, Ant.Judaic. xrr, zz7:
r'1 ogpaliq Bonv derb_< bp6xorroq Brerlrlprprivoq.
But more related to the scheme represented
by this
paste is a coin-type of Chalcis ot the znd Cent. n. c. (Brit. fuIus. Coins, Central Greece,
pl. zr,
z-3).Forthesubjectingeneral seeSittl,NeLreJahrbr,icherl:.d.klass.Altert.,Suppl.r,ol.XI\,,p.8.
(rra). Eagle, standing to r. on thunderbolt,rvith spread u.ings, look-
ing back. L. rving and parts of the thunderbolt now rnissing. Irlate XVII
Purple paste, liagmented. r4X r r. similar e. g. Berlin, nos.57o8-57rc, and a coin of I)omi-
tian' Mattingly and Sydenham, Roman Imperiar coinage, II, pl.
5,77. I,-or examples in sculp-
ture see Babelon-illanchet, Bronzes de la Bibliothdque Nationale, nos. r253-r25,1-,
Reinach, R6pert. de 1a Statuaire,I\,-, p.53o,3.'I-he rype was introduced ir.r the age of Alexander
the Great, cf'. e. g. the scaraboid figured b1, Bsn7ls1,, Lerves House, no. 63, and many
also a contemporaneous aes signatum trom 1tal1. (Brit. N{us. Coins, Rornan trtepublic, I, pl.
I 449 (r r z). Eagle, standing on
thunderbolt as on the prececling. Pl a t e X\,.I I
Sardonyx, shaped like a truncated r:one.r2\ to,
I45O (r r3). Eagle, standing on thunderbolt, as befbre.
,151. Eagle, standing on thunderbolt as on the preceding gems,
*'ith a wreath in its beak. The engraving is not finishe.i, l.;"g (,1;.i
onlv a sketch
only sketch just
iust outlined. \_,-/ )
Carneliarr. rz . I l. Ct. the unfinished gem published by tr'urti,vingler, A. G. IIt, p.+oo,
hgS.207 210.
Animals 205

Iz18o (r+6s). Parrot, standing to r., rvith tu,o berries in the beak. Behincl
it a branch. Plate XVH
Nic010.8 II.R.

r4Bl Parrot, rvith a ring-shapecl clesign round the neck anrl tail
t-etrthers bent upr,vards, standing to r.; in the beak three berr-ies.
Pale carnelian, slightly convex on the engraved side, q X r r. Platc XVH
482 ga66). Small bird (rvagtail l), standing to r.
Pale purple paste; surface corroded. 8 X rz.

1483 (r+so). Cock, walking to r.

Yellowish brorvn paste, slightly convex on the engra'ed side, r r X ro. Cf. e, g. Berlin,
nos. +-2a86 ; S7 7 7 - 57 i 9.
I,4B4 (,+sz).Cock, verv similar to the preceding.
BIack paste, slightly convex on the engraved side. rz X r r.

I.+85 (r5ir). Cock, rvalking to r., holding rnouse in beak. Platc XVH
Bror'vn paste; edge not trimmed. roX8. A similar represenra-rion on the pastcs in Bcrlin,

1486(1512).COCk,as On thc prcceding,h01ding inOusc in bcako On thc

r.a standard lvith a banncr(vcxillum). Platc xVH
Burnt Onyx of fOur layers,cOnvcx on the cngravcd sidc. 12) IO.

1487(Is13)COCk,tO l ,lgllting with scOrpion;thc lattcr partly hiddcn

bv a trcc. Platc XVH
Red iaspCr;edgc slightly chippcd.9 12.

1488(Is14) COCk,tO r.,raising wrcath and palm branch in Onc claw,

fhcing a sl lall bird pcrchcd On a baskct, bchilld lvhich a thyrsOs lvith
ribbOn is placcd Obliqucly. Platc X II

cHovish brO vn pastc;surfacc cOrrOded and iridcsccllt.lI 14

1489(1299).TWO COCks,icing cach Othcr,ill cOll bat;betwecn tllcm

bcardcd hcrlll,turned to l.,froll
vhich issuc turo pallll branches,Onc at
thc,Ont,thc Other at thc back, Platc XVII
e arnelian. 8 X rr. R. Published in Cades, IV, (i I3, and mentioned b), Stephani, Comptes-
:endus r87 3, p,zo, together- w,ith other examples of cock-fiEhting on gems. Cf. also Lippolci,
(jemmen und Kameen, pl. g6,8,

I+9O (r5r6). Tn'o cocks, drawing chariot to r., on u,hich stands a fbx,
:aising whip. Plate XVII
brown paste. toX rz, Other examples of fantastic scenes of a similar kind are
:rentioned by Stephani, Comptes-rendus r873, pp.5o-5r.



3 = T
242 Late Roman Gems

f 8O4 (16S+). 8u11, standing to 1. with head raised; before ir:-

in the- background Palm branch. :
chalcedony of a brownish tint, with remnants of iron on the unengravei

chipped. rr X rt. A gem resembling this-both in style and subject-i.
chitch, Gemmes de la Russie m6ridionale' pl' t,33'

rBo5 (166r). Cow, walking to r.

Carnelian, convex on the unengraved side. gX rz' Cf' no' r354'

f 8O6 0662). Cow, standing to r. under a tree. Very rude \\ - r ''

Opaque light grey qluartz. gX rz. C{. no. I36o and tr.vo gems sold br.
2z.May r9z6 (Hotel Drouot, Collection de M. X, nos. t07 and r69),
l8O7 (1663). Subject as on the preceding. Before tire cor',

Opaque, white quartz, presumably blanched by fire, slightly con\re\

damaged especially on the unengraved' trXr4.

f 8O8 (16zz).Ram, standing to r.; before it a star u-itl'r

Carnelian, shaped like a truncated cone. 9Xr+.

lBOg (r:ss). Goat with short horns, standing to r' -{b-'-

tion Nonnzr, which seems to be a later addition.
Hyacinth, convex on the unengraved side. 7 X9. R.

f 8f O G+sl).Mouse, to r. on a three-legged table, p1:..- -

a lamp(?).
Carnelian. r2 X Io. l'or subjects related to this cf. Imhooi-Kel.. -

nos. 6oz4-6oz 5, 83zr-8322, 8 57 7 -8 578.

f 8f f (rz6). Eagle, to r., devouring a dead hare.

Heliotrope, with a single chip at the edge. r r X 13' F or thrs ::: -: :' '


f 8f Z (rz7). Eagle, to r., devouring hare as on tl.ic :::-: - -

l lum

Reddish agate, sprinkled with yellow and white. toX 12.

r8r3 G+zg). Eagle, to r., gliding down through :'

which has caught a hare and stands with it in irs .:--
Carnelian of quadrangular shape; the unengraved side al{e;:.*
r3 X r r. Mentioned by Stephani, Comptes-rendus r862. p. - - . l
(but with two dogs below) on a gem inVienna, figured 1m::'-:-i
IWlm lllll

r8f 4 G+++). Eagle, with wings extended, standi:; l ll

a dog with collar round the neck colnes leapi:ri




I1725 172, 1729 1733

I 38 1'+I 1745 1746


1 +9 752 753



I 1,SI r782


1789 r:go t7gt r7 gz 1793 1797

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rSoo 18or r 8o2 i 8o+ 18o7


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1So9 r8r1 r8rj

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