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It was a fine afternoon. My big sister and I were cleaning our room—well, my former room.

a few days ago, I transferred due to the misunderstandings and fights that we usually had. But anyway, I
never thought that it would be a totally extraordinary day.
A number of pocket books and compilation of papers were scattered along the floor. Tiny boxes,
which were our collection, took position of their territory at the untidy room. Then, the bookshelf was
empty except for the dust that lingered on its edges. While throwing the unusable and disposing the
reusable, my eyes caught a glimpse of a slightly torn pocket-sized book lying underneath the scattered
papers. With all my surprise, I took hold of the little book. Yes! I was totally surprised—not upon seeing
the book but upon hurrying to grasp it like I hadn’t seen its kind. It looked genuinely ancient because of
its tattered front cover and dusty pages. It was the Year 2001 volume of the “Our Daily Bread”. And as
far as I could remember, I was a stubborn yet compassionate and superficial yet somber 5 th grader on that
year—year 2004. I remembered the feeling. It was different. Funny and strange as it seems but I didn’t
know how to explain the emotions of catching a glimpse of some bizarre light spotting the book. I
immediately grabbed it and asked for it. Fortunately, my big sister gave it to me with no hesitation.
Then my life changed.
Firstly, it wasn’t my sister’s book. Someone gave it to her—a friend to be exact. And well, she
gave it to me. It was a blessing in disguise. Still, that strange light remained a question in my mind. My
thought was, perhaps, it was God’s calling. And it was indeed His calling. I’m very happy because I
heard it and I’m very grateful because I listened to it. From that time onwards, I couldn’t sleep without
reading a page of the book. That slightly torn pocket-sized book, small and old in its form, became God’s
tool of changing me and my life.
My life, I thought, was not interesting at all. With all the usual routines and activities,
unchangeable duties and responsibilities, I really thought that my life was boring. I have known God. I
usually went to church with my family—and not really thinking the purpose of going, rather, attending
the mass. And my life, unlike the others, didn’t have much drama. That, perhaps, made me think my life
was not interesting and meaningful at all.
I’ve been kind to my friends and to the people who deserve my kindness. I’ve been very obedient
and respectful to my parents and, of course, to the elders. I’ve been a teacher’s pet. Yet, I didn’t know the
significance of being who I was at that time. I tried reading the Bible but I thought of it as merely a sacred
book that had to be sincerely kept and properly positioned on the altar and it should not be touched or
else, it would be dirty.
Everything in my life transformed into the most unexpected version of me after hearing His call.
Being able to officially own the book, excitement aroused. I started reading the assigned day in the book.
And it felt like I was in a journey. The most striking verse that I found was from Philippians 1:21, “For to
me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” This verse has also been and will have been my guiding Scripture
throughout my life.
More of God’s provisions followed as He used my teachers in school to teach me how to read the
Bible and introduce me to a life of being born again. It was my first year in high school when I got to
know who God really is—that He is not a mere powerful Provider but a great Father as well. The Bible
teaches me that it is through accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior that would lead me
the way to God just as how the scripture from John 14:6 explained it, “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the
life, no one comes to the Father except through Him.”
Along the journey, there were rough roads and crossroads. I admit, I almost lost my faith and
doubted His existence and power, but he never let me go so I held tight. And it was the right decision. I
promised to myself that wherever I go, I should find ways to fortify my faith and develop the gifts He has
given me. Now this signifies my love for God that I cannot just let Him go and I won’t ever.
Right now, I am in a bigger community—in a community which is far way different from the
kind of environment where I first sowed the seed of my faith. Yet, this is God’s challenge—going out
from my comfort zone. Knowing Him is the first step of my journey to a Christian life; meeting Him is
the greatest thing that ever happened to me; now, glorifying Him is the best thing that I can do to bring
back everything that He has done and given to me. And one way of glorifying Him is through fulfilling
the mission Jesus once started—to spread His word to other people.
My goal in life is to send His message to His people and to be a living testimony of His greatness.
Now, after receiving and absorbing all the Messages that God has provided his people, I have
learned that kindness is an unconditional expression of love and sympathy to people, therefore, it should
be given not just to those who deserve it but to all who need it. Obedience and respect to my parents and
to the elders are an expression of God’s love to them through me. These definitions of simple deeds all
come from the wisdom of the Lord that has grown inside me. And I am proud of it.
My life has always been interesting, meaningful and lovely because God has always been there
since the day I started living in my mother’s womb. Only that I neglected to look at the blessings that
made me think of life as a boring scenario of my dissatisfaction.
All these composition of who I am now all started from a small book that God used as a tool to
call me. And I pray that He continues to use tools to call his children and bring them back to him. That is,
I am willing to become His Tool. That would be a privilege.

His child forever,

Marianne May P. Loquias P.S.

I still have the book (until
And I haven’t finished
reading it yet. 