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Name: Date:

Label the planets (8 marks)

Write one interesting fact about each planet (8)

Sketch the layers of the Earth and label them (4 marks)

Add arrows and notes to explain how earthquakes (2 marks) and volcanic eruptions (2 marks) happen
Name: Date:

Explain with words, pictures or both how we have day & night and seasons (6 marks)
Day & Night Seasons

Match the word to its meaning: (6 marks)
1.___ planet 4. ___Solar System
2. ___ orbit 5. ___Summer
3. ___ star 6. ___ Winter

A. A huge ball of hot, glowing gases

B. The path an object takes as it moves around the Sun
C. A system made up of the Sun, the planets and their Moons, and other objects that orbit the Sun
D. A large body of matter that travels around a star such as the Sun.
E. The season when the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun.
F. When we are enjoying Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere is having this

Match the names of the phases of the Moon with the image of what you would see in the sky (8 marks)
Name: Date:

Circle T or F for True or False (5 marks)

1. Patterns of stars stay the same and can be seen at different times of the year. T F
2. The Moon NEVER changes what it looks like during the month. T F
3. Many planets orbit the Sun. T F
4. The Moon orbits the Sun. T F
5. The sun stays in the same spot in the sky all day long. T F

Circle the correct answer (6 marks)

How long does it take the Earth to turn once on its Which planet is a dwarf planet?
axis? Pluto
24 hours Neptune
12 hours Saturn
6 hours
Why does Mars look red? What is the Sun made out of?
It has volcanoes gas
It has iron in the soil rock
The gas metal
Which of these is NOT true? What is the largest planet?
The Sun rises in the east and sets in the Mars
west Saturn
The Sun is highest in the sky at midday Jupiter
The Sun moves westwards around the Earth

5 Bonus marks available!

What did you enjoy most about this unit? Why?

What did you dislike about this unit? Why?

What did you do well during this unit?

What are you going to work on in the next unit?

What are you still curious about? How will you find the answers to your questions?