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EIGCA Yearbook 2001-2002

'The golf market Is growing. It Is not booming
but growing steadily'

article by Dr Klaus Ennemoser umerous golf insiders pretend 10
be clairvoyants and proclaim t heir
foretasts fo r th f "future go lf ma r-
predicting ket". But pred ictions of th e fu ture
are always fraught wi th uncertainti es and
the future· results can vary accord ing to how you view
the crysta l ball.

trends in the Ennemoser Co nsu ltin g has also tried to
pre1J ict the f uture using its own oracle, a

golf course computer data basI'.
Thfre is no intern ational org anisation
collating information f rom all the golf clubs
market in the world. Consequently, no precise
worldwide golf statistics exist, but it is fSt i-
ma ted that. throughout the world, th ere are
60 million golfers and 30,000 golf courses.
Thf golf markf t is growing. It is not boom-
ing but it is growing steadily. Within th e
past 10 years the number of players in
Europe has grown by an aVfrage of 7%
while the number of golf courses has risen
The number of non-reg istered "ind epend-
by an averagf of 5% per yfar. ent" golfe rs is also extr emely high in thf
Comparable statistics in Gfrmany show UK, where there are an fSt imated 1,25 to
an average yfarly incrfasf of 11 % fo r 1,75 million players.
golfers and 8% for golf courses. This com -
parison shows immed iately th at dema nd is On the continent. the "Big Four· in the
growi ng faster th an supply. golf ma rket arf Sweden, Germany, FranCf
and Spa in. These four coun trifS have 68%
Within Europe, thf UK and Ireland claim of all golfers and 61 % of all golf courses.
51% of all European golf courses and 43%
of all reg istere1J Euro pean golfers, yet only The follow ing table, Golf Statist ics Europe
15% of t he European population. 2000, shows this in detail;

, UK and Ireland 60,541
Sw~de n 8,830 12 420
Germany 81,869 1 604
39,199 ,
N~ t herlands 130

~ I g i um 10,146 10 76

~;~S~W~itz,~',~rland ~==:r-:;j~;:j::;:'~4~=::;1'~2:::::F:g~=:'l~~~~

410 22 6 21 1,000
Gre~c~ 10,467 4 23 95'
25 Continent (6-24) 344, 170 2,894 ,880,670


.d .. th is stat istic does not Availability express whether or not there is sufficient (populat ion per 18 hole course) ca pacity for admittance to a golf club (e.... .. .... nc..... . II~rh l..... ~-~ 'ool'''''''' ......_ I - ' .... ...~ic I Hun.... the better the for describing a golf market are: availability However.g..'<iop«I GoIr .. .0.. '"'''''' I .I - lUgb<>t o......._... I "'0....... ' ' ' _ .. Also.herl. •....10' _...""...d w~~ I ". """.. . I Deve lopm ent Stages of Golf tn Europe I r"'.. nd I Fr.> I I " 1•• wIlIdtn1l)' ))f'.. the same five countries account for ed in the fi ve major European golf countries 75% of total golfe rs in Europe... ". Availability The following graph shows the develop- "Ava ilability" indicates the number of ment sta ges of the European countries.UK...~"' ..... .~Io(I«' Golf "' ..... I '_...... inhabitants per 18 hole course.. ....HId I~~nd Scot l. .. ".k Norw •• fi" l..... h lrl)' o.... 500..- IIlghl)' ))f...." SWitz.'1. Po<lU2.. .I.... ... ......1'.EIGCA Yearbook 2001-2002 About 77% of the golf courses are locat.... .. The fo llowing graph shows golf courses EU ROPEA N I NST I TU T E O F The remainder are spread over 25 other and golfers in the fi ve major European golf GOL F COUR S E ARC H I TEC TS The Major European Golf Countrih CQ!f CPYW':i I I CpUi'n ""•• o """""1' F.. Germa ny.1. "'. o .. loptd GoIll>'oU"" ... N... (golfe r in % of population) Because of the lack of data available the Capacity (or Usage) fi gures for ' population per golf course or (golfe rs per 18 holes) golf club are often used. li mitations like waiting lists or membership Per capita unava ilability).. ' _._ . Sweden and Ireland. ... 34 . I GoII />._l5'... I 70-.... derived from the info rmation above. France.. ... h Iland O.0/ !'u'3'" The t hree most ch aracteristic methods The lower the number..0. 1>''''''''. " . o ..... ' goIIe"' •• 1« I. E GCA .. Th' . d Co~ n ( r\e.. _OI. '''· ..._ ..l1 11.

1% 11 I.5% Sweden 938 j Sweden 21.5% 66 TOP 5 COUNTRIES BY AVAILABILITY.676 374 0.620 "5 0.4% 54 Austria 73.1 % Finland 789 5 Norway 37. Since 1996 this relation changes In favour on the continent" Per Capita an ind icator for t he econom ic ca pacity of This shows the percentage of re1j istereU golf courses. By t he end of 2000 ·only· about 44% of the re1j istered European golfers were on the British Isles and in Ireland.024 Iceland 3.295 2.682 UK 2. Independent EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF golfe rs (non club members) are not includ. Hungary Greece 0.861 Denmark 2.4% 899 681 20.057 Ireland 7.4% 135.2% Denmark 83 1 4 UK 21.5% 61 158.0% . by using the respective index. 25. E I GCA golfe rs of th e population. PER CAPITA AND CAPACITY Pas G~lte5t A'ililibility Highest Fe' Capita Highest Clpadty 1 Iceland 5.5% '" 55 113.0% 0.218 91 Italy 257.4% Netherlands 1.. Since 1996 th is relation changes in favour of the ·continent".EIGCA Yearbook 2001-2002 'Up to the year 1995 UK Mel Ireland had more golfers than the rest of Europe combined.700 230 0.500 35 . Con ti nent (6-24) 0. Conseq uen tl y.8% 9.1 % Sp<!in 708 Up to the yea r 1995 UK and Ireland had The graph overleaf shows t his develop- more golfers th an th e rest of Europe com .148 Sweden 4.1 48 13 7.235 2 Ireland 9. th is statistic equals 100. lode)!: GO L F COURSE ARCHITECTS ed in th e statistics by th e National Golf The average of th e countries included in Associations. How much golf courses are used by golfe rs is show n by the index 'golfers per 18 holes' Here a sta tistical overview of the or 'golfers per golf course' and is European Golf Market 2000. it shows how Ca pacity (Usage) much a country is over or below average.545 29 197 0. bined. ment.875 1. Newly registered golfers per yea r (Europe) (1985 to 2000): 124.

800 golf cours- courses and t he increase of golfe rs shows es and 3. The British market is highly sa tu rated. lrel~nd . Germany.EIGCA Yearbook 2001-2002 Development of Reg istered Golfers 3. t he growing numt>er of new golfers are (UK und IRL) (1985 to 2000): 57 increasing ly shifting to the continent.. These 5 countries have 76% of th e golf courses and 77% of the golfers.(100 ' .500 5. Therefore it New golf courses per year.000.~ ..SOO.000 E GCA EU ROPEA N I NST I TU T E O F 2.000 Predicting for larger areas is easier beca use more data is available.:. Newly registered golfers per year (Continent) (1985 to 2000): 95. Scotland. In addition there are about 2 mil- shifting to the continent. 7fYJfo of all Europea n golf courses were still in England.500 2.:~~~~~~~~~~~ (100. Sweden.. ~.SOO.000 3.000 2. Whereas in (1985 to 2000): 186 1985. >-~~~~--~~~--~~--~------~ 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 19&0 19& 1 1992 19\13 199' 19&' 1996 1997 11198 19l1li 2000 III E ngl~nd . Waie80 RO.000 .~:~~-:-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~~~~~.000.000 GOL F COUR S E ARC H I TEC TS I'SOO'OOOI .500 ~~~ .000 ' . SCOlI~nd . mostly from t he Newly registered golfers per year. Development of Golf Course s 8.500 The development of new golf courses and New golf courses per year. Summarising the developments of European golf it can t>e said th at t he coun- tries UK. . W~les [J Resl 01 Europe The ratio of golf courses between th e UK Irel and.lo/Europe I A compa rison of the development of golf There is a tota l of about 5.000 5.000 .000 :::~ ~ 2. and the rest of Europe is moving more and New Golf Courses per Yea r (Europe) more towa rd s the continent.3 million reg istered golfe rs in clearly tha t th e growth of Europea n golf is Europe. +-----~--~--~------------~----~~ 1985 198& 1987 1998 1989 1991l 1991 1992 1993 19N 1995 1998 1997 1991 1999 2000 IllE ngland . lion independent golfers.000 1. France and Ireland are the leaders. ScOlland [] lt Oia nd . in 2000 th ere were only about 51 %. 36 . 1. can t>e assumed th at the outlook on the (Continent) (1985 to 2000): 129 world market is qu ite realistic.. UK (UK und IRL) (1985 to 2000): 29. Wales and An overview shows th e fo llowing.

000 Germany 370.747.000 28.000 5.490 470.300 887.300 678. 37 . compared with other reg ions.977.529.353.750 Golf Courses and ca n be summarised as fo llows: 82.425.400.446.000 USA 26.718.191 1. Golf worldwide 2010 Finally.000 82. and expensive priva te clubs wi thin th e next dffa de will take place in (at the other end of the scale).778.877 2.000.677.670 2. People get older.000 Conti n ~ nt 1. education gets better and th ere is th e ten- dtncy towards small families and single households. Development In Europe will be the most dynamic' PREDICTION 2010 · GOLF COURSE E I GCA EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF Country 2000 GO L F COURSE ARCHITECTS 5. Europe.000.000 UK & Ir~l~nd 1.000 28.809.759.000 1.more leisure time used fo r persona l interests.500.300.473.894 PREDICTION 2010 · GOLFERS Country 2000 absolute ~Iatiyt average World wide 61. increasing number of both short and inex- This also means tha t the major increases pensive courses.EIGCA Yearbook 2001-2002 'Worldwide about 36.000 78.000 4.000 Euro :1.800 A comparison of th e different countries Golf Trends and regions shows that the marg ins Com petition will make golf more affordable between the outlook based on absolute (tendency to mass sport).4 million golfers can be estimated for 2010. Th ere will be a increase in th e past and th e increase rates greater variety of golf courses with an in Europe show th e biggest differences.400.4 million Golfers can be estimated fo r 2010.750 Golf Courses and 82.800.000 1.000 86.000 3.000 28. The ratio between work and leisure time changes continuously .861 4.880. development of the golf market Worldwide about 36. Importantl y developmen t in Europe General Trends will be the most dynamic.000 4.