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The Obelisk

A Killiney Newsletter
November/December 2017 Vol. 6 Issue 5 1Name:
Whos Who in Holy Trinity Parish
VACANT Rectors - Trevor King
Holy Trinity Rectory, Killiney Road, Peoples - Helen Irwin
Telephone: 01 285 2695 To be appointed
Rectors - Alleyn Manley Peoples - Paul OBrien
The Venerable Gordon Linney SELECT VESTRY
The Revd Canon Ben Neill Rector, Churchwardens, Glebewardens, Eric Brown,
The Very Revd Victor Stacey Ken Brown, Bryan Burdett, Clive Christie, Peter
Hayes, Chris Hurley, Trevor Jones, Helen Middleton,
LAY READER EMERITUS Sandra Moore, Stefanie OBrien, Lewis Purser,
Ruth Heard Stephen Rhys Thomas
Sandra Moore, 087 6291568 Clive Christie
Vacant, Hazel Kinmonth, Sandra Moore, Nigel Teggin Chris Hurley
Frank Hughes, 2042737
Helen Middleton
Zandra Laing HON. F.W.O RECORDER
Helen Middleton
Clive Christie David Millar
CHURCH REVIEW Stefanie OBrien Helen Irwin
Marianne Irvine
BIBLE READING FELLOWSHIP NOTES David Millar Lewis Purser June Hurley
Joan Whyte
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MAGAZINE TEAM - Would you like to Help?

Libby McElroy & Lewis Purser (Editorial), Zandra Laing (Co-ordinator), Dorothy Barrett
(Distribution), David & Jaqui Dingemans & Rosemary Teggin (Photos), Reads, (Production),
Trevor Jones (Advertising ~ 2855159 or 0872303987)

The Jan/Feb edition of The Obelisk will appear at the beginning of January.
Deadline for submissions is 15th December. There is no newsletter for July/August.

Cover Image: The Obelisk, Killiney Hill. Photo: Alexander Fives

Holy Trinity Parish Office, Killiney Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin A96 HD62
Tel: 01 2852695 Email:
The last word...

Dear Parishioners,
By the time you read this letter I will have left Killiney and moved West. As I
write, a flood of memories come to mind as I reflect on the last 5 years in
which I have had the privilege of serving as your Rector.
I thank each and every one of you for your friendship, support and
encouragement. Thank you for the lovely send off and for the very
generous gifts (more on page 24)
As my final act as Editor of this publication, I have taken the opportunity to
include (selfishly) some photos from the Archives (see page 11).
I leave you with words of a hymn written by a former Dean of St Patricks
Cathedral which was sung at my Institution and is my prayer for each one of
And then, for all our nearest,
Our friends beloved and dearest-
God keep you in his sight!
His angel-guards attend you,
His sheltering arms defend you
Till morning breaks with golden light.

May God bless you all,

During the vacancy in Holy Trinity please direct all pastoral enquiries, etc to the
Rural Dean, The Revd John Tanner (Rector of Tullow Parish). Tel: 2893154.
Please see page 25 for more information.

The Select Vestry

Missions and Charities

In October we made our annual donationsas we pray for their on-going work,
we pray and give thanks for all those who support these agencies.
Revision of Vestrypersons
The Register of Vestrypersons is open for revision. If you are over 18 and
subscribe to parish funds and are not yet registered, please see one of the
Churchwardens and fill in the registration form. This will enable you to vote at
the meeting of the General Vestry.

Parking opposite Church

Car users are kindly reminded to note that the parking
spaces directly opposite the church should be offered
to those with limited mobility, preferably only for
those with Blue Badges. Alternative parking is
available in the Carry Centre and on Killiney Hill Rd.

Eco Congregation Ireland

Information leaflets are available in the Church and Carry Centre.


Hospital Visiting
The Clergy would appreciate being told if parishioners are in hospital or
going into hospital, and will be pleased to offer pastoral support.
A selection of prayers is available from him or in Church.

Youth & Children

Primary Schools Service

About 600 primary and junior school pupils from all over Dublin and
Glendalough filled Christ Church Cathedral on October 19th for the annual
diocesan schools service. The service, which was full of joy, great singing and
some drumming. Archbishop Michael Jackson presided in the presence of Dean
Dermot Dunne. The service was led by the Revd Eugene Griffin, who with a
subcommittee of the Diocesan Board of Education, organised the morning.
Pupils from G.K.N.S. attended and took part in the service.

Applications for Junior Infants 2018 will be available for collection in person
from the school office from Monday 6th November - Friday 17th November
2017 between 8.30 a.m. and 2.15 p.m. The closing date for receipt of
completed Application forms is Monday 20th November 2017 by 2.15p.m.
The current Admissions Policy is available on

The Club meets on the 3rd Sunday of every month

during term time. New members always welcome!

Read about Christmas:

see St Luke 2: 1-20

Clubs and Societies

Table Tennis
The table tennis club meets on Mondays at 8pm in the Carry Centre If you are
interested in trying out table tennis, you would be very welcome (and we will
even lend you a bat!). For more information contact Linda Franck (086

SILK - Socials Involving Ladies of Killiney

The next meetings will beheld on 15th November and 6th December. Meetings
are normally at 8pm in the Carry Centre.
For more information on SILK please contact Laura Martin on 0868708496.

The Killiney Winey Dineys

The next gathering will be on Thursday 16th November 2017 at 7pm and the
venue will be Beaufield Mews, Stillorgan. We are delighted to welcome new
diners at any stage and expressions of interest or queries may be sent to
Zandra Laing at

Ladies Guild
The next meeting on Tuesday 14th November will be held in the Carry Centre
at 2.30pm. The date for the annual Christmas lunch is to be confirmed. All

Bible Study and Prayer Group

This year we will be looking at St Johns Gospel. The next meetings are on
Tuesday 28th November and December 12th at 10.30am in the Carry Centre.
All are very welcome to attend. Further expressions of interest may be
addressed to the Ruth Heard.

Clubs and Societies

The Y Club (Killiney Mens Society)

The next meeting will be on Thursday 23rd November, this will be followed on
December 14th with dinner in the Goodbook Caf, Glasthule
More information from Paul OBrien or Nigel Teggin.
Flower Guild: The church will be decorated for Christmas on Saturday 16th
December donations of flowers will be most welcome.
If you wish to help out with the decorating you would be very welcome to join
us on the Saturday morning. As Holy Trinity Killiney is an Equal Opportunities
Employer Gentlemen are very welcome to try out their artistic skills!

Sheep Thrills Made in Ireland

Every Thursday at 11am in the Carry Centre.
Like us on Facebook -
Our community based textile group continues with great enthusiasm and with
lots of new ideas already put into operation. Sheep Thrills products will be sold
locally and given to selected charities for the homeless both at home and
abroad. So anyone interested please contact Joan @ 0872460078. Admission
Sheep Thrills are now on Facebook - see

WoolIf anyone has any spare wool, Sheep Thrills would be delighted to pick
it up for use for our Thursday sessions. Contact Joan @ 087 2460078

Service & Social

The next gathering will be on Sunday 10th December at 3pm in the Carry
Centre. Please contact Joan Whyte for more information.

Research Opportunity

Help us with our research and receive 40!

We are looking for healthy, 35-60 year-old volunteers to participate in a

scientific study in Trinity College Dublin. You will be asked to complete
questionnaires and simple computerised tasks while wearing a cap to record
brain activity. Please contact our research team for more information: 085 785
4489, and

Photo Gallery


Thanks to Brexit, its never been a better time to source a

car in the UK!

From the Archives - recognise anyone?

Forthcoming Events

Charity Christmas Cards

Following the service on the 12th November, there will be Tea and Coffee in The
Carry Centre. During this time, Charity Christmas Cards, Calendars, Diaries
and Gifts will be available for sale. Charities due to be represented are the
R.N.L.I., Guide Dogs for the Blind, the Blackrock Hospice, The Laura Lynn
Foundation, Holy Trinity and hopefully others!

All Saints / Remembrance-tide

This year we will be having a special time of remembrance during the morning
service on Sunday 4th November; when amongst others we remember those
who have died in the last year.
We often commemorate loved ones with objects of all sorts. If you would like
to consider donating a gift to Holy Trinity for the glory of God and in memory of
a loved one please speak to a member of the Clergy.

Christmas Sale
The annual sale will be held on Saturday 25th November. The usual stalls will be
present along with the grotto for a very special guest! All are very welcome to
join us in the Carry Centre from 11am 1pm.

The Church Review

Subscriptions for 2018 are now due, if you are interested in continuing or
beginning a subscription in 2018 (40 for 11 copies) please contact Marianne
Irvine (2858136) before 20th January 2018.

Diary Dates

November 2017 December 2017

1 All Saints 3 Advent Sunday

6 GKNS reopens 6 SILK
12 Remembrance Sunday 10 Xmas Family Gift Service
13 Select Vestry 10 Service & Social Group
14 Ladies Guild 12 Bible Study Group
15 SILK 14 Y Club
19 Sunday Club 16 Xmas Flower Decorating
23 Y Club 17 9 Lessons & Carols
25 Fundraiser: Xmas Bazaar 20 GKNS Senior Service, HTK
28 Bible Study Group 21 GKNS Junior Service, HTK
22 GKNS closes for Christmas
24 Christmas Eve
25 Christmas Day
TBC Ladies Guild Lunch

Diocesan Employment Bureau

Situated in Taney Parish Centre, it is our hope that it will be of help to many
who find themselves without work for a variety of reasons. Full details from the

Calendar for November
2 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
Sunday (26) 8.30 Holy Communion
4th Sunday before Advent 10.45 Parish Communion
5 Service for All Saints Reader Mike Wride
Joshua 3: 7-17 Reader Fiona Mansergh
1 Thessalonians 2: 9-13 Intercessor The Celebrant
9 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
Sunday (27) 8.30 Holy Communion
Remembrance Sunday 10.45 Service of the Word
Joshua 24: 1-3a, 14-25 Reader Church wardens/Baptismal Party
Matthew 25: 1-13 Reader Church wardens/Baptismal Party
16 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
Sunday (28) 8.30 Holy Communion
2nd Sunday before Advent 10.45 Parish Communion *
19 Judges 4: 1-7 Reader Florence Byrne
1 Thessalonians 5: 1-11 Reader David Byrne
Intercessor Joan Whyte
23 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
Sunday (29) 8.30 Holy Communion
1st Sunday before Advent 10.45 Morning Prayer
Ezekiel 34: 11-16, 20-24 Reader Georgina OBrien
Matthew 25: 31-46 Reader Pam Gordon

30 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion

St Andrew obs

Why the different colours?

Liturgical colours are those specific colours which are used for vestments and
hangings within the context of Christian liturgy.
Gold: Easter Day, Christmas Day & Trinity Sunday
White: Feast Days / Saints Days / Maundy Thursday / Eastertide

Red: Pentecost / Saints Days (Martyred) / Holy Week

Green: Ordinary Time

Calendar for December
3 Sunday (Year B) 8.30 Holy Communion
Advent Sunday 10.45 Parish Communion
Isaiah 64: 1-9 Reader Jean Burdett
1 Corinthians 1: 3-9 Reader Brian Burdett
Intercessor The Celebrant
7 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
10 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
2nd Sunday of Advent 10.45 Xmas Family Gift Service
Isaiah 40: 1-11 Reader Sunday Club
Mark 1: 1-8 Reader Sunday Club
15.00 Service and Social
14 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
17 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
3rd Sunday of Advent 10.45 Parish Communion
Isaiah 61: 1-4, 8-11 Reader Jonathan Bewley
1 Thessalonians 5: 16-24 Reader Stephen Gill
Intercessor Nigel Teggin
19.00 Service of 9 Lessons & Carols
21 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
24 Christmas Eve Services to be confirmed
25 Christmas Day 8.30 Holy Communion
10.45 Festival Eucharist
Isaiah 9: 2-7 Reader Clive Manley
Titus 2: 11-14 Reader Derval Manley
Intercessor The Celebrant
28 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
The Holy Innocents

31 Sunday Services to be confirmed

1st Sunday of Christmas

For full details of Christmas Services please consult

the Churchwardens or Church Noticeboard

Calendar for January
4 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
A Service for Epiphany 8.30 Holy Communion
The Baptism of our Lord 10.45 Parish Communion
Genesis 1: 1-5 Reader Libby McElroy
Acts 19: 1-7 Reader Anne Peters
Intercessor The Celebrant
11 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
2nd Sunday after the 8.30 Holy Communion
Epiphany 10.45 Service of the Word
1 Samuel 3: 1-10, 11-20 Reader Churchwardens/Baptismal Party
John 1: 43-51 Reader Churchwardens/Baptismal Party

18 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion

8.30 Holy Communion
10.45 Parish Communion *
3rd Sunday after the
21 Epiphany
Reader Linde Hall
Jonah 3: 1-5,10
Reader Clive Christie
1 Corinthians 7: 29-31
Intercessor Stephen Rhys Thomas
25 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
4th Sunday after the 8.30 Holy Communion
Epiphany 10.45 Service of the Word
Deuteronomy 18: 15-20 Reader David Millar
Mark 1: 21-28 Reader Hilary Murdoch



Coeliac? Communicants who are Coeliac, please inform the Rector or a

Churchwarden and gluten-free bread can be arranged.

Calendar for February
1 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
St Brigid

4 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion

2nd Sunday before Lent 10.45 Parish Communion
Isaiah 40: 21-31 Reader Roger Hurley
1 Corinthians 9: 16-23 Reader Stefanie OBrien
Intercessor The Celebrant

8 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion

11 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
The Sunday before Lent 10.45 Service of the Word
2 Kings 2: 1-12 Reader Churchwardens/Baptismal Party
Mark 9: 2-9 Reader Churchwardens/Baptismal Party

14 Ash Wednesday 20.00 A Service for Ash Wednesday

15 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion

18 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion

1st Sunday in Lent 10.45 Parish Communion*
Genesis 9: 8-17 Reader Zandra Laing
1 Peter 3: 18-22 Reader Chris Hurley
Intercessor Pam Gordon

22 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion

25 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion

2nd Sunday in Lent 10.45 Family Service
Genesis 17: 1-7, 15-16 Reader Derek Martin
Mark 8: 31-38 Reader Nigel Teggin

READERS: If you cannot read on the appointed day please arrange a swap
with someone else and let the Churchwardens know.

The Carry Centre - Calendar of Activities

For booking enquiries please contact the Centre Manager, Sandra Moore
(contact details on page 2).

External Groups
Blossom Nursery School: Mon Fri 8.30am 1.00pm

Irish Dancing: Thursdays 4.30pm 7.00pm

Saturdays 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Fusion (Back exercises): Tuesdays 8.00pm 9.00pm

Parish Clubs and Societies meet in the Carry Centre

(with the exception of the Choir & Flower Guild which meet in the Church)
Sunday Club 3rd Sunday monthly 10.45 am Lisa Doyle
ENGAGE (Youth Club) Saturday afternoons by arrangement VACANT
Bible Study Group 4th Tuesday monthly 10.30 am Ruth Heard
Choir Sundays 9.30 am Frank Hughes
Flower Guild By arrangement June Hurley
KWD (Diners Club) Thursday evenings by arrangement Zandra Laing
Ladies Guild 2nd Tuesday monthly 2.30 pm Rosemary Teggin
SILK - Socials Involving Ladies of Killiney 3rd Wednesday monthly 8.00 pm Laura Martin
The Y Club (Mens Society) 4th Thursday monthly 8.00 pm Paul OBrien
Service & Social Group By arrangement Joan Whyte
Sheep Thrills (Textile Group) Thursday Mornings 11.00am Joan Millar
Table Tennis Monday 8.00 pm Linda Franck
Notice boards for some of the organisations are located in the Carry Centre

The Obelisk 21
Dar es Salaam to Dublin ~ Wendy Airey

I was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa to Irish parents who worked in the British
Colonial Services. Dad was a District Commissioner in various stations in Tanzania.
Initially I was educated by mum through correspondence courses sent from London. I have
memories of African wild life, safaris, paraffin lamps, the sound of crickets, and mosquito nets
around my bed at night.
During the war, at seven years of age, I was sent to boarding school in Bray on board a
troop ship via the Suez Canal. There were walks to Bray promenade before school every
morning and frost on the inside of the dormitory windows. We had stews or mince, tapioca
or semolina for meals.
The sports field were too bumpy for hockey so we had to play lacrosse. I travelled back to
Tanzania by flying boat from Southampton every three years during school holidays to see
my parents. Christmas and Easter holidays were spent with my grandparents in Glenageary
with my brother, and two cousins whose parents were prisoners of war in Singapore.
I had plans to go to sports college in Limerick, but dad died suddenly in East Africa. Mum
returned to Ireland and we both took secretarial jobs in Dublin. I joined Aer Lingus as an air
hostess, mostly flying DC3 aircraft. I took winter leave from Aer Lingus to fly out to Dar
es Salaam to visit friends of my parents. While there I met Richard airport manager for
East African Airways whose mother came from Limerick. We got married in 1959 in Dar
es Salaam and worked in the American embassy. Our first son was born in Ocean Breeze
Hospital the same hospital I was born in.
We decided to make our new home in Dublin and Richard diligently worked his way up the
ranks in the laundry business. They were happy days with three children, dogs, cats,
hamsters and African Grey parrot. We had holidays in caravans and cruises down the
Shannon. There was schools rugby, hockey and cricket matches to support. Life continued
on with weddings, grandchildren, retirement and golf. We downsized to a bungalow just
around the corner with wheelbarrow loads of our favourite plants to be transported to the
new garden. We enjoyed holidays in Holland, Madeira, South Africa and Morocco.
Richard died in Blackrock Hospice. No more tomorrows for us to share but yesterdays
memories will always be there.
This article originally appeared in the Irish 22
Times. Pictured above Wendy & her father.
Photo Gallery

35 Years Making Bespoke Kitchens And Furniture.

Alan Brown Design manufacture and install exclusive handcrafted fitted furniture
using the finest materials available and a Design service that is based on an excellent
working relationship with the client, quality over quantity is our belief.

Contact Alan on 012148590 : 0862435730 :

Spirit Skoda, the New Home for Skoda in South Dublin

Co Dublin
Reception in Honour of the Revd Canon Niall Sloane held in the Carry
Centre on Sunday, 15th October 2017. Speech by Clive Christie.

On 12th January 2012, Niall was instituted as Rector of Holy Trinity Killiney. The following
Sunday he preached and invited us to collaborate with him in his Ministry, recognising that
like so many characters in the Bible, we are a disparate group, with many imperfections,
seeking to live our daily lives as Christians, as best we can.
From the very first he set about blowing the cobwebs off the parish, both literally and
metaphorically, and his, by now, infamous predilection for order and tidiness became
apparent. In fact, if you stood still for too long, you were in danger of being repositioned,
rearranged or possibly even skipped!
Whilst existing organisations continued, within a very short period of time new groups and
societies had been set up and there was a sense that we had been reenergised. We
discovered we are not one of few, but one of many. The recent parish census established
there are 185 families, 385 people, including 100 young people, the majority under twelve,
participating in parish life on a regular basis.
For many, no doubt the biggest physical achievement has been the redevelopment of this
building, the Carry Centre. As a result, many groups and organisations, having no direct
connection with our parish avail of this facility allowing Holy Trinity, as our logo says, to
support our community.
Nialls ministry as a priest has been Christ centred and he has sought to be a contact or
touch point with God in our daily lives. He has always had time for a quiet word, a phone
call, a short visit, a thoughtful prayer, a presence in times of celebration and sadness, with the
intent of proving the Gospel of Christ has meaning in everyday life. Our young children have
been an especial ministry for Niall and, as he says, they are our present, not our future. His
interactive exchanges with the children during services were greatly enjoyed by all.
Nialls talents and abilities are well recognised and he now moves to new responsibilities and
challenges in a different Diocese. Our loss is definitely their gain. We will all miss Niall,
Karen and baby Evelyn and hope that they will regard their first tenure as a Rectory family to
have been special. For us, it certainly has been, even if we feel almost exhausted!
To mark the occasion the parishioners subscribed generously & presented Niall with a cheque &
some books as a token of our thanks for his witness amongst us. To Karen we gave some flowers
& a small ornament to remember us by in their 24 new home, as well as a cuddly toy for Evelyn.

During the Vacancy

In the absence of a Rector, the pastoral care of the Parish will be in the hands of
the Rural Dean, the Revd John Tanner (Rector of Tullow Parish). Mr Tanner
will chair meetings of the Select Vestry and organise cover for the various
services in Holy Trinity.
The process for appointing a new Rector of Holy Trinity will begin shortly after
the 21st October. A Board of Nomination, chaired by the Archbishop, will meet
to consider the needs of the parish and what type of rector is needed in Holy
The board comprises of the Archbishop, the 4 parochial nominators (see page
2), four clerical representatives and 1 lay person from the diocese. The board
will draw up a list of potential candidates and this will be followed by a period
(no more than 3 months) of interviews and meetings. It is normal that at some
point in the process a name is suggested to the Archbishop who may appoint the
person as Rector. Following this a date will be fixed for his/her institution. The
work of the board is confidential.
Please pray for your nominators and for the work they are about to undertake.
Diocesan Synods
A full report of this years Synod may be found in the Church Review.

Many thanks to our Choir, Music Director Frank Hughes, the Parish choir, the
G.K.N.S. choir, and the Flower Guild who decorated our Church with artistic
flair and all who enhanced our worship during this autumn season. Our
preachers were warmly received and we thank them for their inspiring

Around the Community

Tidy Towns
At the Annual Tidy Districts Awards ceremony held on 27th September, Dn
Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council announced Killiney Village Residents
Association as the winner of the Most Improved Town / Village category. Well
done to all concerned!

DLR Chamber County Business Awards 2017

DLR Chamber recently announced the results of their first ever Dn Laoghaire-
Rathdown Chamber County Business Awards. Among the winners we
Customer Service Retail Award Small Retailer of the Year category.
Highly commended: Mitchell & Sons
Customer Service Tourism and Hospitality category.
Winner: Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel

Accessibility matters
DLR has a diverse population of over 218,000 people living in its area - all with
different levels of ability, whether young or old. Its up to us all as community
members, working alongside the County Council, to we make sure that we keep
our walkways as accessible as possible. There are a number of simple ways in
which we can make our streets easier to navigate for those with physical
disabilities, wheelchair users, those with sight impairments and people pushing
Wheelie Bins
Be mindful of others when putting out your bins for collection. Bins are often left
out on footpaths without leaving enough room for people to pass safely. Make
sure that you play your part by ensuring that your bins are not causing an
obstruction for others.

Around the Community

Hedging near Public Pavements

Make sure your garden hedges and trees are properly maintained and dont
impede access for the general public. Overgrown hedges can present a serious
issue for people with disabilities, especially those with sight impairments.
dlr has the power to serve a written notice on the owner or occupier of the
land on which such tree, shrub, hedge or other vegetation is situated and has
enforcement powers to direct a householder to cut/prune overgrown hedges
and shrubs.
Glan suas !
Dog poo can cause all sorts of problems, not least for people with physical
disabilities, and can cause a particular annoyance for wheelchair users and people
with buggies when it gets on the wheels!
It can also be a major problem for people with visual impairments who cant spot
it on the ground and also poses serious health implications for children within
our county as it carries bacteria which can be very harmful to young children.
You might not know it but there is an on-the-spot fine of 150 for not cleaning
up after your dog!
Inconsiderate Parking
This one is pretty self-evident but it is a major issue across many areas of our
county. Please be mindful of where you park your car it can have a major
negative impact on the safety and accessibility of our local communities.
Pathways, cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, school bus areas are all there to
provide for safer, more sustainable communities and inconsiderate parking
prevents them from operating safely.

More info at

Parish Information
Flower Rota
Nov 5 Pam Clarke Dec 3 Ruth Stewart
12 Linda Franck 10 Ruth Stewart
19 June Hurley 17 CAROL SERVICE
26 Florence Byrne 24 CHRISTMAS
31 Flower Guild

Organising your wedding

Weddings are very special occasions in the life of any family and in
the life of the church. When considering getting married please
check possible dates with the Clergy before confirming
arrangements. It is expected that couples will make a regular
commitment to the life of the church in preparation for marriage.

The Parish Panels (Safeguarding Trust)

Responsibilities include:
- interviewing persons willing to serve as workers in the parish
- advising workers on their responsibilities in respect of the Code
- advising the Select Vestry in respect of its responsibilities
The Parish Panel Members are:
Hazel Kinmonth
Sandra Moore
Nigel Teggin

The Parish Registers

Holy Matrimony What god has joined together
1st September Rebecca Hayes & Daniel Stanford
16th September (in Holy Trinity Church, Tashinny) - Linda Stewart & Brian Dervan
Funeral Blessed are the dead who die in the name of the Lord
5 October (in Mt Jerome Crematorium) James Hampton (Jimmy) Jones

Our sympathy and prayers are with all those who have been bereaved amongst them:
Trevor, Judy and the Jones family on the death of his father, Jimmy